1. Amancio Ortega


Amanico Ortega is the richest man and billionaire in both Spain and Europe. He is 78 years old and self made billionaire added US $7 billion to his wealth in the last year and US $ 26.5 billion in the past two years. Amanico owns the 60 percent shares of “Inditex” which is well known for its Zara brand. He also has the growing real estate portfolio that approximately worth is US $ 5 billion. In the past year, he has bought four new buildings in Madrid, London and in New York. Amanico Ortega estimated net worth is US $ 60 billion and he is ranked first in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

2. Sandra Ortega Mera


Sandra Ortega is the richest woman in Spain and the scion of the Mera family and controls the Zara fashion empire. She gained the bulk of her fortune after the death of her mother, Rosalia Mera. She becomes the billionaire at the age of 45 and she is the youngest billionaires in our list and also the youngest female billionaire in Europe and also holding the title of the wealthiest woman in all over Spain. Mera estimated net worth is US $ 7.3 billion and ranked at No. 2 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

3. Rafael Sotelo


Rafael Sotelo is the Spanish billionaire and the chairman of the infrastructure giant Ferrovial. Rafael inheritably receives the 20 percents stake of the company after his father’s death in 2008. Company’s worth is US $ 9 billion that manages that large airports and highways worldwide including London’s Heathrow airport, the Chicago Skyway, Trans Texas corridor and the Indiana East-West Toll Road.  The other family members are also the main shareholder of Heath-row Airport Holding. His company also provides municipal services in Spain to more than 800 towns, cities and to the metro system in Madrid. Rafael Sotelo estimated net worth is US $ 7 billion and he is ranked at No.3 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

4. Juan Roig


Juan Roig is the Spanish billionaire businessman and ranked at fourth place in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain with an estimated net worth is US $ 4.8 billion. He is very much passionate basketball fan and reported to attend the pro games in Valencia twice a week. Roig’s fortune included the majority shareholder of Mercadona which is the largest grocery retail store chain in Spain. Due to the financial crisis in Spain his company Mercadona experienced the slash prices by 14 percent in last year. This was less an unselfish move and more of a smart marketing strategy and the company shares rise by almost US $ 1 billion during the same period.

5. Juan Villar


Juan Villar is own the construction firm “Obrascon Huarte Lain” together with his children. The family giant trades on Madrid’s stock exchange and builds railways, ports, roads and airports and has presence in almost 30 countries. Apart from the OHL, he privately owns the Villar Mir Group which is the leading independent producer of hydroelectric power in Spain, the world’s largest producer of silicon metal, fertilizer producer and also real estate developer. The business groups also has some minor subsidiaries that deals in trade, transport and distribution of diesel oil, resistant concrete, and produce children’s clothes. Villar estimated net worth is US $ 4.3 billion and he is ranked at No. 5 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

6. Isak Andic


Isak Andic is the founder and the leading shareholder of the clothing retailer chain Mango. The company has 2,731 stores in 105 countries and its brand has international sales that count for 83 percents of its total revenue. Andic opened the first clothing retail store in 1984 at Barcelona and make his company international in 1992 and completed the target of one thousand store in 2007. He also holds shares in “Banco Sabadell” which is the largest banking group of Spain. Isak Andic estimated net worth is US $ 3.3 billion and he is ranked at No. 6 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

7. Hortensia Herrero


Hortensia Herrero holds the 28 percents shares of Mercadona which is the recession confront Spanish supermarket chain that she helped to rise-up with her billionaire husband Juan Roig and his siblings. She is serves as the vice president and was member of the original group that purchase the company from Roig’s father in 1981, when it was just a chain of 8 small stores. Today Mercadona enjoys the US $ 24 billion in revenue and has 1,500 stores across the Spain and has 74,000 employees. Hortensia Herrero estimated net worth is US $ 2.4 billion and she is ranked at No. 7 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

8. Helena Revoredo


Helena Revoredo is the chairman of “Prosegur company” which is the Spanish private security company and famous for its fleet of 5,000 yellow durable vans which is founded by her late husband; Herberto Gut in 1976. Its becomes listed on the Spanish stock market in 1987 and her son, Christian Gut becomes the CEO, and her daughter Chantal Gut sits on the directors board. Prosegur has a presence throughout Europe, Asia, and in Latin America and record the sale of US $ 4.4 billion in 2013. The world billionaire Bill Gates holds the small stake in her company in 2014. Helena Revoredo estimated net worth is US $ 2.3 billion and she is ranked at No. 8 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

9. Alicia Koplowitz


Alicia Koplowitz is the inherited billionaire and holds the stakes of “Fomento constructions contracts” which is the largest construction company of Spain. She sold her FFC share to her older sister Esther against the US $ 800 million. She diversified her investments after selling the stakes of FFC and has seen her fortune grow steadily. She made investment in the steelmaker Acerinox, Banco Sabadell and the electric utility Iberdrola. She also has a stake in Hospes which is leading chain of luxury hotels in Spain and also owns hotels in Miami and Italy along with real estate development business in Chicago and Washington. Alicia Koplowitz estimated net worth is US $ 2.1 billion and she is ranked at No. 9 in the list of top 10 richest people of Spain.

10. Manuel Jove


Manuel Jove had made his fortune from the Fadesa Inmobiliaria which he founded in 1980 and developed into the leading property company of Spain. Jove is a carpenter by profession and makes the company public in 2004 and then sold 55 percents stakes of his company to real estate group Martinsa against US $ 3 billion in 2006. Martinsa filed bankruptcy after two years and sued against Jove for US $ 2 billion and claiming that the purchase price of Fadesa had been inflated and Jove becomes clear from court. His investment groups are active and invested in private equity, commercial and residential development, renewable energy and hospitality. Manuel Jove estimated net worth is US $ 1.3 billion and ranked at No. 10 in the list of top 10 richest people of Egypt.


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