1. Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart
Gina Rinehart is the Australian mining magnate and queen of the worldwide iron trader. She is running the Hancock Prospecting which has further deal in oil and gas and increases her portfolio. In 2014 she had finalized the biggest deal of $7.2 billion that is funding from a business group of global banks and financial agencies to build up the Roy Hill that is one of the world’s leading iron mines and Rinehart’s owns 70 percents of its share. She is the inherited billionaire and holdings her late father (Lang Hancook) assets. She also has been in the complex legal dispute with her children for the possession of the assets. Gina total net worth is US $11.7 billion and she is ranked first on the list.

2. Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff
Harry Triguboff is the second richest person of Australia with estimated net worth of US $5.6 billion and he is the leading apartment builder in the Australia. He starts his career with the textile business and then he shift towards the real estate business in the 1960s. He builds the first apartment building in the Sydney. He is the first Australian real estate developers who observe the potential of living in the apartments at that time when his countrymen seek to single family houses in suburbia. He has built more than 55,000 apartments and giving the nickname of “High Rise Harry.”

3. Frank Lowy

Frank Lowy
Frank Lowy is the Shopping mall business tycoon of Australia and finished his 3rd major renovation of Westfield in the last decade and splitting the international and local mall businesses. Cofounder Lowy and his both sons Steven and Peter run the Westfield Corp, which hold 44 malls in the UK, US and Europe. Lowy has opened his 1st mall in Sydney in 1959 and then he travel to Hungary via Israel. In 1952 he establishes the Sydney delicatessen and then expanded it into property business and then later into shopping malls. He is also the passionate soccer follower and is the President of Australian soccer national association for last 11 years. Frank Lowy estimated net worth is US $ 5 billion and he is third richest person of the country.

4. James Packer

James Packer
James Packer served his family business which has deep ties in the media business. In 2012 he sold the pay TV Company to the Consolidated Media against the US $1 billion. He decided to give more focus on Crown Ltd which is the gaming empire and owns the casinos in Australia and also has a joint venture with the Crown Entertainment in Manila and Macau. Packer is also the inherited billionaire and holds the US $ 5 billion business when his father died in 2005. James Packer estimated net worth is US $ 4.7 billion and he ranked 4th in the list of top 10 richest persons of Australia.

5. Ivan Glasenberg

Ivan Glasenberg
Ivan Glasenberg is the CEO of the commodities that giant Glencore. In 2011he made his destiny when the company becomes public limited. Glasenberg completed his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983 and start his business journey with the late Marc Rich who is the legendary oil trader and also worked as the marketer in the coke and coal department in the South Africa. After some time the management has bought the company and rebranded it as Glencore and Glasenberg has given the post of director of worldwide. Ivan Glasenberg estimated net worth is US $4.4 billion.

6. John Gandel

John Gandel
John Gandel is the owner of the southern hemisphere’s leading shopping malls, Chadstone and above than 500 stores in the eastern Melbourne. “Chaddy” is long-drawn-out by 20 percent after the approval of plans for developing office and hotel towers. He articulates his success as the deregulation of purchasing hours and today the shopping becomes a leisure activity. He initially becomes rich by increasing his Polish immigrant parents that holds the women clothing retail chain “Sussan” which is now operated by Naomi Milgrom who is her sibling. John Gandel estimated net worth is US $ 3.6 billion and he is the sixth richest person of Australia.

7. Anthony Pratt

 Anthony Pratt
Anthony Pratt is the richest businessman and ranked at 7 in the list of richest person of Australia with the estimated net worth of US $3.5 billion. Pratt wealth is underpinned by the recycling and packing businesses from USA to Australasia and his business growth is more than tripled since he take initiative in 2009. Anthony is controlling the operations in the United States where the Pratt Industries is the leading manufacturer of the ribbed cardboard. Her Sisters Fiona Geminder and Heloise Waislitz also have stakes in the Visy Company and both are also billionaires. Pratt estimated net worth is US $3.5 billion and he is the 7th richest person of Australia.

8. Kerr Neilson

Kerr Neilson is the cofounder of the international equities that manage the funds of Platinum Asset Management. He moves to Sydney in 1994 from the South Africa where he works for the Australian Bankers Trust. He holds the 55.5 percent stakes which is been well times public limited company and becomes listed in 2007. Kerr Neilson high value based stock makes him able to make comparisons with the Warren Buffett. Judith Neilson’s is his wife and is the one of the world’s largest contemporary collections of Chinese art. Kerr Neilson estimated net worth is US $3 billion and he ranked 8th on the top 10 richest persons of Australia.

9. Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox
Lindsay Fox is the trucking business tycoon and owns the Linfox which is the Australian largest privately owned logistics company which also has more than five thousands trucks in10 different countries in the Asian Pacific region. He left the school at the age of 16 but he has naturally academically gifted boy and becomes the truck driver like his father and he bought his own truck at the age of 19. He is no longer the driver and also not takes any part in regular operations and leaves the responsibility to his elder son Peter who is now the current executive chairman of the Linfox, and Andrew who holds and runs the property business. Lindsay Fox estimated net worth is US $ 2.9 billion and ranked at second last on the list of top 10 richest persons of Australia.

10. Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest is the last richest person of Australia and ranked at 10 in the list of top 10 richest persons of Australia with estimated net worth is US $2.1 billion. He is the onetime stockbroker and fanatical part-time boxer and established his first mining company in 1994 as the Anaconda. He also founded the Fortescue Metals Group in 2004 which is dealing in mines and transport iron ore to China. Andrew Forrest is once the Australian richest man; his net worth stands high at $12.7 billion in 2008 when the shares of Fortescue hit all-time high.


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