Vontae Davis Net Worth : $22 Million

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Vontae Davis; 30 years old NFL player abruptly retired from NFL in the middle of the game this weekend.

He has been playing in the NFL since 2009 as a cornerback player. Drafted by Miami Dolphins back in 2009 as a first round pick up, he was offered a five years contract deal of about 10.25 million dollars with 7.5 million guaranteed along with a signing bonus of 500,000 dollars.

After applying with Dolphins until 20-11 he was traded off to Indiana Colts and played for a period in between 2012 to 2017. His contract with Colts was renewed in 2014 for a four years deal for a sum of 39 million dollars.

In 2018 he was the player for Buffaloed Bills in a one year contract of 5 million dollars out of which was 1.5 million dollars signing bonus. Adding all of this, he ahs earned about 55 million dollars in salary earnings from NFL before taxes and fees. Let’s say he has earned 20 million dollars after taxes and fees.

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Now hear this, during the Half time of the Buffalo Bills 2nd game of the season against Los Angeles Chargers, Vontae Davis walked out from the field in middle of the first half. His words to coach,

“I am done”.

H told his teammates that he suddenly realized that he should not be out there anymore. He went to locker room, changed into street clothes and walked put of the stadium. It sounds a little crazy but that’s what he did.

To make things crazy, Davis has already made a total of 4.3 million dollars this year. Fortunately for Bills they can recoup some of this money.

The former agent for Davis said that at most, Davis will have to return the 1.5 million dollars signing bonus he received from Bills. Team is also in position to void his entire cataract of 2.25 million dollars.

In addition to this Davis has also made a 250,000 bonus from workout and an additional 78000 dollars from being on the active roster of 46 and 53rd man. All in all, Davis is still able to retain a total sum of 1 million dollars from his 30 minutes of football this season.



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