Jewelry is loved by every woman who is fond of styling and women become incomplete if they are not wearing jewels. Jewelry includes a lot of things and one of them is the most expensive necklace. The jewelry also includes bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces.

These jewels are available in the market which are made of the diamonds and are very expensive and precious. It increases the beauty and is considered an elegant beauty due to its rare availability. There are many pieces which are the most expensive necklace and value so much to the friends and to other people as well.

Some of the most expensive necklace is listed as follows

10) The Marie Antoinette Necklace


$ 3.7 Million

The Marie Antoinette necklace is the French Queen who has the lifestyle in its very own luxurious way and it lavishes the living style. It has diamonds in yellow color and has too much value in it. The weight of the diamond is about 0.85 carats and the size is focused overall on it which makes it the increased valuable diamond. They are also covered with the other colored diamonds. It costs $ 3.7 Million.

9) Christie’s Diamond Pendant


$ 4.8 Million

The diamond pendant of Christie’s was the one which was sold at $ 4.8 Million and it weighs about 47.49 carats. It looks luxurious and rich. The chain looks simple and all the diamonds in round shape were installed in it and it is composed of the white gold. This is the most expensive necklace with diamond pendant.

8) The Red Scarlet


$ 5.1 Million

This red scarlet is the famous designer jewelry which is known as the James W. Currens and they sell it at a very high price which is about $ 5.1 Million. It is sold in 2012 at an auction and they increase the rubies with 26 pigeons. They weigh much and look beautiful in pear shape. The set of stones are finished with the platinum and white gold. The roses are designed with colors and every person loves them for its colors.

7) The Mrs. Winston

The Mrs. Winston


$ 5.8 Million

Mrs. Winston is the necklace which looks beautiful and is famous and called as the Jessica Alba in the awards of Golden Globes. It came up with the weight of 187.5 carats and contains diamonds which are available in very limited quantity. These diamonds have been weighed about diamonds which adds bottom perfection and weight much. The necklace costs about $ 5.8 Million.

6) Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace


$ 6.4 Million

This is the necklace which has got many precious diamonds and it includes among the most expensive necklace which has been sold at a very high rate in the auction and they are available everywhere in the world. The pearls increase the rubies, oval diamonds and white pearls. The necklace costs about $ 6.4 Million. It weighs about 87.78 carats.

5) Christie’s Diamond Necklace

 Christie’s Diamond Necklace


different prices

Christie’s diamond necklace is increased in its beauty with the rounded diamonds in 52 numbers. It weighs about 104.84 carats and it looks beautiful and elegant as well. The price and quality look according to the necklace. It looks rich and amazing in its own way. The auction is big and has been sold at different prices.

4) Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant


$ 10 Million

This is the most expensive necklace which has a total weight of 77.12 carats and has yellow diamonds and the white diamonds have its strings. The necklace is the tycoon of Israeli diamond and the value of this necklace is $ 10 Million and looks very rare with stones. The diamonds are beautiful and rare.

3) The Heart of the Kingdom

The Heart of the Kingdom


different prices

The necklace shows to be the most special and precious gift to give someone else and has got very high prices which includes its weight which is about 40. 63 carats and also it is composed of the Gerrard and the jewelry is made of the company which is in this world. 150 diamonds are made with it and they become expensive in this way.

2) The Heart of the Ocean

The Heart of the Ocean


different prices

Heart of the Ocean is the necklace of diamond which is famous in this whole world. It is famous in the romantic movies and it shows the rich class of the people and it also shows the popularity. It is known to be the most expensive necklace which is featured with the blue diamonds. It is available in the Academy Awards in 1998. It is the perfect and beautiful one.

1) L’ Incomparable Diamond Necklace

L’ Incomparable Diamond Necklace


different prices

The necklace is diamond and is made of the records which feature the price. This is the most expensive necklace which weights 407.48 carats and it was worn by a girl in Congo and was declared as the most precious necklace. This is available in many items of jewelry. It finishes the dealers and traders of the items of jewelry.


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