1. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is the richest celebrity of China since 2006 and ranked top on the list of Chinese Forbes 100 list for last ten years. Fan Bingbing is the actress, pop singer and famous Chinese actress and has total net worth is 128 million Yuan. Fan is very much famous in the East Asia with her super hit television series “My Princess”. She is also starred in the movie “Cell Phone” which is the highest grossing movie of the year and receives the award of “Hundred Flowers”. Fan Bingbing has also received many awards which include the most admirable Chinese award Huading Award for her brilliant acting and performances in different movies.

2. Jay Chou

Jay Chou
Jay Chou is an actor, director, singer and also a producer of Chinese film industry. Jay Chou has recorded his first album with the Alfa music company which was released in 2000 with a title of “Jay” and has gained success throughout Asia mostly in Mainland China and Taiwan. He has release and sold almost 30 million albums and gets some numerous awards. Jay Chou is also printed on the front page of Time Magazine which is printed in Asian version. Jay Chou total net worth is 101.5 million Yuan.

3. Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse
Nicholas Tse is the Chinese singer, actor, musician and also an entrepreneur. In 1996, he entered as a singer in the entertainment industry. He appeared in his first movie “The Prequel” in 1998 and he wins the Film Award of Hong Kong for his acting in the category of new best performer. Nicholas is the highest and most expensive actor and has total net worth of 77.5 million Yuan.

4. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is the famous actor and a stuntman and he is also a film producer and actor. He is famous of his gymnastic fighting style, use of unprepared weapons, comic timing and some innovative and amazing stunts. He is appeared in more than 150 movies and has long acting career since 1960. Jackie Chan is also including in the fame of Avenue stars of Hong Kong and the walk of Fame in Hollywood. His name is also been used as a references in the various video games, cartoons and pop songs. He is also a vocalist and release many albums and sung theme songs for many film and include in the Mandopop and Cantopop star list. Jackie Chan total net worth is 96 million Yuan.

5. Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming
Huang Xiaoming is the Chinese singer, model and an actor who receives the “Talent Scheme” in 2009 from Hong Kong. He is best known for his acting role as a Yang Guo on television. He is getting famed for his television series and reached at No.1 spot in the Hong Kong. In 2007 he just focus on the filming career and starred in different movies like The Message, The Sniper and IP Man. Huang Xiaoming total net worth is 79 million Yuan.

6. Sun Li

Sun Li
Sun Li is considering as the China’s Queen on the television screen. She is an actress and first entered in showbiz by participating in Star Search 2001 Show. She ends as runner-up in the show but earned so much praise of Andy Lay who is a judge in that show. In 2003 she is selected by the TV producer and author for a leading female role in TV drama the “Goddess of Mercy” and become the talented young actresses. Sun Li is the 6th riches celebrity of China and the 2nd female richest celebrity with total net worth is 67 million Yuan.

7. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei is the Chinese singer, actress and also a film director. She is also been considered for the “Four Dan and Youngest Actresses” in all across China. Zhoa is become the superstar of Asia for starring as Little Swallow in the television series My Fair Princess and winning the award of “Golden Eagle”. She is also starred in some box office famous hits that include the Red Cliff, Painted Skin, and Shaolin Soccer. The famous actress total net worth is 52 million Yuan and the 7th richest celebrity of China.

8. Andy Lau

Andy Lau
Andy Lau is the TV presenter, singer, actor and also a famous film producer of China. He is also include in the in the list of Cantopop Hong Kong. He is appeared in 160 movies and becomes the commercially successful actor and also maintaining a flourishing singing career. He is been consider as the branded media man and incluse in the Four Cantopop Heavenly Kings and also be come into the Guinness Book of World Record for winning the most awards as a best male artist of Cantopop. Andy Lau has total net worth is 70 million Yuan.

9. Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng
Li Yifeng is the most favorite and famous Chinese singer and actor. He is become famous for his brilliant performance in the very popular television show “My Hero”. For his successful singing career and modeling job he gets popularity and ha has thousands of fans in all across China. He receives the awards of best “Newcomer” when he is entered the Chinese film industry in 2011. He also has most successful commercial actor and achieved highest recognition on the box office. Li ranked ninth of the richest celebrities Chinese list with total net worth is 69 million Yuan.

10. Eason Chan

Eason Chan
Eason Chan is the most prominent and best male singer in the music industry of China. He also receives the praise from the “Time Magazine” and recognizing him as the front runner in the Cantopop for the next generation. Chan is the winner of the “Golden Melody Award” for multiple times and also wins the “Best Mandarin” singer of the year award. Eason Chan is the 10th riches celebrity of China with total net worth is 86 million Yuan.


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