1. Greg Norman

Greg Norman
The Great White Shark doesn’t roll the clubs too much anymore, but his destiny jumped from $254 million to $377 million in the last year, according to Business Review Weekend, although much of this raise can be qualified to the downgrading of the Australian dollar. Norman’s major interests are in the golf course designing and development, but he has also a turf company, a beef company, a wine business, a restaurant and also the clothing line. Greg Norman estimated net worth is US $ 377 million and he is the richest celebrity of Australia and ranked first on the top 10 richest celebrities of Australia.

2. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman has derived most of his wealth from her enormous divorce arrangement from Tom Cruise and the couple has break up in 2001. According to Business Review Weekend the actresses’ wealth increased US $49 million in the last year. Kidman also has the widespread property portfolio, with holdings in the US and Australia. She is also the highest paid actress in the film industry and she is sure that her wealth will also increase gradually in each year. Nicole Kidman estimated net worth is US $ 338 million and she is the 2nd richest celebrity in the Australia.

3. Huge Jackman

Huge Jackman
Huge Jackman is the Australian famous and hottest actor has raised his wealth from the worn path from his star movies by starting his own production house and establishes the Seed Productions. Under his production the first major movies was the Deception, in which he also starred and it’s become successful at took more than US $17 million on the box office with just the reported budget of US $20 million. Huge Jackman estimated net worth is UD $ 100 million and he is the third richest celebrities of Australia.

4. George Lazenby

George Lazenby
George Lazenby is the famous Australian model and actor who has estimated net worth of US $100 million and ranked 4the with the Huge Jackman who ranked third in the same list. The actor has first starred in the Majesty’s Secret movies as James Bond in 1969. He again starred in the James Bond serial movie “diamonds are forever” in 1971. The famous actor also been casted in other movies such as, Fatally Yours, Master Ninja II and also in the Kentucky Fried. Beyond that, his career never really took off. George Lazenby is also the real estate business and has made huge investments in the business.

5. Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue is the Australian pop musical queen and has an empire that built on the three beautiful key cities of world that include the Paris, Melbourne and London. She also has various show and some live performances in Australia and Britain and she also has a tour in the USA. She is also the owner and head of the website where you can buy everything from bed linen products to cushions and curtains to candles, jewellery products and children’s books. Kylie Minogue estimated net worth is US $ 75 million and she is the 5th richest celebrity of Australia.

6. Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson is not confirming the volume of her empire in the current interview with Business Review Weekend, but the magazine has puts her wealth with the net worth of US $60 million. The bulk of her wealth comes from the equity stake in the brand of Bendon lingerie. She also deals in the business of cosmetics and is the ambassador for famous product Revlon. Elle also has made some flop business moves that including the investment in the Fashion chain cafe of restaurants and a spell on the board of top wear company of Hot Tuna.

7. Barry & Robin Gibbs

Barry & Robin Gibbs
Barry and Robin Gibbs are the two surviving brothers and have the musical band “Bess Gess” that was formed behind in 1958. Their musical band has become the most successful pop band in the history and they achieved the record estimated sale of 200 million albums. The Gibbs brothers estimated net worth is US $ 45 million and they ranked at 7th place in the list of top 10 richest celebrities of Australia.

8. Geoffrey Rush

 Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush is the globally famous Australian actor and producer and been recognized by internationally and receives the global awards. The prominent celebrity Geoffrey Rush estimated net worth is US $40 million and ranked 8th on the list. The actor has also receives many awards that includes academy award, Tony award an Emmy Award, 2 golden globes award, 3 BAFTAs awards, and also has 3 SAG Awards in his name. He is an incredibly successful performer and busy actor and appeared in movie like the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Shine”, and in “The King’s Speech”.

9. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is the Australian model and actor. He is famous for his role of “Kim Hyde” in the famous Aussies TV show the “Home and Away” and also in the movie serial “Thor” and “The Avengers” which become hit on the box office. Chris Hemsworth is also the greatest football fan and philanthropist and involved in the charitable activities. Chris Hemsworth estimated net worth is US $ 40 million and he is the ranked 9th with the actor Geoffrey Rush and the second last richest celebrity of Australia.

10. Simon Baker

Simon Baker
Simon Baker is the Australian famous actor and film director and also a musician. He is the last richest celebrity in the list and ranked 10th with the estimated net worth is US $ 25 million. He is get fames when he was starred in the TV serial “The Mentalist” as the Patrick Jane and in the “The Guardian” as a Nicholas on the CBS television of Australia which is directed by him. He is also include in the cast of The Ring Two which is the Japanese horror movie and become the highest grossing movie and hit top on the box office. Simon Baker is also receiving the Honor of the Walk of Fame from the Hollywood for his contribution and succession in the entertainment industry.


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