1. Murat Ulker



Murat Ulker is the Turkish richest person and the chairman of the Yildiz holding which is the largest food company of Turkey which also owns the Godiva chocolates. Yildiz also bought the UK based united biscuit maker against the US $ 3.2 billion in 2014. Yildiz has also interests in venture funds, finance, packaging, wholesale trade, real estate and in personal grooming. Ahsen Ozokur is her sister who is also the major shareholder in Yildiz also include in the world billionaire. Murat Ulker estimated net worth is US $ 4.4 billion and he is ranked at top in the list of top 10 richest people of Turkey.

2. Husnu Ozyegin



Husnu Ozyegin is the Turkish businessman and a self made billionaire and currently ranked at N0.2 in the list of top 10 richest people of Turkey with an estimated net worth of US $ 2.7 billion. Husnu owns the Fina and Fiba holding companies that invest in retail, finance, energy, real estate, post service and in shipbuilding. He also made investment in the health sector in 2014 and becomes the 50 percent partner in the Nightingale Florence hospital. In the same year he purchases the Tekirova holiday resort from the Rixos Group in Antalya. He also built the star Shenyang mall plaza in China in the same year.

3. Semahat Arsel



Semahat Arsel is the Turkish businesswoman and the board of director’s member of Koc Holding which is the family business firm. Semahat manages the tourism group of investment that including the Divan hotels and Setur Tourism. In her childhood she is suffered from the child illness that motivates her to support nursing research and education and now she is the founder and president of the SANERC hospital. Semahat estimated net worth is US $ 2.6 billion and she is the first richest women of Turkey and overall third richest person of Turkey.

4. Mustafa Rahmi



Mustafa Rahmi is the well known business personality of Turkey and also a great philanthropist. He becomes the chairman of the Koc holdings in 2003 which is the largest Turkish conglomerates. He established the Rahmi Koc museum in 1991 which is the first museum in Turkey. The museum contains hundreds of the objects from life-sized ships to gramophone needles. He is very much passionate about the antiques and also for the sea and yachting. Mustafa Rahmi estimated net worth is US $ 2.5 billion and he is the fourth richest person of Turkey.

5. Ferit Sahenk



Ferit Sahenk is ranked at the Turkey’s 5th richest person with an estimated net worth of US $3.4 billion. He is the president of Dogus Company which is founded by his late father Mr. Ayhan Sahenk, who died in 2001. Dogus Company has made investments in finance, tourism, media and construction. In November 2014 Ferit agreed to sell 14.89 percents stake in Garanti Bank, which is partially owned by the family firm and also the major source of his wealth and also the source of wealth of his sister Filiz and mother Deniz, and  both are also Turkish’s billionaires.

6. Sarik Tara



Sarik Tara is the founder of the Turkish largest construction corporation “ENKA”. At the age of 54, he turned over the company to his billionaire son, Mehmet Sina, but he has remained involved in the company’s matters. ENKA involves and deals in the contracting of construction, real estate investment, energy production and in management. He is especially active in Russia where his company has its owns offices, shopping malls and hotels in Moscow as well as hypermarkets, supermarkets and malls in all over the country. ENKA construction has also built the US embassy buildings in the Equatorial Guinea Dominican Republic and in Afghanistan. Sarik Tara estimated net worth is US $ 2.4 billion and he is ranked at 6th in the list of top 10 richest people of Turkey.

7. Erman Ilicak



Erman Ilicak has founded the Ronesans in 1994 in Russia and currently it’s operates in several countries including Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Austria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Erman has stepped down as the CEO and became the president of the company in 2014. In just only Turkey the company owns the 10 shopping malls, hotel complex and office building. In Russia the company has six office buildings along with two shopping malls and also the hotels and offices complex. Ronesans has signed an agreement of US $ 1 billion projects in the Petersburg that includes the port on the Neva River and has more than 5,000 commercial residences. Erman Ilicak estimated net worth is YS $ 2.2 billion and he is the 7th richest person of Turkey.

8. Suna Kirac



Suna Kirac is the youngest daughter of the late Vehbi Koc who is the founder of Koc Holding, which is the Turkey’s largest multinational firm and the sister of Semahat Arsel and Mustafa Rahmi who is also billionaire and also included in the list of top 10 richest person of Turkey,. She has suffered the illness of Lou Gherig’s disease and she can only commune with her eyes. With her husband she has founded the Pera Museum, which exhibits the measures, historic weights, ceramics, tiles and Orientalist paintings. Suna Kirac estimated net worth is US $ 2.2 billion and ranked at 8th place in the list of top 10 richest persons of Turkey.

9. Filiz Sahenk



Filiz Sahenk is the daughter of the late Ayhan Sahenk who is the founder of Dogus Holding and the sister of Ferit Sahenk who is also the billionaire and ranked at above at 5th place in the list of top 10 richest persons of Turkey. Dogus Company has interests in media, finance, tourism and construction. The main source of her wealth is her holdings in the Garanti Bank which is the family owned business of Dogu’s family. She also manages the business of brand clothing and tourism business. She is also the representative Turkish luxurious brands including the Emporio Armani, Gucci, Loro Piana, and Tod’s. Filiz Sahenk estimated net worth is US $ 2.2 billion and ranked at 9th place in the list of top 10 richest persons of Turkey.

10. Ali Agaoglu



Ali Agaoglu is the Turkey’s largest builders of housing and residential real estate and he is the last person that appear in the list of top 10 richest persons of Turkey with an estimated net worth of US $ 1.75 billion. Ali Agaoglu has sold the 2 towers against the US $200 million to Saudi based company Abduljawad Holding in 2013. Kuwaiti Sheikh Al-Sharif Jasem has bought the entire floor in the same development.


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