1) Priscilla Chan

Net Worth

$14 billion

Date of birth

February 24, 1985 


Priscilla Chan Personal history:

She had an interest in medicine since her childhood. She is known to most as the wife of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg which clearly makes her the richest girl in the world. She met him in Harvard University when she was studying biology. She taught science for a year before enrolling herself in University of California to attend medical school. She first met Mark while attending a frat party at Harvard in which Mark was the member of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Chan was in her sophomore year. She married Mark on May 19, 2012.

Priscilla Chan career highlights:

Before graduating with a degree in medicine, she used to do two jobs a day and act as a translator for her grandparents as they came to US in boats as refugees. She now works as a paediatrician. Before graduating, she used to taught 7t and 6 graders for a year. She now spends her time taking rounds in hospitals.

Priscilla Chan Trivia:

She has donated $100 million dollars for the development of San Francisco Schools. She loves kids and likes to spend time with them. She has a dog named Beast. She speaks fluently in three languages which are English, Cantonese and Spanish. She learned Spanish because most of her patients were Spanish and could not speak English.

2)Elizabeth Holmes

Net Worth

$4.7 billion

Date of birth

February 3, 1984


Elizabeth Holmes Personal history:

Her father had been to China and Africa as a member of USAID. Her mother is a Congressional committee staffer. Since her childhood, her inspiration was her great great grandfather Christian R. Holmes. He had done numerous contributions for the development of medicines. He was the dean of University of Cincinnati College of science. A hospital was named after him in that university. She moved to Houston at the age of 9 where she attended St. Johns School. She and her mother learned Mandarin Chinese at an early age due to her father’s postings in China. She spent early years of her childhood in China where she used to sell C++ compilers to Chinese universities.

Elizabeth Holmes career highlights:

During her study in Stanford, she was given a stipend of $3000 for a research project. She then enrolled in Genome institute of Singapore where the institute was working to find new methods of detecting SARS virus in blood. In 2003, she wrote her patent application stating a wearable device that could monitor the variation in the blood of the patient and adjust the dosage to an extent. She founded her blood testing company, Theranos at the age of 19 in 2003. At that time she was studying chemical engineering in Stanford University. Initially, she used to work from her college basement and later dropped from college to spend full time working for her company. Her brother is the director of production management at her company. She owns more than 18 US patents and 66 patents outside of US.

Elizabeth Holmes Trivia:

She topped the list of Forbes self-made billionaires in 2014. She does not own a TV set as she believes that would distract her from her goal. She starts working from the time she wakes up to the time she sleeps. She is described as a strong willed and level headed women.

3) Tatiana Casiraghi

Net Worth

$2.2 billion

Date of birth

November 24, 1983


Tatiana Casiraghi Personal history:

She was raised in the Paris and Geneva. Her father was the ranked as the second richest person in Colombia in 2011. Her mother had been a socialite in Sao Paolo. She owns a boutique in Paris which sells Indian antiques. She met her future husband Andrea Casiraghi while attending a boarding school in Paris.

Tatiana Casiraghi career highlights:

In 2011, she launched a fashion venture Muzungu sisters with her partner Dana Alikhani.  The venture was established to promote the handmade garments and jewellery of local artisans. The company bought their creations at a fair price and then sell them at a profit. Their brand were supported by many other socialites.

Tatiana Casiraghi Trivia:

She has been doing a lot of work for charitable purposes which includes her support for Motrice Foundation. She visited Manila along with her husband on behalf of World Association of Children’s Friends. She is fluent in many languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. She is as a fashionable socialite in her social circle.

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4) Taylor Swift

Net Worth

$200 million

Date of birth

December 13, 1989


Taylor Swift Personal history:

Her father has worked as a Meryl Lynch financial advisor. Her mother left her job as a marketing executive and now she is a home maker. She spent her early years of childhood in a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania which is why she is regarded as the country girl. Taylor swift used to listen to country pop music which is why she and her family left Nashville, Tennessee. She started giving theatrical performances at the age of nine due to her interest in musical theatre. She used to go to Broadway to take singing and acting lessons. In her early years, she performed in local festivals. She struggled hard to make her mark in the music industry and her dedication has made her among the richest girls in the world.

Taylor Swift career highlights:

At the age of 14, she was signed up by RCA records. RCA records released numerous singles and albums of her. Her first album ‘Taylor Swift’ was released on 24th Oct, 2006. She left RCA records when she turned 15 as the company wanted her to sing songs of other song writers until she turns 18 but she decided to launch her solo career on her own. Swift began writing songs with Liz Rose after seeing her at an RCA song writing event. She wrote three songs of her first album alone. Her second album ‘Fearless’ was released on 11th Nov, 2008. her first two albums were sufficient enough to earn her the title of richest teenager girl in the world.

She wrote seven songs of her second album alone. She co-produced the album with Nathan Chapman. Until her second album, she had made her own management company being led by Robert Allen. Her video of the song ‘You belong with me’ became a hit and she won an MTV video Music award for that in 2009. Her album ‘Fearless’ won Best Album award in the Grammy awards 2010. Her third album ‘speak now’ was released in 2010. She wrote all the songs alone and co-produced the album with Chapman. She promoted her album heavily prior to its release. After that, her forth and fifth albums were released in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Both opened to great reviews and the copies sold in millions.

Taylor Swift Trivia:

She had been a good writer since her childhood and won a poetry competition in which she wrote a poem titled ‘Monster in my closet’. She has modelled for famous clothing apparel brand Abercrombie & Fitch for their ‘rising stars’ campaign. She takes her inspirations from Shania Twain, Stevie Nicks and Carlie Simon. She is liked by her fans all over the globe due to her humble nature.

5) Katy Perry

Net Worth

$135 million

Date of birth

October 25, 1984


Katy Perry Personal history:

Parents of Katy Perry were pastors in church. Her parents had been born again Christians because each of them diverted to God after spending their early years being astray from the right path. Perry has Irish, Portuguese, German and English ancestors. Her brother David is a singer. Her parents used to settle in different churches which is why she had to move across the country in her early years. Katy Perry spent her childhood singing in churches. Her family had to struggle due to financial crisis. They would often eat from food banks at churches. She came across CDs containing secular music from her friends. Her interest in singing grew by listening to her sister. She used to sing in front of her parents which is why she started her training in singing at the age of 9. She was gifted her first guitar on her 13th birthday.

Katy Perry career highlights:

After completing her general education development requirements from high school she left her further studies to pursue a career in music. She was first noticed by rock artists Steve Thomas and Jennifer Knapp who taught her to write songs. She signed her first record deal with Red Hill Records and released her first gospel album Katy Hudson on 6th March, 2001. The album was financially unsuccessful. After that, she changed her genre of music and started writing and singing songs with producer Glen Ballard. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17. She started releasing her albums after getting noticed by big producers. She has released four albums until now most of which have been liked by the listeners. In 2014, she set up her own music label by the name of Metamorphosis Music. She cites her inspiration to be Alanis Morsette.

Katy Perry Trivia:

Her family describe her as a tomboy who was always into skateboarding, roller coasting and surfing in her teenage years. Her style is considered to be wacky and bright. She made it into the Maxim Hot 100’s most beautiful women list in 2010. In her career, she has supported numerous charitable causes especially for child care.

6) Lisa Falzone

Net Worth

$100 million

Date of birth

March 7, 1985


Lisa Falzone Personal history:

Since her childhood, she had a liking for computer soft wares due to which her interest stronger with the passage of time. In her high school years, she was trying to create an iPhone app along with her partner and cofounder that would the customer to view the menu, order and pay. She saw a loophole in integrating all information in those standard point of sale systems. She thought that those point of sale systems were not user friendly which is why she thought it to be a great opportunity to launch her idea when Apple’s IPad Air came out.

Lisa Falzone career highlights:

After graduating from Stanford, she founded Revel Systems POS which is an iPad point of Sale Company in 2010. Her company employs more than 270 employees worldwide. She has become one of the powerful entrepreneurs in a limited amount of time with her venture in point of sale. For the growth of her company and to provide state-of-the-art technology to its users, she strategically partnered with Intuit to deliver QuickBooks point of sale.  The software provided by her firm is used in retail and restaurant chains and its customers includes Dairy Queen and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. Currently she is the CEO of revel. Her firm Revel systems is headquartered in New York.

Lisa Falzone Trivia

She has been a professional swimmer and won numerous swimming championships during her tenure in Stanford. She has been ranked in the list of Forbes 30 under 30 list 2015.

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7) Lady Gaga

Net Worth

$59 million

Date of birth

March 28, 1986


Lady gaga Personal history:

Her father is an internet entrepreneur. She is of Italian, Irish and French descent. She had a rough childhood in which her mother used to work round the clock to make their living and her father was a dedicated worker as well. Her academic life was troublesome for her as she recounts her life in her school as uncomfortable. She started playing piano when she turned  4. When she turned 14, she started performing at musical nights.

Lady gaga career highlights:

In her high school Tisch School of Arts, she enrolled in a musical theatre which was situated in her high school but later she left high school to pursue her career in music. In 2005, she left her family and lived in a small apartment. She first recorded her songs with a famous singer Grandmaster Melle Mel for an audio children’s book. After that she formed her band after her real name with her NYU friends. They used to play gigs in bars and created fans among the audience. Her singing was noticed by Joe Vulpis. He sold their songs through his label. She disbanded her band and worked to make a solo career after meeting Rob Fusari who began producing songs. From then on her musical journey kick-started. People liked her voice and her records began selling in millions. She is notoriously liked by her fans for her unique fashion sense. She has released four albums until now and is working on her fifth album.

Lady gaga Trivia:

Her inspirations are Mariah Carey, Pink Floyd and Whitney Houston. Her stage name Lady gaga was inspired from a song ‘ Radio Ga Ga’ which was sung by Queen. In 2012, she donated $1 million to American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. She has spread awareness among the people by speaking about the causes and effects of HIV and AIDS.


Net Worth

$48 million

Date of birth

February 20, 1988


Rihanna Personal history:

Her mother had worked as an accountant in the past and her father was a warehouse supervisor. She used to live in a three bedroom house and used to sell clothes on a stall. Her father was a cocaine and alcohol addict. Her parents divorced when she was 14. She had taught herself to sing at the age of 7. She formed a band with her class mates in her school. She has been an army cadet but later on focused on pursuing a career in music.

Rihanna career highlights:

An America producer Evan Rogers spotted her in her native country Barbados. It was after multiple demos that she was signed by Def jam Recordings Company for six albums record deal in February, 2005. Her first single was ‘Pon de replay’ which became a hit. Music of the Sun was her first album which came out in August, 2005. She released her second and third album in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Till now she has collaborated with the likes of Cold play, Eminem and Drake among the famous artists. She has released eight albums until now.

Rihanna Trivia:

She is inspired by Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Her first fragrance “Reb’l Fleur”, came out in 2011. Her second fragrance ‘Rebelle’ came out in 2012. She collaborated with MAC and released her own line of makeup range by the name of RiRi hearts MAC. Her first clothing range for Armani came out in 2011. She presented her own clothing for River Island in London fashion week. She started her Believe foundation for terminally ill children in 2006. In 2005, she was stopped from enter Berlin for not having a visa to enter Germany.

9)Miley Cyrus

Net Worth

$41 million

Date of birth

November 23, 1992


Net worth: $36 million

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Miley Cyrus Personal history:

Her father Billy Ray Cyrus has been a country singer. Being born in Tennessee, she spent her early years of childhood do n a farm in Franklin. She was named Destiny Hope Cyrus after her parent’s belief that would accomplish milestones in her future. Her parents nicknamed her as Smiley because she would sile more often in her infancy. She has faith in Christianity and was baptized at a Christian church before moving to Hollywood.  When her father was working in a television series Doc in 2001, he along with his family moved to Canada. Her interest in acting and singing grew when her father took to a play Mamma Mia at a theatre.

Miley Cyrus Career highlights:

She played her first role as Kylie in the show Doc which was the same show her father had worked. Then she starred in a Tim Burton movie big fish in 2003. She landed her role as a Rock star Hannah Montana when she was 11. She gained worldwide popularity with her television show Hannah Montana. In 2009, she played her character Hanna Montana in her first movie Hanna Montana: The movie. Her lead single ‘The climb’ became an instant hit. After that she started appearing in many movies. She released her first album in 2007 which was the soundtrack of Hannah Montana series. Her album topped the charts all over US making her the richest teen girl in the world at such a young age.

Miley Cyrus Trivia:

She has been born with a heart condition Tachycardia in which the heart rate exceeds normal heart beat limit. She has performed numerous charity singles such as Just Stand Up, Send It on, everybody hurts and many more. She has visited her avid sick fans in hospitals in her career and likes to interact her fans on most occasions. She celebrated her 16th birthday in Disneyland and donated $1 million to Youth service America. In recent times, she has been criticised by many due to her recent appearances and giving controversial statements. She revealed her addiction to cannabis in several interviews.

10)Jennifer Lawrence

Net Worth

$34 million

Date of birth

August 15, 1990


Jennifer Lawrence Personal history:

Her mother is a children’s camp manager while her father is a construction worker. She spent her childhood in Louisville, Kentucky. She passed her graduation two years prior to her formal graduation with a 3.9 cgpa. She used to work as an assistant to her mother in children camps. She persuaded her parents to take her to New York City to find a talent agent who can suggest her name to different producers. She had grown her interest in acting in her early childhood years.

Jennifer Lawrence career highlights:

Before making her debut by performing a minor role in a film Garden Party, she starred in small roles on television series the Bill Engvall show. She received Los Angeles fil festival award for outstanding performance for her role in the poker House. Her first breakthrough performance was for the movie Bone which was released in 2010. Her famous roles to date are considered to be her role of Mystique in X men First Class and Katniss in The Hunger Games series.

Jennifer Lawrence Trivia:

She actively takes part in philanthropic activities and is associated with World Food programme and Feeding America. She raised more than $40000 for disabled children in her hometown Louisville, Kentucky. She is an ambassador of Special Olympics. She also founded a Jennifer Lawrence Foundation which is associated with different charities


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