1. Axel Oberwelland

Axel Oberwelland is the richest celebrity of Germany. He is the current CEO of the home brand russet manufacturer organization and also holding the stakes in the Alid which is the largest retailer store in Germany and owned by the Karl Albrecht who is also the German billionaire. In 2011 the economic magazine has published the company estimated net worth is US $ 2.1 billion or 1.6 billion Euros which is the same earning that was in the previous year and half of the company’s earnings were generated outside the country. Axel net worth has grown up by the US $ 1.1 billion and it was the result of the rise in the market value of the candy products. Axel Oberwelland estimated net worth is US $ 36 million and he is ranked first in the list of top 10 richest celebrities of Germany.

2. Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is the richest German celebrity, actress and the former fashion model. Diane starts her professional career as a model and becomes the most prestigious model for advertisements. She is becomes famous for her role as the Helen in the movie “Troy”, and also has many other appearances in National Treasure, The Host, Mr. Nobody and in the most thriller movie “Unknown”. Diane Kruger estimated net worth is US $ 24 million and she is become the second richest celebrity of Germany.

3. Heike Makatsch


Heike Makatsch is the top notch and wonderful German celebrity. Heike Makatsch is the daughter of the German ice hockey player Rainer Makatsch. She starts her career with the musical channel VIVA as hosting the musical show and she is become really famous for her performance in the movies such as “Love Actually”, “The Book Thief” and in the “Resident Alive”. She also hosts her own weekly late night TV show which is titled as the name of Heike Makatsch Show. Heike Makatsch estimated net worth is US $ 22 million and she is ranked 3rd in the list of top 10 richest celebrities of Germany.

4. Mike Nichols


Mike Nichols is the Germany famous stage and television personality and he is also a writer and film director. Mike Nichols estimated net worth is US $ 20 million and appears in the richest celebrities of Germany. As a director, writer and producer he receives many noteworthy awards since he is entered in to the industry. He starts with the stage drama “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and then “The Graduate” which is directed by him and receives the Academy Award for the best direction.

5. Franka Potente


Franka Potente is the famous and richest German singer and actress. She was first featured in the in the comedian movie the “After the Five in the Forest Primeval” and won the Bavarian Film Award for being the best debuted youngest actress. She becomes really famous when she was featured in the commended action thriller “Run Lola Run” movie and receives the Germany’s most admired television and film award. Franka Potente estimated net worth is US $ 18 million and she is becomes the 5th richest celebrity of Germany.

6. Stefan Holtzbrinck


Stefan Holtzbrinck is the richest German celebrity and the billionaire entrepreneur. During his professional career he served as the most prominent positions of the different worldwide empires. He is the chairman of the publish house since 2001 and also served as the assistant manager of the Kirch group. He is also serves as the MD of the Nature Publisher, Systhema Publisher. Stefan Holtzbrinck estimated net worth is US $ 10.5 billion and ranked sixth in the list of top 10 richest celebrities.

7. Richard Rawlings


Richard Rawlings is the Discovery channel star and famous for his most hit show the “Fast N Loud”. Richard holds several jobs before moved to his own business; he was the police officer, fire fighter and also a paramedical before turned into 21 years of age. He created the printed and marketing firm and then he sold it to start his new enterprise of automobiles Monkey Garage which manufacturer the automobile parts and sent to individuals across the world. Richard Rawlings estimated net worth is US $ 10 million and he is the seventh richest German celebrity.

8. Roudolf Schenker


Roudolf Schenker is the richest German musician and founded the popularity when he established his hard rock musical band Scorpions when he was just 17 years old in 1965. He plays the rhythm guitar and currently he is the songwriter of his band. He is also the most consistent member of the band and visible in the in each performance and recording. As working as musician and song writer for more than forty years for his band his estimated net worth is US $ 8 million and he is the leading richest musician in the industry.

9. Katharina Schuttler


Katharina Schuttler is the award winning German film and television actress and also the richest celebrity. She is worldwide famous and knowing for her role as the Clara Rosenbaum in the film “The Promise” and Greta Muller in the TV drama “Generation War”. The actress receives many awards for her brilliant performances in the movies and dramas like the “Carlos”, Simon and in the Oaks. Katharine Schuttler estimated net worth is US $ 3 million and she is ranked second last in the top 10 richest celebrities of Germany.

10. Henning Baum


Henning Baum is the richest German television and film actor. He is famous for his role in the Brisgau television serial “Der latzte Bulle” as the Michael Mick. He also receives the best actor award for the Deutscher Fernshpreis serial which was also include in the best nominees series of the year. Henning Baum estimated net worth is US $ 2.80 million and he is the last richest celebrity of German and ranked at 10th place in the list of top 10 richest celebrities of Germany.


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