1. Liliance Bettencourt

Liliance Bettencourt is richest female person of France. She is the famous French businesswomen and also the great philanthropist. She is the principal shareholder of the L Oreal which is the biggest and the famous beauty and cosmetic company all over the world. Liliance Bettencourt total net worth is US $ 40 billion which make her the richest women in all over the world, 10th richest people of the world. She is also the great philanthropist and has formed the Bettencourt Foundation that develops and supports the cultural, humanitarian and medical projects.

2. Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault is the famous French business tycoon, philanthropist, art collector and also an investor. He is the CEO and the chairman of the LVMH business group since 1989. Bernard Arnault total net worth is US $ 34.3 billion which makes him the richest person of France and the 13th richest man in all over the world. The 65 years old businessman and billionaire oversee and reaching almost the luxury empire with more than 60 brands in all over the world that includes Fendi, Dom Perignon and Bulgari. He is also honored by the awards of Commander and the Grand officer Legion honor awards. He is also the holder of the Corporate Citizen Award.

3. Francois Pinault

Francois Pinault is the famous and old French businessman and also an art collector. He is the larger shareholder and the honorary chairman of the Kering Company which is the retailer company. His holding company also holding the stakes in other companies like Converse shoes, Chateau Latour and Insurance Company of Executive Life. Francois Pinault total net worth is US $ 16.8 billion and he is ranked 3rd in the top 10 richest person of France.

4. Serge Dassault

Serge Dassault is the French successor business executive and entrepreneur and also a famous politician from conservative party. He is the CEO and the Chairman of the Dassault Group. His business group also owns the Le Figaro Group which is daily news paper of France and dealing with the printed media. He is the former mayor of Corbeil Essonnes which is the southern town of Paris city. He is also become the senator in 2004 and stronger advocate of the employment and economic issues and take position of the Conservative Party. Serge Dassault total net worth is US $ 16 billion and he is the 4th richest person of France.

5. Carrie Perrodo

Carrie Perrodo is the French former model and businesswoman and she is the founder of the Perenco Oil Group. Carrie was married to famous French businessman Huber Perrodo who is the French energy magnate. Her husband Perrodo is died in 2006 and all of his wealth is transferred to Carrie and she is becomes the richest French female with total net worth of US $ 11.2 billion.

6. Alain Wertheimer

Alain Wertheimer is the famous businessman from France and has stakes in the House of the Chanel with his brother Gerard and also had made investment in the Bell and Rose. The company is privately held and run by the Alain who also has acquisition in the different brands like beachwear and the Eres Lingerie and in leather goods. Alain Wertheimer total net worth is US $ 8.7 billion and he ranked at the sixth position in the list of top 10 richest person of France.

7. Gerard Wertheimer

Gerard Wertheimer is the 63 years ole French billionaire and owned the French branded channel lavishness with his brother Alain Wertheimer who is also the richest person of France and stand at 7th in the list. Gerard Wertheimer total net worth is US $ 8.7 billion and he is ranked the 8th with his brother Alain Wertheimer in the top 10 richest persons of France.

8. Patrick Drahi

Patrick Drahi is the French businessman with other two nationalities of Israeli and Moroccan. He is the originator and the leading shareholder of the French based Luxembourg and Altice which is the telecom group. Drahi has also founded the i24news channel which is Israeli based channel and broadcasts in Arabic, French and also in English. Drahi also has entered in the American telecom market and formed Altice Group and bought the 70% shares of the Suddenlink Communications which is the 7th largest telecom company in the United Stated with the estimated value of US $ 9.1 billion. Patrick Drahi is the eighth richest person of France with total asset of US $ 8.6 billion.

9. Vincent Bollore

Vincent Bollore is the famous French industrialist, businessman and a corporate raider. He is serving as the CEO and Chairman of the Bollore Group which is the larger investment business group in the France. Vincent Bollore starts with the investment bank Edmond Rothschild as a trainee but later he develop his personal investment company and take control his family reins and deal in the paper manufacturer of bible paper and cigarette, African trade and also deal in the maritime freight. Vincent has also stakes in the “Havas” which is the advertising group. Vincent Bollore total net worth is US $ 8.5 billion and he ranked second last at the top 10 richest persons of France.

10. Xavier Niel

Xavier Niel is the last richest person and ranked at last on 10th position in the riches person of France with total net worth of US $ 8.4 billion. Xavier is the famous businessman and entrepreneur of France and very active tycoon in the technology and telecom industry. He is also the founder of the Mobile operator and the internet …… provider and also holding the majority shares. He is also the business partner in the Le Monde newspaper and holds the rights of My Way song and also the owner of the Monaco Telecom.


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