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$ 12 Million


Victoria Gotti net worth is $2 million. She is an American writer and TV personality. Capital of Seychelles Gotti is the little girl of swarm legend John Gotti and is additionally celebrated for the true statement indicates she had with her three children ten geezer hood back. The display was called “Ontogeny Up with Gotti” and they simply praised their 10-year commemoration with a Television receiver unique. Lately, Gotti has display ed up on extra reality indicates including “Big name Apprentice” and “Genuine Housewives of New Jersey”. In a similar show Gotti was blamed for Trygve Lie about star Mother Teresa Apria’s better half Rino purportedly engaging in sexual relations with his significant other’s mama. The Apria’s have denied that there is any accuracy to the story; however Gotti demands she is not a liar. Victoria Gotti sum assets’ significant segment originates from compositions and TV shows and little from supports.

Biography of Victoria Gotti

Victoria Gotti was born on November 27, 1962, in Brooklyn, New York, United states of America. She was born to an indicted swarm director, John Gotti, and his significant other, Capital of Seychelles DiGiorgio. As a Brigham Young lady, Gotti was brought up in an unobtrusive two-taradiddle house in Leslie Howard Stainer Beach, New York, with her four kin. She was the shiest of the Gotti kid; Victoria was tranquility to the power point that for quite a long while her folks speculated their girl was extremely introverted. Regardless of cases generally, Gotti says her mob carried on a shielded, bring down white collar social class existence with out-dated family values. Her mom makes the greater part of the kids’ garment, and trim the young ladies’ whisker. As a young person, her pappa was an exceptionally strict self-assurance of curfews and was resolute on screening Victoria’s boyfriend. The youthful Gotti little girl was an enthusiastic peruser and dedicated straight -A standby. Her omission two evaluations in secondary school, entry St. Johns University in 1977, at fifteen years old.

  • Complete Name: Victoria Gotti
  • Nick Name: victoria, Vicky
  • Birth: November 27, 1962
  • Born at: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
  • Height: 5 feet and 7 inch
  • Weight: 67 kg.
  • Relationship Status: Divorced (Carmine Agnello, 1984 to 2002)
  • Children: Four (Carmine, John, Justine and Frank)
  • Education: Johns University
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Italian-American
  • Occupation: Writer, TV personality
  • Wealth Source: Writings and Television

Apart from her professional life her personal life also remained in crisis as her husband was involved in many crime related activities and she always tried hard to save him but all her efforts vanished and her husband got jailed for some crimes. The end result of all these actives turned into divorce in both in 2002.

Earnings sources of Victoria Gotti

Victoria Gotti net worth is $2 million. She is a well-recognized writer and a TV show host which gave her lot of popularity. She has earned her major portion in writings and TV serials but also earned a lot of money from endorsements. Details of her earnings are given below in details.

  • In 2003, Gotti and her significant other at last achieved their boundary and Victoria petitioned for separation, refering to “helpful relinquishment.” Gotti got $XII, five hundred a calendar calendar month in support and a supernumerary $12,500 a month for her children in a bundle worth an expected $7 million. Agnello was discharged from gaol in 2007, subsequent to service a nine-class sentence.
  • In 2004, Gotti and her youth children turned into the field of a reality appear on A&E rang Growing Gotti. The young men rapidly got to be big name heart-throbs, and were generally alluded to as “the cutie Gottis.” The appearance was taped in the family’s seven-room manor on Long Island, and stayed broadcasting live until 2005.
  • In August of 2005, Victoria stood out as truly newsworthy again when she declared she had bosom tumor. The title was later denied and her marketing specialist, Lusterlessness Rich, whose mother passed far from a similar transmission, quit over the installment. Gotti later declared that tests had just found precancerous cells, and rebuked media outlets for misrepresenting her cases.
  • A previous New York Post writer and TV channel 5 journalists; Gotti is the writer of a few book of account, including her late diary This Family of Mine: What It Was like Ontogeny up Gotti. She has additionally served as supervisor everywhere for Star magazine. In December 2011, Gotti went up against another media office. She turned into the supervisor in-boss everywhere for Realism Weekly. As a major aspect of her new occupation, Gotti composes her own section.
  • In Feb 2012, Gotti herself came back to unscripted Television set as a competitor on Donald Trump’s business contention The Fame Prentice. She went headland to head against any illusion of on-screen fictitious character George Takei, vocalist Clay Aiken, and kin realness star Teresa Giudice to win cash for her picked philanthropy, the Association to Welfare Children.


Victoria Gotti net worth is $2 million. She is a famous writer and TV show host. Most of her famous writings and shows are “Growing up with Gotti”, “The family of mine” and “women and mitral valve”. Her major earnings sources are sales from writing and salary from TV show. Moreover she has earned also from different endorsement deals with different brands.


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