Legendry Activist and Musician Yoko

Yoko One net worth is $500million. Yoko One is a professional singer, song writer and a social worker. She started her career in early 1960s and is still active. She is famous for his music all over the word but most important thing of her is her tours to different remote areas to help needy there. She has won Oscar two times in her life. The unique thing in his music is she brought feminism in her albums and promoted it over again in the upcoming albums. She achieved the commercial heights of success in 1980s after the release of her album named “double fantasy”.

Apart from music Yoko One’s Charity work is well spread across the boarders for the women of the remote area. In her music she define the women as a role model and women is the one without whom world can’t run. Same is the scene in her practical life she promoted women everywhere at every platform. That is the one out of hundred reasons of her fame all over the world.

Biography of Yoko One


  • Date of Birth: 18 February, 1933
  • Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
  • Marital Status: Married three times but divorced (Toshi Lchiyanagi 1956-1962, Anthony Cox 1962-1969, John Lennon 1969-1980)
  • Children: 2 (Kyoko Cox and Sean Lennon)
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Occupation: singer, song writer and a social activist
  • Wealth Source: Music sales

Yoko One was born on 18 February, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan. She is a singer, song writer and a social worker who is famous all over the world. She is more of a feminist type and his songs represent and reflect her nature. That might be the reason behind her unsuccessful personal life as she married three times but remained unlucky all the times. After her third divorce she never thought about getting married and is living alone since 1980. She has one daughter and one son who live with her. She moved to America for getting higher education in drama and films. Yoko One net worth major part comes from her music sales and endorsements she makes for different products.

Early career start in Japan


She returned to japan after graduating from America and started her professional career as a singer with few of her friends. She performed live in different gatherings and halls. But right after she started her career as a singer she and her husband separated and she went into mental stress. After that she married with Anthony Cox and gave birth to her daughter Kyoko Cox and remained disappeared for a period of eight years.

Revival of Yoko One career

She came back in the business again in 1969 and started working with a band named Beds in. This was the era when she was married to John Lennon. John Lennon helped her in music career and motivated her for different projects on music like the ballad of john and Yoko.  After the success of her song she thought it would be better to perform as her own band than for performing under the umbrella of Beds in.

She made her own band Plastic Ono and released her first solo album in 1970. She included different famous singers and rappers in her songs like Jay Z and Ringo Starr. Her first two albums got success in the market and she became popular among people. Her album was listed at no. 182 on the US standing chart. This proved as a base for Yoko One net worth to rise higher and higher.

Height of Yoko One music career

  • In mid-1980s, “Shake Lobster” in the midst of a furlough which Lennon listened and it remembered him sound tracks of Ono and he get is as a sign that Yoko has been at the height of success. Ornette Coleman, jazz legend and John Cage and numerous different performers especially all those who were related to new theme development have honored Ono by notwithstanding her coordinated efforts.
  • In 1992 Ono was away from music until marking with Rykodisc to discharge the far reaching six-plate box set Ono-box. It included re-mastered highlights from the greater part of Ono’s performance collections, and in addition her unveiled albums from the 1974 “lost end of the week” sessions.
  • In 2001, Ono songs were on women’s activist idea collection.
  • In 2002, Ono joined his old group for their twenty-fifth commemoration shows in New York. She performed and remixes her old songs with collaboration oh her band.
  • In April 2010 her “Proceed onward Fast” was her 6th consecutive hit on Billboard and eight time no. 1 hit all the time. These successes make Yoko One net worth eligible to cross $500 million.
  • In January 2012, “Conversing with the Universe” turned into her seventh back to back number one hit on Club Dance songs on billboard which was a blend of Rosario. And both of the melodies diagrammed again as top choices club songs on billboard.
  • In October 2016 she has done her first performance to promote peace in the Jackson Park, Chicago, United States.

These all changes in the Yoko One career made her career strong and gave her a boost in her popularity and net worth too. Apart from all these success stories written above she is a public figure who is more inclined toward brand endorsements and appearances. These all factors combined made Yoko One net worth pile of $500 million. She is also working as a social activist and peace worker who collects charity and spends it on poor people of remote areas especially on females.


Yoko one net worth is $500 million. Major sources of her earnings are music sales, TV shows, appearances, endorsements and YouTube Viewership. She is famous for her feminism concepts and approach in her music since 2001. She is also a political and social activist and working for human rights and peace since 1960.


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