1. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is the current Mayor of the New York and serving his job for 15 years since 2001 and holding the Mayor office. He is the owner and founder of the Bloomberg News which is global media company and providing the financial data and analysis of the economy of the world. Bloomberg is the securities brokerage company and he is the chairman of the trustees’ board of Bloomberg. Michael Bloomberg total current worth is US $ 40 billion and the 8th richest person in the all States of America.

2. Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa is and American politician and belongs to the Republican Party and serving as the Mayor of the California. He is also a businessman and developed the car alarms and stealing deterrent system of automobiles and after that he establishes the firm Directed Electronics which construct and assemble the automobile security parts in California and serving as the CEO of the company. Issa is included in the richest politicians of America with total net worth of US $ 450 million. He is also the wealthiest serving member of the American Congress.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous American actor and also a richest politician and politically affiliate with the Republican Party. He is former governor of the California State and serving the governor office for two consecutive terms from 2003 to 2011. Arnold total net worth is US $ 450 million and the third richest politician in all over the United States. He is also a great leader and has millions of fans because of his appearance in the most action movies like The Terminator, True Lies and Total Recall. Because of his acting career and substantial income he refuses to accept the salary of governorship which is total US $ 175,000 in a year.

4. Jon Corzine

Jon Corzine

Jon Corzine is the American financial executive and ex- politician and remains senator of the USA congress during 2001 to 2006 from the New Jersey and is the leader of the Democratic Party. He becomes the governor of Garden State in 2006 and serving the office for 5 years. He starting his career in the banking and financial sector and become the CEO of the Goldman Sachs in the 90s. He is serving and works with different banks and his total current net worth is US $ 375 million.

5. Michael Mccaul

Michael Mccaul

Michael McCaul is the riches politician in congress and politically belongs to the Republican Party and also the representative of the more than ten districts that stretches from Houston to Austin. He is the chairman of the Homeland security of House committee in the 113th elected congress of America. He was the head of the counter terrorism and security in the US attorney branch in Texas before of his entrance to the politics. Michael McCaul total current worth is US $ 305 million and he becomes the richest serving politician in the America.

6. Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney providing his services as a governor of Massachusetts during 2003 to 2007. He was also nominated from the Republican Party presidential campaign in 2012 elections. Mitt Romney net worth is US $ 255 million. He is also the former CEO of the Bain Company and he raises the firm and make out it from the financial crisis by providing the capital and company become the largest equity investment private company in the USA. Romney has making the legislation reform for the health care program of Massachusetts when he was governor of the State.

7. John Kerry

John Kerry

John Kerry is the American richest politician and the current secretary of the United State. He is the member of the Senate of the United States and providing his services and also a chairman of the Foreign Relation Senate Committee. He was also the candidate for the President from the Democratic Party in the presidential election of 2004 and defeating from the President Bush. John Kerry is graduated from the Yale University and his estimated net worth is almost US $193 million and become the richest secretary of the United State.

8. Al Gore

Al Gore

Al Gore is the American richest politician and the environmental promoter and wins the Nobel Prize of Peace for his contribution in the climate change. He is the former vice president of the Unites States and work with the President Clinton from 1993 to 2001. He is also providing his services as a director of the Apple Company and work as an advisor with the Google Inc. Al Gore current net worth is US $ 100 million and he is the richest vice president in the history of United States.

9. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton

The couple is in politics for many years and the most prominent members of the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton is become the 42nd president of America from 1993 to 200. His wife Hillary Clinton serves as Secretary of State with the President Obama from 2009 to 2013 and was also a former senator. The couple total net worth is US $ 85 million. Bill Clinton is very famous for his peaceful Presidential tenure and there is no economic expansion and war in his duration. Hillary Clinton is most likely to being next president of Unites State because he is the leading candidate of the Democratic Party.

10. Rick Scott

Rick Scott

Rick Scoot is the current governor of the Florida and the member of the Republican Party from Florida. He is also a businessman and starts his career from the Johnson & Swanson firm as a partner. He also built a hospital with his two partners as a name of Corporation of Columbia Hospital which becomes a very profitable health care corporation in the USA. Scott is the venture capitalist as later he turned to politics and his total net worth is US $ 83 million.


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