The success and failure in the business world can be spelled with a good or bad endorsement deal. The best example of this success is Tsuyoshi Matsushita who has built his MTG Co. into 2.3 billion dollars. He was able to make it this big by going out on a whim and signing up stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Madonna for brand endorsement of his corporation’s products.

Tsuyoshi Matsushita after endorsing his products from Cristiano Ronaldo and Madonna become a billionaire

A recent Bloomberg report states that he did not knew either of them prior to this endorsement deal. When asked from Tsuyoshi Matsushita himself he states that this seeming masterstroke of a move was made possible by world’s powerful factor; LUCK. His words are as follows,

“Many people juts do not endorse Ronaldo or Madonna as they think of it as a slim chance. I placed my chances on that very 1 percent of a chance since my birth and I have been very lucky.”

MTG Co. holds a variety of products under their banner. Two of which are the MDNA SKIN skincare line that is a joint venture developed and endorsed with help from Madonna and an abdominal Muscle training gadget that was released under Renaldo’s endorsement.

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The company has been listed in japans stock market for the very first time since its launch and on the very first day, it experienced a surge of over 27 percent. This was good news for all the shareholders along with the chef of Matsushita who owns the majority shares of about 72 percent in the company.

According to Matsushita himself, he started is business venture when he was still in grad school. While travelling to Nagasaki he came across some Dutch rabbits that looked like little pandas. He bought them and sold them to people in his Japanese island where he spent his childhood.

In 1994 he opened up a used car business but was able to determine that his real calling was in designing new products. He opened up MTG in 2009 and it was around that time he had it in his head that he had to work with someone like Madonna. To follow his idea he started calling the agencies he worked with for getting her collaboration.

“I started to ask those around me if they knew Madonna. They all looked at me like I was crazy. However someone knew someone who knew her and we were able to reach her”.

This is how MADNA skin line was born back in 2014. He then took the same approach with another high profile celebrity like Ronaldo.

Matsushita at the moment plans to expand his SIXPAD fitness line by opening up fitness gym line. Currently there is only one “SIXPAD STATION” located in Tokyo but he has plans to make it global with 500 locations in Japan and 4500 all across the planet.


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