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World’s Most Expensive Whisky sold for a jaw-dropping sum of 1.5 Million Dollars

World’s Most Expensive Whisky

It is a common etiquette when buying a bottle of a fine Whisky to consider various actors like its flavor, age, aroma and price. It seems the winning bidder for the most recent auction of a Whisky Bottle at the Christie’s was satisfied with all said factors because he did paid a sum of more than 1.5 million dollars to purchase a single bottle of the 1962 Macallan.

The bottle that has been sold at the auction has been written as the most expensive bottle of Whiskey in the World in the book of world records. This bottle of whiskey came in special edition bottle which had been hand painted by an Irish painter named Michael Dillion. This makes it one of a kind bottle in already a short collection of special edition 12 bottles, which came out of the Macallan Distillery back in 1986. All these bottles have been aged for more than six decades.

According to the report of CNN, Dillion was only one of the three artists who were commissioned for creating the design of these vintage bottles. The other two artists were both Italian, one was and Italian painter named Valerio Adami and other was named Peter Blake who is best renowned for his work of creating the famous cover of The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hears Club Band.

Tim Triptree, The Christie’s International Director of Wine, praised the purview of the whisky to extreme because he a lot to say about it. He just summarized it in the following words.

“The Macallan were unsure that this bottle still existed… It was last seen at Fortnum & Mason in London in 1999—and it is quite excited that the buyer has kept hold of it.”

Triptree also spoke about the fact as to what a bottle of Whisky worth 1.53 million dollars would taste like if the owner suddenly decides to open it and drink it.

“It’s going to be incredibly complex… The flavors are going to be so concentrated, and it’s going to have so many aromas, that each time you get to the glass I’m sure you would be smelling and tasting something different.”

Reviewing the fact that the estimated net worth of one pour of this whisky is going to be approximately 90,000 dollars, variety is going to be a good thing in the least.

This sale has broken the record of the last month’s sale when another bottle of Macallan sold or a price of 1.1 million dollars.

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