1. Leonardo Vecchio


Leonardo Vecchio is the founder and owner of the Luxottica Company which owns the both Lens Crafters and Sunglass Hut.

His company has more than 6,000 stores all over the world and also has more than 73,000 employees in his company.

Leonardo estimated net worth is US $ 24.4 billion and he is not only the first richest person of Italy but also ranked at 17 on the world billionaire list.

Leonardo background is exceptionally interesting; he is an orphan and starts his career as the dye apprentice and the tool operator.

He used his metalworking skills in conjunction with spectacles and lenses and his company starts to sell the frames to eyeglass companies and expanded the business and establishes his own distribution channel.

He eventually constructs a deal with the Armani and purchases the Lens Crafters, Vogue and Sunglass Hut.

2. Michele Ferrero


Michele Ferrero is the Italian second richest man and overall the 20th richest person of the world.

He established his company over the course of his life and owns several well-known brands in the candy and food industry including the Mon Cheri, Nutella, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Eggs, Tic Tacs and off-course the Ferrero Rocher.

He planned to leave his company to his two sons but in 1997 his son Pietro died in South Africa in an accident.

His second son Giovanni is the inheritor all of Michele’s wealth and his father’s all companies upon his death .

Michele Ferrero estimated net worth is US $ 19 billion

3. Agnelli Family


Perhaps it is unfair to rank the entire family on the list but the truth is they are worth a ton and no one is quite sure where it’s all located. Andrea Agnelli is the one of the most prolific members of the family. Andrea serves as the president of Juventus which is one of the most prolific football clubs of Italy. His father was also served as the president of Juventus and he is also the member of the served on the Italian senate. There are many members of the family and together they own the Fiat and Exor and many of them served as the member of governing board of both companies. Agnelli family estimated net worth is US $ 13.5 billion and the family’s ranked at third place in the list of top 10 richest persons of Italy.

4. Miuccia Prada


Miuccia Prada is the inherited billionaire of Italy and receives the luxurious goods “Prada” brand company from her grandfather Mario Prada in 1978. She took over the company with her husband and established the Prada brand in all over the world. Miuccia launches her first designs in 1980s that becomes most popular and since then Prada has purchasing several other brands. She has also been called the 75th most powerful woman in the world. She receives many awards for her fashion sense, and she was the 2010 winner of the Turner Prize. Miuccia Prada estimated net worth is US $ 12.4 billion and she is the fourth richest women of Italy.

5. Stefano Pessina


Stefano Pessina is holding the position as the CEO of the “Alliance Boots” since 2007. Before holding this position he ran a family wholesale pharmaceutical business. He merged business that pharmaceutical business with the Alliance UniChem where he becomes the member of the board of directors and later he becomes the CEO of the company. Stefano Pessina net worth has increased significantly and currently his estimated net worth is US $ 10.4 billion and he is ranked at 5th in the list of top 10 richest persons of Italy.

6. Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani starts his career as the fashion designer after discard from the medical school and then served in the army. He starts working as a window dresser in departmental store and later he starts to designed menswear then established his own label menswear brand. Since then his achievements and designs innovations have been nothing short of impress anyone in the world. In adding to his fashion brand he is also the president of the Italian basketball club and he is also the follower of Inter Milan soccer club. Giorgio Armani has receives numerous awards for his contribution in the fashion industry and his estimated net worth is US $ 8.5 billion and he is the 6th richest person of Italy.

7. Patrizio Bertelli


Patrizio Bertelli is the tycoon of the leather business when he established the leather accessory company in 1970. He married to Miuccia Prada in 1978; she is the billionaire and also ranked at No. 4 in the list and he helps her to establish Prada brand in all over the world. Bertelli in involved in selling and shipping the leather goods and making millions since that. The billionaire couple has two children’s and Bertelli estimated net worth is US $ 6.7 billion and he is ranked at No. 7 in the list of top 10 richest persons of Italy.

8. Gianluigi Aponte


Gianluigi Aponte is the owner of the “Mediterranean Shipping Company” S.A which is the 2nd largest shipping container company of the world. In addition to his shipping business he is also involved in the cruise business and purchased several cruise ships. He also receives the award of “Neapolitan Excellence in the World” from the Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi. Aponte has purchases the house in Switzerland but still he is the CEO for his company. Gianluigi Aponte estimated net worth is US $ 6.3 billion and he is ranked at No.8 in the list of top 10 richest persons of Italy.

9. Silvio Berlusconi


Silvio Berlusconi is the Italian media industry billionaire and businessman and also a politician and served as the prime minister of Italy in four governments and he is the longest serving PM of Italy. He creates his fortune through various businesses and primarily through the media group “Fininvest” and he also owns the football club of AC Milan. Silvio Berlusconi estimated net worth is US $ 6.2 billion and he is the second last richest person in the list of top 10 richest persons of Italy.

10. Gianfelice Rocca


Gianfelice Rocca is the Italian entrepreneur and the CEO of the Techint business group and the president of Assolobbarda which is the biggest territorial organization of Italy entrepreneurial system. Techint group also holds several companies that including the Ternium, Tenaris and Tecpertrol companies. Gianfelice Rocca estimated net worth is US $ 6.1 billion and he is the last richest person in the list of top 10 richest person of Italy.


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