Top 20 Richest Sports Team Owners in the World
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Top 20 Richest Sports Team Owners in the World

It is really nice to be a billionaire nowadays as you could literally have anything in the world. For some billionaires it is to have a professional sports franchise. These owners buy sports franchises from every major sport like, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL or even Major Soccer league.


All in all there are a total of 62 billionaires in the world who own their own professional sports teams. These 62 billionaires own a collective of 78 teams.


For example the co founder of Microsoft; Paul Allen currently own an NBA team Portland Trail Blazers as well as the NFL team Seattle Seahawks. Another great example would be the Red bull founder; Dietrich Mateschitz and husband of Walton; Stanley Kroenke who own the most professional teams. Mateschitz owns three teams while Kroenke owns four teams. In this list of male dominated billionaires there is still one woman billionaire; the founder of Caesar, Marian Illitch who owns two professional sport teams.


Ranging from football to soccer and beyond basketball, following are the top 20 billionaires who are the owners of major sports teams.

#1 Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha


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He is from Thailand and is the owner of the retail business “Duty Free’. He has net worth of about 2.6 billion dollars and owns the Football Club titled “Leicester Club”.

#2 Daniel Gilbert


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He is from USA and is the owner of “Quicken Loans” and has a massive net worth of about 3.6 billion dollars. He is the owner for the NBA team “Cleveland Cavaliers”.

#3 Jerry Jones


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Hailing from USA he is in the Oil and Gas exploration business and enjoys a massive net worth of about 5.6 billion dollars. He is the owner for the NFL team “Dallas Cowboys”.

#4 Joe Lewis


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Belonging to UK, Joe Lewis made his enormous net worth of about 5.7 billion dollars from investment business. He is the owner for the Football club “Tottenham Hotspur”.

#5 Micky Arison


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The owner of Carnival Cruise enjoys a net worth of 6.2 billion dollars and is from USA. He is the owner of NBA team “Miami Heat”.

#6 Robert Kraft


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The owner of the Kraft Group, Robert Kraft ahs a net worth of 6.2 billion dollars and is from USA. He owns the following two teams.

  • NFL team “New England Patriots”
  • Soccer team “New England Revolution”

#7 Marian Illitch

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Marian Illitch from USA made his net worth of about 6.6 billion dollars from his business called “Little Caesars Pizza” and owns the following two teams.

  • NHL team “Detroit Red Wings”
  • MLB team “Detroit Tigers”

#8 Charles Johnson


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He made his net worth of 6.7 billion dollars in USA from money management business and owns the MLB team “San Francisco Giants”.

#9 Richard DeVos & family


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This person and his family made money from various businesses in USA and they collectively own the NBA team “Orlando Magic”. Their current net worth is about 7.3 billion dollars.

#10 Shahid Khan


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This US citizen is the owner of the American Football franchise “Jacksonville Jaguars. He has a massive net worth of about 7.5 billion dollars which he made from his auto parts business.

#11 Stephen Ross


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He hails from USA and enjoys a net worth of about 7.6 billion dollars which he made from real estate business. He is the owner of the NFL team “Miami Dolphins”.

#12 Stanley Kroenke


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Stanley Kroenke has a massive net worth of about 7.7 billion dollars that he made from owning sport franchises and from real estate. He currently owns the following four sport franchises.

  • NFL team “Los Angeles Rams”
  • MLS team “Arsenal”
  • NBA team “Denver Nuggets”
  • NHL team “Colorado Avalanche”

#13 Roman Abramovich


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Hailing from Russia this billionaire has a massive net worth of about 10 billion dollars made from his steel n investment businesses. H owns the football club “Chelsea FC”.

#14 Mikhail Prokhorov


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Another Russian Billionaire who enjoys a net worth of 11 billion dollars he made from investment businesses. He owns the basketball team “Brooklyn Nets”.

#15 Hasso Plattner & family


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This person and family belong to the Software business and made a net worth of about 11.4 billion dollars. They are the owner of NHL team “San Jose Sharks”.

#16 Dietrich Mateschitz

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This Austrian billionaire is the owner of the famed energy dink brand “Red Bull” who has a net worth of about 12 billion dollars. He currently owns following sports teams.

  • MLS team “New York Red Bulls”
  • Formula 1 racing team “Red Bull Racing”
  • Auto Racing team “Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda”

#17 Philip Anschutz


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Hailing from USA this billionaire has a net worth of about 13 billion dollars which he made through investments. He owns the following teams.

  • NHL team “Los Angeles Kings”
  • MLS team “LA Galaxy”

#18 Paul Allen

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Co founder of Microsoft had a net worth of about 19 billion dollars. He owned the following two teams.

  • NBA team “Portland Trail Blazers”
  • NFL team “Seattle Seahawks”

#19 Steve Ballmer


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Another Microsoft giant with a net worth of about 28 billion dollars owns the NBA team “Los Angeles Clippers”.

 #20 Mukesh Ambani


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The richest man of India has a net worth of 47.7 billion dollars which he earned from his petrochemicals and oil/gas businesses. He owns the cricket team “Mumbai Indians”.

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