1. David Thomson

David Thomson
David Thomson is the richest person of Canada and ranked first in the list of top 10 richest people of Canada with as estimated net worth of US $ 25.5 billion and also ranked at 25 on the world billionaire list. David Thomson is the third generation holder of the media and publishing domain “Thomson Reuters” which is founded by their grandfather Roy Thomson and its stock makes up 70% of his fortune. David serves as the chairman of Thomson Reuters and his young brother Peter is the president of Woodbridge which is the holding company that runs the family business.

2. George Wetson

George Wetson
George Weston is serves as executive chairman of the George Weston which is the Canadian retail and food giant founded by his grandfather in 1882. George took the wheel of the Loblaw in 1972, and become succeeded in turning the struggling grocery chain in to successful entity. At the moment his son, Galen Junior who take over the Loblaw and bought the Canadian drugstore chain Drug Mart shoppers 2013. The elder Weston controls the Selfridges Group of department stores that holdings the Ogilvy’s and Holt Renfrew in Canada. George Wetson estimated net worth is US $ 9.6 billion and he is the second richest person of Canada.

3. Jim Pattison

Jim Pattison
Jim Pattison starts his business with the single Pontiac Buick dealership in 1961 in Vancouver. After getting more than 200 possessions, his businesses Group has become a huge multinational corporation with more than US $6.6 billion in revenues and almost have more than 36,000 employees. He is still involved in the automobile dealership business but he also active in food, media, beverage, agriculture and also in entertainment. Jim Pattison estimated net worth is US $ 7.5 billion and ranked at third in the list of top 10 richest people of Canada.

4. James Irving

James Irving is the Canadian famous businessman and the eldest son of the famous Canadian industrialist KC Irving. He is ranked at 4th in the top richest persons of Canada with an estimated net worth of US $ 6.5 billion. James Irving is the owner of J.D. Irving conglomerate with more than two dozen companies in retail, frozen foods, transportation, shipbuilding and many more. He is the one of Canadian largest landlord with approximately 260,000 acres in New Brunswick.

5. Joseph Tsai

Joseph Tsai is the member of the founding team of Alibaba group and since that he has served as the vice executive chairman of the company since 2013. He also previously served as the chief financial officer of the company. Before that he worked in the Hong Kong with Investor AB which is the major investment circle of Sweden’s Wallenberg family, where he was appointed for the Asian private equity and investments. He also worked for management buyout firm and, prior to that, he is an associate attorney in New York. He holds the undergraduate and law degrees from Yale. Joseph Tsai estimated net worth is US $ 5.9 billion and he is ranked at 5th place in the top 10 richest persons of Canada.

6. Loretta Robinson

Loretta Robinson is the wife of Ted Rogers and after his death Loretta Robinson and her 4 children’s becomes the inherited millionaire by holding the large stake in Rogers Communications which is one of the biggest Canadian media and Telecom Company. The company is established by Ted in 1960 which provides the services of cable television, wireless service, and telephone and also the internet service to the millions of customers in all over Canada. Loretta Robinson estimated net worth is US $ 5.8 billion and she is the first richest women of Canada and 6th all over the richest Canadian person.

7. Arthur Irving

Arthur Irving is the owner of the Irving Oil which is currently operated and controls the 900 gas stations in all over Canada and also in the north eastern United States. He is also the owner of the Canadian largest oil refinery. His brother James Irving is also a billionaire and ranked at 4th place in the same list. The family is reported that the assets are divided after the death of K.C in 1992. Arthur Irving estimated net worth is US $ 5.5 billion and ranked at 7th place in the list of top 10 richest people of Canada.

8. Garret Camp

Garrett Camp is the Canadian entrepreneur and also the chairman and the founder of Uber Company which is operated in more than 58 countries in all over 300 cities and provides the car services that is available via a mobile application. The company has reported the value of US $ 51 billion in July 2015. Uber is competing with the taxis in all over the world and pouring the US $ 1 billion in India and China to tries to unset the local strong player by using heave subsidies. Garret Camp estimated net worth is US $ 5.3 billion and ranked at 8th place in the richest Canadian persons.

9. Emanuele Saputo

Emanuele Saputo is the chairman of the Saputo family’s worldwide dairy business, which makes the revenue of more than US $7.4 billion per year by selling the cheese and other milk products in almost 40 countries. Saputo’s father Mr. Giuseppe has founded the Saputo Inc. in 1954 after the emigration from Sicily to Canada. Emanuele made expansion in business through acquisitions and took it publically limited in 1997. His son Lino Jr. is becomes the president and CEO of the Saputo Inc in 2004. Emanuele Saputo estimated net worth is US $ 4.8 billion and he is ranked at second last in the list of top 10 richest persons of Canada.

10. Mark Scheinberg

Mark Scheinberg with his father Mr. Isai established the PokerStars which is become the world’s leading online poker company. It was founded in 2001 and the company first starts its operation in Costa Rica. PokerStars which is also owned the Full Tilt Poker but it was sold for US $4.9 billion in August to “Amaya” which is the publicly limited Montreal Company. Mark Scheinberg estimated net worth is US $ 4.1 billion and he is ranked at 10th place in the list of top 10 richest persons of Canada.


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