1. Hinduja Family

Hinduja Family

The Indian born family and Hinduja brothers are making $2.19 billion in the last year and become successful to claim the title of Britain’s richest persons of 2014 with more than US $13.5 billion current net worth. Straddling 37 countries of the world the Hinduja group of companies includes Finance Institutions, Automobiles, Oil, renewable and nonrenewable energy, Chemicals, media, education and medicine and they are not to mention a US $500 million house that spread over 67,500 foot square piece of chronological real estate that is next door to the palace of Buckingham.

2. Gerald Grosvenor


Gerald Grosvenor is the 62-years old businessman and the sixth Duke of Westminster is the UK’s richest landholder and the 3rd richest UK-born in the resident of UK. He is the leading property provider and developer in the country and his net worth raised about US $1.18 billion in the previous year and he should thanks to the flourishing real estate business in the central London. He is the formerly belongs to Army and owns 190 acres of land near the Buckingham Palace, and some hundred thousand acres are located in Spain, Scotland and somewhere else in England. The Duke of Westminster landlord family owns the Grosvenor Group which reports about total net worth of US $ 12.1 billion.

3. David & Simon Reuben


David & Simon Reuben are brother and Like the Duke of Westminster real estate developer and have been creating very well business growth under the UK property and housing society for many years. Since they both are engaged in metals business, the siblings have been going very strongly in the ventures like airports, hotels, resorts, banking, pubs, clothing, natural resources and also donating for some humanitarian causes and they decided to compensate themselves as billion dollars in terms of dividends in the last year and their total net worth is US $ 10.6 billion and become the 3rd richest people of United Kingdom.

4. Charles Cadogan


Mr. Charles Cadogan With the total net worth of US $ 7.1 Billion and become the 4th richest person of United Kingdom. He is continuously finding the place in the elite class of UK billionaires. Charles is belongs to the real estate family which is one of the most famous real estate family in the Europe and involved in the property business for at least 300 years before and own the large number of properties in all around Europe. He is the owner of the Cadogan Estate which controls his property and wealth and also controls his other business and dealings in properties.

5. Micheal Ashley


Michael Ashley is the owner of the Sports Direct which is selling the sports goods and have retail stores all over the UK and If you are the citizen of the UK then you might be hear the name of Sports Direct. In 2007 he starts it business publically and holding majority stakes of the company and has total net worth is US $ 5.6 billion. Ashley venture worth is in billions and he also owns the soccer club New Castle. His divorce is one of the most expensive divorce agreement of the United Kingdom history and was settled for almost 50 million Pounds. He opposed the bonus scheme of his company and able to receive the millions of pounds as that is also opposed by other shareholders but he holding the 60 percent votes and make decision his own favor in the stockholder meeting.

6. Philip Green


Philips Green is the English businessman and the richest person in the UK with total net worth of US $ 5 billion. He is belongs to the Jewish family which is located in Croydon South London and married to Tina. According to the media new Mr. Philips prefers to live in Monaco for some tax avoidance and daily travel to work by the private jet from Monaco to UK. He gets dropped out from the school because the death of his father. He is also been criticized for his policy of tax avoidance and has many business that are name of his wife.

7. Richard Branson


Richard Branson is the creator of Virgin Group and has almost 400 companies that works under his ownership. He was born in Southeast London and his father was a barrister of high court and his grandfather was also a judge in the London high court. He is also the dropped out student from the school and start his own trading and business with small things and went very successful and establish the Virgin Group of companies. The group is involved in different business and has investments in various business sector like airlines, entertainment, cell phone services and lifestyle. With his business destiny and approach he qualifies as the seventh richest person of UK.

8. Bruno Schroder


Bruno Schroder is the well know person and has belongs to the most prized family of Britain. The family has owned many business and associated with financial services and has banks since more than 100 years. Bruno is one of the offspring of Schroder family and holds the larger stake in the Schroder Company which has total assets that worth more than 300 billion pounds. Bruno Schroder total net worth is US $ 4.9 billion and place 8th on the list of richest person of UK.

9. Laurence Graff


Laurence Graff is the 9th richest people of the UK with total asset of US $ 4.8 billion .He establish the Graff Diamonds in 1960 and his company is manufacturing and dealing with the each process of jewelry making from gathering the source of rough stone and right from cutting and polishing the jewelry and making the strong market of the diamonds. He is famous as the richest diamond trader in the UK.

10. Joe Lewis


Mr. Joe Lewis is the British billionaire and has derives his own wealth by making the large investments in different business and spot at last in the riches person of UK. He is the resident of the UK and establishes the trading firm with the collection of huge money and then he becomes the prominent investor of UK. Joe Lewis total net worth is US $ 4.7 billion and become the 10 richest person of United Kingdom.


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