1) The House of Saud

The House of Saud

Net Worth

$1.4 Trillion

The house of Saud family history:

Being the richest Arab family in the world, The house of Saud is currently the ruling royal family of Saudi Arab which is composed of the descendants of Muhammad bin Saud who was the founder and his brothers. The family is now comprised of thousands of members. Majority of the wealth of Saud family is used by almost 2000 members of the family. The family has gone through three phases:  the First Saudi State (1744–1818), the Second Saudi State (1818–91), and the modern nation of Saudi Arabia (1916–present). King Salman was made the King of Saudi Arabia on 23 January, 2015. He was born on 31st Dec, 2015. He was brought up in their family house Murabba Palace. His half-brother King Abdullah died of Pneumonia at the age of 90 after which King Salman succeeded him.
The house of Saud family alma mater:
King Salman got his early education from the Princes’ School which is situated in the capital city of Riyadh. This school was built by Ibn Saud to provide education to his sons and daughters. Salman did his specialization in Religion and modern science. His son Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud has a bachelor degree in law from the King Saud University.
The house of Saud Family Business:
The house of Saud family owns the petroleum enterprise House of Saud which is responsible for the refining of oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. King Salman remained the governor of Riyadh for five decades during which he contributed towards the progress of Riyadh. His half-brother King Abdullah was appointed commander of Saudi Arabian National Guard until his death. When his brother King Fahd was throne to be the king in 1982, he was appointed as the deputy defence minister. King Fahd was the member of Royal advisory board till his death. He visited San Francisco in 1945 to sign the UN charter. He became deputy prime minister in 1967.
The house of Saud Trivia:
King Salman is reported to have started a project of tourism on Diriyah where Saudi ideology was originated. The project will be completed in 2 years and the tourist attraction will comprise of parks, restaurants, museums and a foundation near the capital of Riyadh. The house of Saud has attracted criticism during their reign due to their firm political views. The family owns a Luxury Yacht Kingdom 5KR docked in French Riviera, France.

2) Walton Family

Walton Family

Net Worth

$152 billion

Walton family history:

Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart and Sam’s club. After graduation, Sam joined J.C Penney as a management trainee. He spent 1.5 years working in J.C Penney after which he resigned from the job to join the army. He reached the position of Captain after working for many years in the US Army. He opened his first variety store in 1945 by taking a loan $20000 from his father in law and he invested his $5000 which he had earned from the Army. His innovative ideas grew the sales manifold. Now the Walton Family is among the richest in the world with an aggregated total of more than $152 billion. Also, they have been the richest family in America and Texas to be precise for many years.
Walton family Alma mater:
Sam’s son John Walton studied in the College of Wooster in Ohio but he later dropped out of college and joined the U.S army. His grandson, Lukas enrolled in the Journeys School in Jackson. He completed his Master’s in environmentally sustainable business from Colorado College in 2010. His daughter Alice graduated from the Trinity College in Texas. Jim Walton studied from Bentonville high school in 1965. Jim Walton gained a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from the University of Arkansas. Rob Walton also graduated from the University Of Arkansas in 1966.
Walton family business:
Walton family has the ownership of 96% shares of Arvest Bank. Alice Walton has been the vice-chairperson of the Arvest Group. Rob Walton is the chairman of Walmart. On Sep, 2005, Jim Walton replaced his brother, John among the board of directors. He is the CEO of Arvest Bank as well. Walmart is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. Walmart is the biggest discount retail chain and possess several warehouses as well.
Walton family Trivia:
The Waltons operates their family foundation as well which is Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation. They are involved in supporting educational scholarships under the Children’s Scholarship Fund which was co-owned by John and Christy Walton until his death. In 2009, Christy Walton set up her own production company called Tenaja Productions to produce films. Alice Walton has been involved in many controversies which includes hitting a 50 year old woman in a fatal car accident who died at the spot in 1989. Alice owns an art museum and owns expensive pieces of art. Jim Walton has four children and he resides with his family in Arkansas. Rob Walton has been the member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

3)Koch Family

Koch Family

Net Worth

$89 billion

Koch family history:
Koch family owns second largest private company in U.S by the name of Koch Industries. In 1925, Fred Koch joined a company with his MIT class mate Lewis Winkler which was later renamed to Winkler Koch Engineering Company. In 1927, both of them developed methods of converting heavy oil into gasoline. In 1940, Fred Koch took in new partners and founded the Wood River Oil and refining company which later went on to become Koch Industries. Charles and David Koch run the operations of the business as major shareholders. Both brothers bought the shares of William and Frederick Koch for $1.1 billion in 1983. Both the brothers own of 42% each in Koch Industries which clearly makes their family the richest family in the world. Charles Koch is the chairman of board and the CEO of the company while David Koch is the executive vice-president.
Koch Family Alma mater:
Charles Koch studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He did Bachelors of Science in general engineering in 1957 after which he did a Master’s of Science in mechanical engineering in 1958 and a second Masters in chemical engineering in 1960. David Koch was enrolled in Deerfield Academy prep school in Massachusetts and later graduated in 1959. He earned his Bachelors and Master’s degree in chemical engineering from MIT. Both the brothers are members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. The Koch family is clearly one of the 6 richest families in the world given the amount of wealth they have got.
Koch Family Business:
The company was renamed in 1968 in memory of Fred Koch. Koch Industries are responsible for importing and refining 25 % of Canadian Oil sands imports to US. Koch industries have several businesses under its umbrella which includes chemicals, fibres, polymers, asphalt and other commodities such as petroleum coke and sulphur. These were followed by divisions of global commodity trading, gas liquids processing, real estate, pulp and paper, risk management and finance.
Koch family Trivia:
David and Charles Koch are famous for influencing the political activities of US. They have been reported of spending millions of dollars to the libertarian party in elections. Right now they made the headlines when a news broke about their plan to invest $900 million to influence the 2016 elections. They have been involved in charity which started from the Fred and Mary Koch foundation in 1953 and now the Charles Koch Foundation, the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation and the Koch Cultural Trust are among their many charitable ventures.

4) Mars Family

Mars Family

Net Worth

$60 billion

Mars family history:

The Mars family own the largest confectionary company in the world which is Mars Inc. Mars Inc. is the name behind the famous Milky Way chocolate bar and M&Ms. Frank Mars started selling candies from his Tacoma kitchen in 1911. His son Forrest E. Mars Sr. joined the business in 1929 after which Milky Way and Snickers came out as the valuable products of the company. After creating brands like Milky Way, M&Ms were created which became an instant hit among the consumers. The company made various products like pet food brand Pedigree and Uncle Ben’s rice. Forrest Mars Sr. died in 1999 after which his children inherited the stake of the company making the family one of the richest families. Also, the richest Jewish families of Michael bloomberg and Larry Elisson could not make it into the top ten list.
Mars family Alma mater:
Forrest mars Jr. attended the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut in 1949 and later graduated from Yale University. John Mars also attended the same Hotchkiss School like his brother and earned Masters from the Yale University in 1953. Jacqueline Mars attended the boarding school Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and later graduated in 1961 with a degree in anthropology.
Mars family business:
Mars family own 100% shares of Mars Inc. the company is the biggest candy making company in the world and they are the makers behind Milky Way, Snickers and Pedigree pet food. The company is privately owned by the Mars family. Its headquarters are in Virginia, US. The business has five product divisions which are chocolate, pet care, food, drinks and symbioscience, the company’s life science division.
Mars family Trivia:
Jacqueline mars is a horse lover and serves as the trustee of US Equestrian Team. She currently sits among the board of directors of the National Sporting Library and Fine Arts Museum. Forrest Jr. is interested in the preservation of history and has donated large sums of money to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for the renovation of an 18th-century coffeehouse in Colonial Williamsburg.

5) Cargill and MacMillan Family 

Cargill and MacMillan Family

Net Worth

$43 billion

Cargill and MacMillan family history:

William W. Cargill was the founder of the Cargill Inc. and started it in 1865. He started the company as a store in which he used to stock grains in the state of Iowa. In 1867, Sam and Sylvester worked for him in Lime Springs, Iowa where Cargill made a lumberyard. The younger brother of William Cargill, James Cargill, started working for him in 1875. With the family work dated back the 19th century, Cargill and MacMillan family is one of the richest families in history.
Cargill and MacMillan family alma mater:
William W Cargill pursued his learning of agriculture from his parents when they migrated to Janesville, Wisconsin. His grandson James studied at the Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. He did his graduation from the University of Minnesota. Her granddaughter Margaret Cargill got a degree in arts education from the University of Minnesota.
Cargill and MacMillan family business:
Cargill Inc. is a multinational corporation which is privately held by the Cargill and Macmillan family. It is the largest company of US in terms of revenue. The major divisions of Cargill Inc. includes trading and purchasing grain, trading in steel, energy and transport, raising of livestock and production of feed. They also manufacture food ingredients such as starch and glucose syrup. The company has ownership of a large financial services firm, which is responsible for managing financial risks in the commodity markets for the company.
Cargill and MacMillan family trivia:
One of the owners and William Cargill’s granddaughter donates heavily to the American Red Cross, national Conservancy, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian and the American Swedish Institute. She established Anne ray Charitable Trust which provides funds for educational scholarships. James Cargill donated large sums of money to his University of Minnesota where he established Dinnaken Properties for students at cheaper rents. He died on March 26, 2006.

6) Edward Johnson family

Net Worth

$39 billion

Edward Johnson family history:

Edward Johnson II was the founder of the mutual funds company Fidelity Investments. He started it in 1946. After his death in 1984, his son Edward Johnson III took over the company in 1977 in which he assumed the title of its CEO and Chairman and his daughter Abigail Johnson is the president. In 2014, Edward Johnson III stepped down from the title of CEO and Abigail Johnson replaced him.
Edward Johnson family Alma mater:
Edward Johnson II did his under graduation from Harvard University and graduated with a degree in law. His son Edward Johnson III studied in a prep school Milton Academy before moving to Tabor Academy and later earned a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College in 1954. Abigail Johnson earned her Bachelor’s in Arts history from Hobart and William Smith. She did her MBA from Harvard Business School.
Edward Johnson family business:
Fidelity Investments is the brain child of its founder Edward Johnson II which he created in 1946. Fidelity management and Research Company is its division which acts as the investment advisor to Johnson family regarding mutual fund. An affiliate of Fidelity Investments was created by the name of Fidelity International Limited in 1969. The company detached itself to become an independent business and since then operating as Fidelity Worldwide Investments. The company renders various management services including management of mutual funds, provision of investment advice services and fund distribution, retirement services, securities execution and many more.
Edward Johnson family Trivia:
Edward Johnson III is the member of the American academy of arts and science. He is among the trustees of Beth Israel Hospital and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He has received honorary doctorates from Boston University, Bentley College and the Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Abigail Johnson is the member of the committee on Capital Markets Regulation. She is the only women serving on the Financial Services Forum.

7) Hearst family

Hearst Family

Net Worth

$35 billion

Hearst Family history:

William Randolph Hearst took over the operations of his father’s The San Francisco Journal in 1887. After that he acquired The New York Journal. He kept on acquiring many newspapers until the business became the largest newspaper and magazine business in the world. His grandson William R Hearst III is now the chairman of Hearst Corporation which runs 49 newspapers, 340 magazines and has stakes in large media channels including ESPN, Lifetime and A&E. Steven Swartz is currently the EO who manages all the operations.
Hearst Family Business:
The Hearst Corporation has a diversified portfolio which consists of newspapers, magazines and TV channels. The corporation also owns famous fashion magazines Harper’s bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Elle. Some various other divisions include business publishing, digital distribution of newspapers, television production on many channels, newspaper features distribution, and real estate ventures. Hearst family is one of the 7 richest families in the world.
Hearst Family Alma mater:
William Hearst was enrolled at the Harvard College in 1885 but later got dropped due to his involvement in prohibited activities. William R. Hearst III did his graduation from Canterbury School in New Milford, CT in 1967. He got his AB degree in mathematics in 1972 from Harvard University. Among the third generation, his granddaughter Patricia heart was enrolled in Crystal Springs School for Girls in Hillsborough and the Santa Catalina School in Monterey.
Hearst Family Trivia:
Hearst Corporation faced a legal lawsuit filed by a real estate investor Clint Reilly alleging the corporation of controlling advertising rates. The Hearst family created a controversy when the character in the movie Citizen Kane portrayed the fictional depiction of William R. Hearst which essayed his real life scandalous incidents. Patricia Hearst was kidnapped in 1974 by the Symbionese Liberation army which was a fascist group while studying in her sophomore year. William R Hearst was famous for his art collections including French and Italian furniture and Greek vases.

8) Cox Family

Cox Family

Net Worth

$32 billion

Cox family history:

James Cox was born on a farm in Ohio. He had been a high school teacher, a reporter at Cincinnati Enquirer and editor at various newspaper publications before starting Cox enterprises in 1898 in Ohio. He had been the Governor of Ohio from 1913–1915 and 1917–1921. He was nominated for the Democratic Party.
Cox family Alma mater:
Anne Cox Chambers attended Finch College.
Cox family business:
Cox enterprises were founded in 1898 by James Cox in Ohio. The enterprises is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It offers several communications and automotive services. Anne Cox Chambers is currently the head of Cox enterprises. The children of her late sister Barbara Cox also has some stakes in the enterprise. James Kennedy, the son of Barbara Cox is the chairman. Cox enterprises owns stakes in newspapers, dealer track technologies, television stations, Co communications, Manheim Auctions, Auto trader and many more.
Cox family Trivia:
James Cox was a member of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Barbara Cox provided funds for the establishment of La Pietra: Hawaiian school for Girls and became its chairperson from 1978 till her death in Honolulu in 2007. Anne Cox is currently among the board of directors of Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Atlanta Historical Society, and the Woodruff Arts Centre as well as on the boards of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

9)Thai Royal family

Thai Royal Family

Net Worth

$30 billion

Thai royal family history:

King bhumibol became the King of Thailand on 9th June, 1946. He is the longest reigning monarch in the world. Since his reign, he has invested in countless developmental projects in Thailand. His father did numerous developments in medicines and health for the people of Thailand. His mother was a special patron for the hill tribal of North Thailand and they used to call her ‘Mae Fah Luang’ which means Royal Mother from the Sky as she used to visit them by helicopter. For your information, Hinduja family which is one of the richest 5 families in UK also could not make it into the list.
Thai Royal family Alma mater:
King Bhumibol was enrolled in Switzerland where he continued in secondary education and studied science in Lausanne University. His son Crown prince Maha Vajiralongkorn studied in Kingsmead School in Hoylake, Wirral, England then enrolled in Mill field Senioe School in Somerset, England. After that he graduated from Sukhothai Thammatirat University in Bangkok and earned a Bachelor’s of Law in Thailand.
Thai Royal Family business:
Thai Royal family has done many projects in Thailand including setting up a rice field, mill and fish ponds. They have made a dairy farm for agricultural research. King’s wife Queen Sirikit has done contributions for the promotion of understanding and tolerance mong the Muslim minorities which is why she is loved by all. She has been the honorary President of Thai Red Cross since 1956.
Thai Royal family Trivia:
King’s grandson Khun Bhumi Jensen died in the 2004 tsunami disaster at a young age of 21. King’s son is a trained military pilot. King’s granddaughter princess Siriwannawari has displayed her fashion collection in Paris fashion show.

10) Pritzker family

Pritzker family

Net Worth

$29 billion

Pritzker family history:

Abram Pritzker was the son a Jewish Ukrainian immigrant who had a law firm which later on went on to become the famous Prizker & Pritzker law firm. Abram and his brother Jack had briefly joined the firm but then left to try their hands in real estate business. They invested in many property development businesses due to which the business grew manifolds. In 1957, sons of Abram Pritzker, Jay, Robert and Donald bought Hyatt House Hotel in Los Angeles. Now they own 150 Hyatt Hotels in US.
Pritzker family Alma mater:
Abram had earned a degree in law from Harvard Law School. Jay Pritzker graduated from the North-western University School of law in 1947. Donald did his B.A from Harvard University and earned a degree in law from University of Chicago.
Pritzker family business:
Pritzker family is considered one of the richest families of United States who own the Hyatt Hotels and the Marmon Group. They have major stakes in Superior Bank of Chicago, the TransUnion credit bureau and the Royal Caribbean cruise line.
Pritzker family Trivia:
Abram Pritzker had provide funds for the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. The Pritzker family funds a charter school Pritzker College Prep in the neighbourhood of Chicago.


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