1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the all time richest person not only in America but in all over the world for many years. He is the richest person in the all states of USA with total net worth of US $ 79.5 billion. He is the well known entrepreneur and the founder of the world’s largest personal computer software company. He is the 6th powerful person of the world and also the # 1 richest in tech. He is the wealthiest person from 1995 to 2015 just excluding the two years where the financial crisis in all over the world. Bill Gates assets rise by US $15 billion in the last two years and currently he is the richest person in the world.

2. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet has become second richest person in the USA and its all states with total net worth of US $ 61.6 billion. He is the American business tycoon, humanitarian and a potential investor. Warren is the Chief Executive Officer and also a chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway with holding a largest portion of the company’s shares. He is also become the world richest person of the world in 2008 when an economic recession in all over the word but its total wealth rise above during the crises. He is the 13th powerful person and currently the # 3 richest people in all over the world and one of the most influential men ranked by the Times in 2012.

3. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is the American businessman, philanthropist and also an internet entrepreneur. He is the 3rd richest person in the United States and the 2nd richest in the tech after the Bill Gates. Larry Ellison total net worth is US $ 45.8 billion and he becomes the 5th wealthiest person of the world. He is the Chairman and also serving as CTO in Oracle Corporation. He is also a generous donor and donating the 1 percent of his wealth to running a charitable program.

4.  Jeff Bezos

 Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder and owner of the Amazon.com which is become a superb idea to sell online merchants such as books and extensive other products. Amazon.com is become the biggest and leading retailer website in all over the world. Jeff Bezos is serving as the CEO of the online retailer company and his total net worth is US $ 58.2 billion. He is the fourth riches person in the USA and it’s all stated and third richest in the tech.

 5. Charles Koch

Charles Koch

Charles Koch is the 5th richest person in the United States with total asset of net worth is US $ 42.3 billion. He is the owner of the Koch Industries and also serving as the CEO and chairman of the company. Koch Industries has generating the more revenue and become the 2nd largest privately owned company in the Unites States. According to the Hurun report Charles Koch is become the 9th richest person in all over the world.

6. David Koch

David Koch

David Koch is the brother of Charles Koch and equally partner in the family business of Koch Industries which is the largest privately owned company in the USA. David Koch total net worth is equal to his brother David Koch and total net worth is US $ 41 billion. He is also a chemical engineer and running the subsidiary of Koch Engineering and become the president of the technological chemical business. He is also a well goodhearted person and donated US $ 1.2 billion of his personal wealth.

7. Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg is the most influential entrepreneur and a computer programmer and also a generous donor. He is the founder, owner, chairman and also the CEO of the leading social website Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg total net worth is US $ 46 billion and become the 7th riches person in the United States and the 4th richest person in tech. He is also a great philanthropist and donating the 99% shares of Facebook which current worth is US $ 45 million after the birth of his daughter. He is the first richest entrepreneur who is less than 40 years of age and the 19th powerful people in the world.

8. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is the current Mayor of the New York and serving his job for 15 years since 2001 and holding the Mayor office. Michael Bloomberg total current worth is US $ 40 billion and the 8th richest person in the all States of America. He is the owner and founder of the Bloomberg News which is global media company and providing the financial data and analysis of the economy of the world. Bloomberg is the securities brokerage company and he is the chairman of the trustees’ board of Bloomberg.

9. Jim Walton

Jim Walton

Jim Walton is become at 9th place in the riches person of United States with total net worth of US $ 33.7 billion. He is the son of Sam Walton who established the Wal-Mart which is the largest retailer store in the USA and all over the world. Jim Walton is currently the member of finance committees and part of the strategic planner and also the Director of the Wal-Mart. He is become the CEO of the Arvest Bank which is also family owned business and the chairperson of the community publisher newspaper.

10. Larry Page

Larry Page

Larry Page is the Internet entrepreneur and the computer scientist and co founder of the Google Inc. Larry Page total net worth is us $ 33.3 and the last person in the top 10 United States riches person. Larry Page has invented the PageRank which is best search ranking that shows thousands of searching result on the Google page. He is the member of the board of X Prize and was nominated for the National Academy in 2004. Larry Page also wins the Marconi Prize in 2004.


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