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$ 70 million


The Olympic legend who is known as “the quickest man on planet” is no other than Usain Bolt because he has taken nine championships in his name gaining gold medals. He is the most regular winner of Olympics he has three consecutive gold medals in previous three Olympic championships. He is also famous with the name of “triple triple” now because of his hat trick of winning gold medals in Olympics.

Usain Bolt was born on August 21, 1986 in Sherwood Content, Trelawny, Jamaica. When Bolt was at school he was famous for his cricketing and sprinting skills at the same time. He was noticed first of all in his own school that he is a speed master. Later he started to concentrate exclusively on sprinting and choose Pablo McNeil as his mentor. Pablo is a previous Olympic sprinting competitor. Bolt won his first title in 2001 at his school where he took silver medal in a race competition of two hundred meter.

Bolt was selected for the junior world championship in Kingston Jamaica in year 2002 where he shows his utmost skills and won the gold medal for the first time in his life. By winning this gold medal Bolt became the first ever youngest gold medalist in junior level competition. After that Bolt started rising and no one became hindrance in his way, he achieved the International young talent award for the year in the same year from the world sprinting association. This was the little introduction of speed master Usain Bolt, before looking at Usain Bolt net worth components let’s look at some of his basic information given below.

  • Wealth Source: Sprint, Track and field
  • Birth Place: Sherwood Content, Trelawny, Jamaica
  • Marital Status: Unmarried (dating with Kasi Bennett of Jamica)
  • Nationality: Jamaican
  • Born: August 21, 1986
  • Children: None
  • Education: Thrope William Knibb Memorial High School
  • Occupation: Sprinter, Track and field runner
  • Ethnicity: Afro-Jamaican

Pile of Usain Bolt net worth

Usain Bolt

Bolt is the fastest man on earth and keeping his speed is mind one can say that he is making assets in speedy pace with an average amount of $70 million. This Jamaican sprinter charges a huge amount for his track races. He charges on average of $250,000 to $300,000 for one single race. Moreover he is in contract with Puma and they are paying the star runner $10 million every year for their products endorsements.

Forbes said that he is the wealthiest among the other runners. He stands at no. sixty three in the list of most compensated sprinters. On average his income twenty times greater than the income of other sprinters. All of these scenarios make possible for Usain Bolt net worth to catch $70 million.

Bolt charges huge amount for track

As I have discussed earlier that Bolt is the one who charges most for his track and field runs in any competition of the world.  On average Bolt charges $0.3 million to $0.5 million for his on single race and territory covered. This is the most expensive for any of the sprinter in this category.

Endorsements of Usain Bolt

Bolt has signed different contracts of endorsing the products of different brands. He has made contracts of heavy amounts with Virgin Media, Hublot, Gatorade and Puma. He receives huge amount from these product endorsements every year. But the most expensive endorsement he made in his lifetime is Puma. He has signed a contract with Puma in 2008 and receives an average amount of $10million for endorsing their shoes and other equipment’s. He has made another deal with Jaguar in recent years and receives an average $7million every year for using their products publically. These all factors contributed well in pile of Usain Bolt net worth.

Yearly earnings of Usain Bolt

Yearly earnings of Usain Bolt comprises of his annual salary, endorsements and income from leagues he plays in. His annual average income is around $22 million. Moreover he is part of the most famous league in which there are fourteen occasions held every year. The one who wins this league gets $12000 as a reward and every year gets a royalty of $38,000 every year at the end. Bolt is a consistent runner in this league and participated in this league from seven to ten times. He gets the tittle of this league commonly named as Samsung league numerous times. Earnings yearly are the main source of Usain Bolt net worth pile of $70 million.

Usain Bolt parties hard

He is the fastest man on this planet but he is even faster in partying hard. He is very famous in Jamaica for his late night and loud parties. He is the neighbor of Sean Paul and the famous singer along with his wife has complained many times against the loud parties of Usain Bolt. According to the neighbors Usain Bolt is no doubt the most speedy and fastest man on this planet but he is not a good neighbor. He has five rooms in house and a garden which has lot of trees and he has given his house a name of fantasy house. According to him he has everything in his house and nothing to be needed to get from outside.

Apart from partying late at home, he also gives parties to his friends in nightclubs. Recently he ordered around $15000 vodka in the nightclub and forgets to pay the bill. Later on next day he realized his mistake and settled the bill. Keeping in view of this expenses one can clearly understand that these expenses didn’t lower the pile of Usain Bolt net worth of $ 70 million.

Charity work of Usain Bolt

Apart from his earnings Bolt gives a lot of charity to help the poor. And charity work didn’t affect Usain bolt net worth. He gave $1.5 million in charity plus bounty of sports equipment’s to his school where he was student for the students who can’t afford gaming equipment’s and other things. Apart from giving $1.5 million to school he also gave $4 million to the local health center in Sherwood Content, Jamaica for its renovation.


Usain Bolt net worth is around $70 million. Bolt is known as the fastest man on the planet, he is unbeatable while he runs on track. Bolt won three Olympic gold medals in 2008, 2012 and 2016. Most part of the Bolts earning comes from his sprinting and endorsements he made with different brands. He also owns a shaving company named Champion shave.


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