1) Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$35.7 billion

Date of birth

May 14, 1984

Mark Zuckerberg Personal history:

Mark Zuckerberg was born in a Jewish family in which his father is a dentist and her mother works as a psychiatrist and he has three sisters. He lived in Dobbs Ferry, a small county village in his childhood. After graduating from Harvard he converted his faith from Judaism to atheism. He had the intellectual skills from his childhood and would excel others in studies in high school. He won many science competitions in his school. He learned classical languages like French, Hebrew, Latin and ancient Greek. His father taught him to write codes in BAIC programming language as he used to try learning to operate computer when he was little. His interest in exploring computer was so much so that he used to make games out of his friends’ drawings.

Mark Zuckerberg career highlights:

He studied from Harvard and decided to attain his degree in computer programming. During his Harvard years, he made a website called Face mash in which people were given the option of choosing best looking persons from the given photos. In the next semester, he made a website called ‘the Facebook’ along with his roommates in his college dormitory. The Facebook went live on February 4, 2004. The website launch was subjected to many controversies after that as his seniors filed charges against him for misleading them. Mark then settled the matter later. He had to drop out from Harvard due to absentees. He then slowly and gradually worked on the development of ‘the Facebook’ after moving to Palo Alto with his roommates. He accumulated the profiles of students of other universities and this is how his social network grew. The website gained widespread popularity across the globe and in 2010, the website crossed 500 million mark. Mark has now claimed the spot of the richest boy in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Trivia:

In October 2012, Mark went to meet Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow to strengthen the position of Facebook in Russian market. Mark’s Facebook profile got hacked by an unemployed web developer in August 2013. In the same year, he attended TechCrunch Disrupt Conference where he explained his goal of connecting 5 billion non-internet users through his venture internet.org in developing countries.

2) Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$$9.9 billion

Date of birth

May 22, 1984

Dustin Moskovitz Personal history:

Dustin was born as a native of Ocala, Florida and lived most years of his life there. He began writing codes when he was in high school. He earned his degree from IB diploma program. He then enrolled in Harvard University where he took economics as his major subject. He studied in Harvard for two years and later moved to Palo Alto with Mark Zuckerberg and other mates. Mark Zuckerberg offered him to work for him as he used to go to him whenever he came across any problem in his software development.

Dustin Moskovitz career highlights:

Mark Zuckerberg was his roommate when Facebook was developed in Harvard dorm room in February 2004. Facebook started out as a platform for people to socialise. In June 2004, Dustin left Harvard to many absentees and then shifted with Mark to Palo Alto to work as a full time employee on the development of Facebook. He took 8 employees in his team along with Mark and another partner Hughes. Napster founder Sean Parker also became a part of the team later. Dustin became the first chief technology Officer of Facebook due to his technological expertise and then he was promoted to the title of Vice President engineering. On 3rd Oct, 2008, he left Facebook to start his own company Asana with his partner Justin Rosenstein. He is currently serving his company Asana as a CEO.

Dustin Moskowitz Trivia:

Dustin likes to invest his wealth in charitable ventures. He established a philanthropic foundation Good Ventures with his wife in 2011. The couple has signed the Gates-Buffett Pledge which obliges the pledgee to donate half of their wealth to the poor and is the youngest among many billionaires to sign. He has donated $25 million to Give Directly which helps the poor in East Africa. A fil called the social network was based upon the development of Facebook in which Dustin’s character was played by Joseph Mazzello. He commented that the movie has highlighted the dark aspects of their struggle and neglected the things that mattered.

3) Tom Persson

Tom Persson Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$3 billion

Date of birth


Tom Persson Personal history:

Tom was born with a silver spoon in the rich family of billionaire Stefan Persson who was the heir of popular chic retail chain H&M. His grandfather, Erlin Persson, launched the company in 1947 when he got impressed by the efficient stores in US after the WWII. He started the company in Vasteras in Sweden. Brother of Tom is Karl Johan who is the CEO of the company while his father works as its chairman.

Tom Persson career highlights:

His father Stefan took over the company in 1982. His father used to serve the company as a managing director until 1998. Tom’s family has numerous stakes in properties and real estates in London, Paris and Stockholm. When H&M was started only women clothing used to sell by the name of Hennes which means ‘hers’. The company then bought major stake of another men’s clothing company Mauritz Widforss in 1968. From then on women and men’s clothing lines were being sold and both the companies name were merged together to form H&M. Tom has interest in investing on movie productions. Tom and his family has the ownership of 33% of the shares of H&M and possess 69% voting rights among the shareholders. Tom owns Story Investment Company. In 2014, he started Film and Art Affairs Production Company. He is the CEO of Aspen Rights and Aspen Film which produces, organizes, and Finance film projects.

Tom Persson Trivia:

He currently resides in London. Tom is also among the Board members of Erling Persson Family Foundation which helps to support under privileged children. His company H&M established an H&M anniversary foundation in 2007 on its 60th anniversary which supports causes for the betterment of environment and society. The foundation has inaugurated a sewing school in the capital of Bangladesh for young girls.
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4) Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III.

Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III. Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$2.2 billion

Date of birth

2nd May, 1985

Julio Mario III. Personal history:

Julio was born and brought up in Phoenix, Arizona in a family of riches Julio Mario Jr who inherited several businesses of energy, brewing, tourism, shrimping and real estates from his father. Julio’s grandfather died in 2011 at the age of 87. His family owns a private island in Columbia. He resides in New York where he lives in a plush pad in the Meatpacking District. He is fond of electronic music which is why he performs as a DJ and has been invited by famous business tycoons in their parties. His father died in 2009 due to lung cancer.

Julio Mario III Career highlights:

Regarding his family lineage, his great grandfather was a banker in Columbia. He would buy undervalued companies. He transformed a failing brewery into a biggest brewer of Columbia. He ventured into other businesses by investing in many industrial areas. Domingo’s grandfather succeeded him and launched Santo Domingo Group in 70s. The group acquired stakes of around 80 companies until 1992. Now the third generation of Domingo family runs the company after the death of Domingo Jr in 2011. Many renowned and famous personalities invites Domingo III as a DJ to play for them.

Julio Mario III Trivia:

Julio manages the family foundation Mario Santo Domingo Foundation which helps support several charitable causes in Columbia. The family of Julio keeps the largest collection of private documents maintained by their ancestors which was deposited at Harvard on a long term loan. He manages a company who organize social events.

5) Anton Kathrein, Jr.

Anton Kathrein, Jr. Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$1.7 billion

Date of birth


Anton Kathrein Klaus Personal history:

Anton’s grandfather started out working as an electrician in his early years and left his job in 1919 to start his own business in a workshop. He invented pole circuit breaker with integrated fuse. In early years of business, he made a product range to prevent damage to transformers when hit by lightning. His inventions proved beneficial for his workshop and he made the workshop into a successful business in a few years. After the death of Anton Kathrein Sr. his son Anton Kathrein Jr. managed to run the company in 1972. He transmuted the company into the world’s leading manufacturer of antennas.  Now Anton and his sister holds majority of the stakes of the company in the proportion of 75% and 25%.

Anton Kathrein Klaus career highlight:

He joined the company as an engineer and now after the death of his father in 2012 he has managed the company as a managing director. His company now specializes in communication technology. The company has 18 production sites all over the world and employs 6800 employees. The company has diversified into other ventures like satellite and terrestrial reception systems and equipment for multimedia transmission through cable TV operators.

Anton Kathrein Klaus Trivia:

He is married with two children.

6) Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$1.5 billion

Date of birth

June 4, 1990

Evan Spiegel Personal history:

Evan was born in a rich family in which his father had a partnership in a law firm Munger, Tolles and Olsen and mother was a tax attorney. When he turned 17, his parents got divorced ending 20 years of their marriage. He chose to live with his father until bought his own house in 2014. As a child, his family would go on expensive holidays to Europe and Hawaii. His family owns expensive properties and luxurious cars in California.

Evan Spiegel career highlights:

He took admission in Stanford University to study Product Design but dropped out in 2012. While studying in Stanford in 2011, he created an app called Snap chat with the help of his partners Frank Brown and Bobby Murphy. The app allowed users to exchange photos with each other. The photos would then be deleted from the recipient’s device and the company’s server within seconds. The three partners then established a Toyopa Group which was a partnership company to create snap chat. Frank was not given the rights in the partnership due to undisclosed reasons which is why he filed charges against Evan but the matter was resolved and kept confidential by both the parties. Evan has managed to be in the list of top ten richest boys in the world. He is currently the CEO of the company.

Evan Spiegel Trivia:

In 2014, he acquired his first house for $3.3 million in California. His interest for fast cars increased with the passage of time. It has been reported that he went to Stanford University due to the donations made by his parents to the universities. Evan was a spoiled richest teenager boy in his high school days like for an instance he once invited 300 people to his house for a party in the middle of the night. the party was so full of loud music and alcohol that one guest had to be taken to a hospital in bad condition.

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7) Bobby Murphy

Bobby Murphy Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$1.5 billion

Date of birth

July 19, 1989

Bobby Murphy Personal history:

Bobby was raised in US in 1989 and took admission in Stanford to pursue his bachelor degree in math and computer studies. When he was pursuing his education in Stanford, Frank Brown and Evan Spiegel happened to meet him at a kappa Sigma fraternity in 2009 and approached him to write codes for them. Evan and Murphy launched their first project ‘future freshman’ which was a guidance website for college students. The website failed miserably due to strong competition. His mother belongs to Philippines and shifted to California when he was young.

Bobby Murphy career highlight:

In 2011, Evan and Frank met Murphy to make an app called Snap Chat. That year all three of them moved to Evan’s house to work on the app. Together they made a company called Toyopa group for the development of Snapchat which is a photo sharing app. He joined it as its director and served as the Chief technology Officer of Snap chat. Their partnership broke when Brown was not given company shares. Brown took the matter to court. The matter was solved later and its terms remains confidential. In 2013, Google wanted to buy out Snap chat but the founders rejected the offer of $4 billion.

Bobby Murphy Trivia:

Murphy bought a house worth $2 million in Venice, California in 2013. Murphy has liking for Batman and celebrated his 24th birthday with a Batman cake. He loves playing video games with his friends.

8) Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$245 million

Date of birth

August 1, 1993

Leon Thomas Personal history:

Leon was born and brought up in Brooklyn but later moved to California, United States. He was born to Jayon Anthony.

Leon Thomas career highlights:

Leon began his acting career at the age of ten in 2003 when he played the role of young Simba in the Broadway version of The Lion King. He then went on to sign for the role of Jackie Thibodeaux in ‘Caroline, or change’ and went with the cast on a five month tour in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He then appeared in the Broadway play The Colour Purple. He kept on appearing in different telly plays until he landed a role of Andre Harris in Victorious which telecasted on Nickelodeon in March, 2010. In 2011, he launched his album ‘Victorious: Music from the Hit TV show’ in which he had two songs sung by him. The series ended in 2012 but made Thomas an overnight star. In 2012, he released his first mix tape called metro hearts. Until now he has released numerous mix tapes which became pretty popular among the masses.

Leon Thomas Trivia:

In 2008, he won the ‘best performance in a feature film-supporting actor’ for August Rush.

9) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$200 million

Date of birth

March 1, 1994

Justin Bieber Personal history:

Being the only child of his parents, he grew up being pampered by his parents. He has two half siblings. His mother raised him as a working single parent. In his school days, he learned guitar, piano and trumpet. He sang his first song at the age of 12 in 2007. His mother uploaded the videos of his performances on YouTube due to which he managed to make a strong fan base.

Justin Bieber career highlights:

His career boasted up when a former marketing executive Braun of So So Def saw one of his videos on YouTube. He was sent to Atlanta, Georgia with Braun and after one week he began recording songs with Usher. Raymond Braun Media Group signed a contract with Bieber. Usher then managed an audition with his friend L.A Reid. Reid then contracted with Island Records to release bieber’s first album. Braun then became the manager of Justin in 2008. Justin’s first single ‘One Time’ when released it received worldwide praise. His song ‘baby’ from his first album was released in 2010 which topped the charts worldwide. After that, he released Justin Bieber: never say never album in which his song ‘never say never’ was taken in the movie karate kid with some rap part being sung by Jaden Smith as well. Being one of the richest boys in the world at such a young age, he never looked back and till now continues his reign on most music charts.

Justin Bieber Trivia:

Since signing Bieber on his first record deal, Usher has mentored and coached him. Usher employe his former assistant to be Bieber’s personal stylist and road manager. His fans are known as ‘Beliebers’. His inspirations includes Usher, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. After Bieber only Nick D’Aloisio, the founder of Summly can be termed as the richest teenager boy in the world.

10)David Gallagher

David Gallagher Richest Boy in The world

Net Worth

$185 million

Date of birth

9th Feb, 1985

David Gallagher Personal history:

When David was a baby, his parents got divorced. His mother then married again with Vincent Casey. David’s father is Irish and mother is from Cuba. His younger sister Killian is autistic which is why he supports and spreads awareness about autism through Cure Autism Now foundation. He graduated with a degree in film and television studies in 2007.

David Gallagher career highlights:

David started modelling at the age of 2 in print advertisements. When he turned 8, he had already appeared in many kids’ commercials and acted in a soap opera Loving. He made his debut appearance in a film called Look who’s talking now as Mikey in which he played the son of John Travolta. In 1996, he was offered a role in 7th heaven. 7th heaven continued to air for 11 seasons making a record. After filming of the 8th season, he left the show to continue his studies in high school. However, he returned to the show and continued to do it till its last season.

David Gallagher Trivia:

Gallagher gave his voice for the role of Riku in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. No richest teen boy in the world qualified for the top ten richest boys of 2015.


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