1. Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin
Wang Jianlin is the Chinese richest person with tentacles dispersion of worldwide. He has very successful past year and receives many public offers in his Dalian Wanda real estate commercial properties firm which has 68 5-stars hotels, 125 shopping plazas and largest movie chain theater of China. He also purchases the 20 percent shares of Atletico Madrid in January 2015 which is a Spanish football team and also bought the US Ironman Triathlons organizer against US $650 million. Wang Jianlin total net worth is US $ 32.3 billion and appears first on the list richest people of China.

2. Jack Ma

Jack Ma
Jack Ma is the emerging symbol of the China and raises the mobile phone and internet users from New York to Davos. He owns the Alibaba Group which is e-commerce Company and has IPO of US $21.8 billion in New York that set an amazing record and become the biggest company who offering large public stock. He also made a deal with Chinese partner and spends in movies like Rogue Nation and Mission Impossible and also set an online gateway store Macy’s with US department. Jack Ma total net worth is US $ 24.2 billion and the second richest person of China.

3. Ma Huateng

Ma Huateng
Ma Huateng is the third riches person in China and consider as the top internet magnate of China. Ma Huateng total net worth is US $ 18.8 billion. He is the founder of the Tancent Holdings which was establishing in 1998 and become the biggest Internet portal of China and he is serving as the CEO of the company. QQ.com is the instant messenger website of his company and it’s become the largest website of the world. Tancent Company also launched the Tancent Games which become the largest online gaming community of China. His company also purchased the US $400 million venture of the 58.com which is the classified Chinese listing platform.

4. Lei Jun

Lei Jun
Lei Jun has received the US $1.1 billion funding from the private investor in 2014 for his own Smartphone firm and its rise his firm that making low price Smartphone. Lei Jun has receives the businessman Forbes Asia award of the year and become the No.1 Smartphone maker in China. Lei Jun has also expands its operations to India and Brazil to potent his rival Huawei to out of competition. Lei Jun total net worth is US $13.3 billion and he is the 4th richest person of China.

5. Wang Wenyin

Wang Wenyin
Wang Wenyin is the owner of the Amer International which is the world’s leading suppliers of copper and cable products with total estimates slates that record US $ 43.6 billion in previous year. In recent year the Amer International has invest US $20 million and hold the minority stake in the mining firm and has also arranged the credit of US $700 million to establish the molybdenum mine. Wang Wneyin is the 5th richest person of China with total net worth is US $12.1 billion.

6. Robin Li

Robin Li
Robin Li is the sixth riches person of China with total net worth is US $10.4 billion and is a dominant business tycoon of Chinese internet countryside trio which is recognized as “Bat” along other two companies like Alibaba group and Tancent Holdings. Because of the competition in the tech industry and shifting form desktop PCs to mobiles that allow his e-commerce Baidu Company to provide online services and platform to their users to linking with the internet and purchase online tickets and movies and also order food delivery.

7. He Xiangjian

He Xiangjian
He Xiangjian is the founder of the Midea group which is the largest Chinese appliance maker firm. Midea group has no much longer show and set a joint venture with the Bosch to expand its business of air conditioner. Midea group also sold the 1.3 percent stake to Xiaomi which is a Smartphone maker Chinese firm run by the Lei Jun with a private deal of US $ 192 million in June. He Xiangjian also set another joint venture with the Japanese firm Yaskawa for its industrial robotics. HE Xiangjian total net worth is US $ 9.3 billion and become the 7th richest person of China.

8. Hui Yan

Hui Yan
Hui Yan is the founder and chairman of the Evergrande Estate and becomes best performing property listed developer in all over China. His company repurchased US $ 500 million stocks form the market as they early plunge in the Chinese market. Evergrande jointly with the Tancent buy the 75 percent stake of Mascotte which is a polysilicon supplier against US $ 97 million. Hui Yan total net worth is US $ 8.7 billion and the eighth richest person of China.

9. Liu Qiangdong

 Liu Qiangdong
Liu Qiangdong is the Chinese most young internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Jingdong and JD.com and the leading industrial e-commerce leader in China. Liu Qiangdong is the 9th richest person of China with total net worth of US $ 7.8 billion. Liu was early employed in the Japanese enterprise which develops health products and serves as business director and logistics officer. After that he develops the Jingdong Company in Beijing which is dealing in the distribution of the optical magneto products across the world. Liu Qiangdong also launched the online website JD.com which works as online retailer.

10. William Ding

William Ding
William Ding is the last person in the list of richest person of China with total net worth is US $ 7.8 billion and the 10th richest person of China. William Ding is serving as the CEO of NetEase and also has significant assistance in the expansion of computer networks in all over China. He is and engineer and work in Sybase and after that he establish his own company which is become very profitable since its starts its operation. NetEase Company has transferred the China in to centric-mobile world. William Ding has the richest person of China in past.


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