Vincent Herbert


Net worth

$ 10 million


Vincent Herbert net worth is $10 million. He is very popular in American music industry because behind the loving voices there are lyrics written by him. He is a song writer and producer who writes and produces for many famous personalities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Tatyana Ali and Faith Evans and many others. He is known as the behind the scene star of the Hollywood whose hands are involved in success of mostly singers. There is no doubt in it that he is one of the best song writer and music producer in the world. In 2007 he established his own music production house with the name of stream line production and records.  When he was working with Toni Braxton he fall in love with her sister Tamar Braxton and later got married with her in 2008. Major sources of Vincent Herbert net worth are music lyrics he writes and his own music production.

Biography of Vincent Herbert

Vincent Herbert

Vincent Herbert was born on December 31, 1969 in Newark, New Jersey, United States. Vincent Herbert got to be distinctly referred to for his work as a music maker and writer but later he got his own particular TV demonstrate called “Tamar and Vince”. He jumped into the music production line in 2007 when he established his own particular record mark called Streamline Records. This production house is known as the sub production house of the Inters cope records.  Since that time Vincent Herbert started to work with understood individuals in music world for example, Destiny’s Child, Toni Braxton, Tatyana Ali and Mindless Behavior. He has written many and produced many songs for famous singer Lady Gaga. No doubt working with such kind of famous celebrities is also a major source of increase in Vincent Herbert net worth.

  • Full Name : Vincent Herbert
  • Nick Name: Vince
  • Born: December 31, 1969
  • Birth place: Newark, New Jersey, United States
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inch
  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Tamar Braxton since 2008
  • Children: Two
  • Education: Unknown
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Occupation: Music writer and producer
  • Wealth Source: Music

Notwithstanding his profession his own life is likewise notable to the general population as his better half is an outstanding individual in music world none other than Tamar Braxton. Tamar Braxton is a profession artist and of lyricist who is otherwise called an on-screen character. Tamar Braxton is one of the more youthful sisters of a vocalist Toni Braxton. Vincent Herbert showed up with Tamar Braxton on her family’s show called “Braxton Family Values” where he was acquainted with the entire group of Tamar Braxton furthermore to people in general. The love life between both was started in 2003 and after spending a lot time together they decided to get married and did that in 2008. Both are living a happily love life and have two children.

Timeline of Vincent Herbert net worth

Vincent Herbert

Vincent Herbert is a very famous lyricist and music producer and major promotion of his net worth comes from these sources. For his net worth over year we have collected data of her net worth year wise. If you are interested in knowing how much his net worth increases every year then view the data given below.

  • His net worth in 2011 were almost $3 million
  • 2012 was a lucky year as Vincent Herbert and his wife sold their mansion and made a huge profit from this. His net worth was $6.7 million in the same year
  • In 2013 his net worth jumped to $7.3 million
  • In 2014 net worth roused up to $8 million
  • In 2015 his net worth increased and jumped to $8.7 million
  • In 2016 Vincent Herbert net worth is currently $10 million

From the above data one thing can be clearly seen that 2012 brought the highest increase in Vincent Herbert net worth and after that her net worth increased with an average of $0.5 million.

Comparison of Vincent Herbert net worth

We can’t get clear image of Vincent Herbert until we compare it with other songwriters and music producers. Only after comparison we will be able to say that how much Vincent Herbert have compared to others and where he stands among his other colleagues. Details of the comparison are given below you can check them by scrolling downward.

  • Brian Wilson net worth is almost 10 times greater than Vincent Herbert
  • Vincent Herbert assets are 25 times littler than Max Martin assets
  • Neil Young is 6 times ahead compared to Vincent Herbert in terms of net worth
  • James Taylor net worth is also 6 times higher than Vincent Herbert
  • Ne Yo assets are 48% higher than Vincent Herbert
  • Lady Gaga net worth is 27.5 times higher than Vincent Herbert
  • Bob Dylan assets are 8 times bigger when we compared it with Vincent Herbert assets

Vincent Herbert net worth is lower compared to other songwriters and music producers in the music industry. Randomly we have searched many and all of them have net worth higher than Vincent Herbert.


Vincent Herbert net worth is $10 million and it is expected to grow more in the coming year. He is a popular for songwriting and music production. Many of the famous stars have used his music production house and lyrics especially Lady Gaga, Tatyana Ali and Faith Evans. Major sources of his net worth are these music sources and don’t own any other business but in 2012 he sold his mansion on profit which gave a bigger jump to his net worth.



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