1. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has become the richest celebrity of America. He is an actor, producer and also a comedian and TV presenter. He has created many television programs and records his voice for various movies and cartoons. He is famous for his semi fictional description in the Seinfeld which he writes and created with the Larry David. He is also a co-writer and producer of the animated film “Bee Movie” which was release in 2007. Jerry Seinfeld is the richest American celebrity and has estimated net worth is US $800.

2. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the second richest American celebrity with total net worth of US $ 450 million. He is also a filmmaker and has a successful career throughout his acting career. His first appearance on the screen is in his first movie “Endless Love” when he was 19 years old. Cruise is been voted for 3 academy awards and he also win the 3 golden globe awards for his famous role and brilliant acting as an agent in the Mission Impossible series.

3. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is the American richest celebrity with the total net worth of US $400 million. He is also a successful writer and a producer and produced various stage dramas and plays in 1990s. Forbes places his name first for the highest pain entertainer man in the world and earned almost US $130 million in 2011. Perry is also producing the numerous television shows and “The House of Payne” form the Tyler Perry is the most famous and watchable show at that time. He also wrote the multiple scripts of series for many networks and the most successful was “The Haves” which gets the highest rating.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johhny Depp is the highest earning American celebrity of 2015 with the approximately income of US $20 million per film. He is rich, popular and a highly praised voice actor, director, screenwriter and also the successful businessman. He has some brilliant acting skills and with his unique facial expression made him an idol teen in the Hollywood. He start his career from the television serial Twenty One Jump Street and get prominent. Johnny Depp is also been featured in many successful movies and TV series especially the “Pirates of the Caribbean” which was the most successful project over the years. Johnny Depp total net worth is US $ 400 million because his movies generating over US $3.1 billion in the box office of America and earn US $7.6 billion worldwide.

5. Adam Sandlar

Adam Sandlar

Adam Sandlar is the most prominent and reputable musician, producer, screenwriter and also an entrepreneur with an estimated earnings of US $20 million per movie. Adam Sandlar total current worth is US $ 300 million that makes him the 5th riches celebrity in the Unites States. He is famous for his skillful acting and has been featured for several comedian movies and most of his movies grossing between 100 to 150 million dollars in domestic and as well as the worldwide box office. He also appeared and acting in the televisions sitcoms and enchanting the television dramas.

6. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is the most popular and famous American actress and one of the richest celebrity of the America. He is married to one of the eminent, successful and the hottest celebrity of the Hollywood and best actresses Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt starts his career from the hitchhiker cowboy movie which title was “Thelma & Louise”. One of his most successful movies with title “Seven” which was released in 1995 that grossing over the US $ 327 million in all over the world. Brad Pitt along with his wife Angelina Jolie has been nominated for several awards and also has total net worth is US $ 240 million which made him the 6th riches celebrity overall.

7. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is the most alleged and famous actor and including the list of richest celebrity of America. He is become famous for his appearance in the most romantic thriller movie Titanic which was released in 1997 and one of the most successful movie theaters in the box office. Leonardo has some attracted serious praise on set and also on the television screen and become the grown influential actor in the Hollywood. Many of his movies that grossed over the US $ 100 million on the global box office that include The Aviator, The Departed and many more.  Leonardo Dicaprio is also been nominated for several awards for his precious acting skills and has total net worth is US $220 million and becomes the seventh spot on the richest celebrity.

8. Will Smith


Will Smith is the award winner actor and attractive Hollywood celebrity and has enjoyed the viable success in his overall acting career. He is also a songwriter, producer and a rapper and become famous for his performance as a rapper in the well-known television series “Fresh Prince”. Since then he is shifted from television screen to film industry and become the most successful actor with 8 victorious movies that grossing over more than US $ 150 million in the box office. Will Smith total net worth is US $220 million and the 8th richest celebrity along with Leonardo Dicaprio.

9. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is the only female celebrity that include in the list of top 20 richest celebrities of America with the total net worth of US $ 170 million. Julia is very famous and eminent actress of America and also a film and television producer. She earned most of his income from the acting and produces many headlined romantic comedies and television dramas that grossing very high and approximately receives US $ 464 million worldwide. She is also the most expensive and highest paid actress in the Hollywood.

10. Robert Downey

 Robert Downey

Robert Downey is the most stunning and famous actor and singer of America. He is the 10th richest celebrity of America with the total net worth of US $170 million along with the Julia Roberts. He starts acting from the very young age and featured in a high ranked movie “Pound” when he was only 5 years old. He enjoys the successful acting career throughout his life and featured in many Hollywood blockbuster movies.


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