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Nails are the most important in the empire of Roman and the evidence is the fact which exists with the cosmetics to show the clear meaning of the embellishment and adornment. They show prestige to all the items which are joined together with the trends in nail polish. A new meaning is given to the glamour and glitz with the most expensive nail polish.

Nail polish is always important for the products of cosmetics. It is the famous one which is helpful for the young generation and enhances the trends in the industry of fashion. Hands and nails are made beautiful and attractive which increases its demand with the passage of time. Information is completely given with the most expensive nail polish brand.

Different colors of nail polish are used for the color industry of dress and these nail polishes are available with the manicure of French waterproof and the designs are made for the ladies to look beautiful for the brands of cosmetics and also the luxury ones.

Here we take a look to the most expensive nail polish brands as listed below

10) Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen

Price: $ 5 to $ 15

Sally Hansen is a brand which is reputable due to the formula which is very unique in the use of products. This brand is first known for the protection of nails. It gives an attractive look and also it designs the kit at home. It requires dry nail polish which becomes available quickly for the nourishment. These nail polishes worth much and makes it an extra ordinary brand. The art of nails make designs differently over the nails to make them look beautiful.

9) CND


Price: $ 6 to $ 15

CND is a brand which is used in a professional way. Colors are used in varieties which are available everywhere and they are popular for the nails of fingers. CND is a nail polish which remains on the nails for the latest technology and is used in the nail polishes. The people who are professionals use these types of nail colors for the treatment of beauty and nail. Hands can be made attractive without making them damage for the most expensive nail polishes.

8) L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris

Price: $ 3 to $ 20

L’Oréal Paris is a brand of cosmetic which is best and an excellent quality. It has a wide range of polishes of fingernail color. The brand o nail polish shines best and also it looks elegant as well. Different colors are enjoyed by the affordable and same brand prices. The color of nails remains durable for a certain period of time. The quality remains best for the nail color.



Price: $ 20

NARS is a brand of cosmetics which is popular in the whole world. Nail polishes and lipsticks are the famous product of cosmetic of NARS. Products are liked by the people because of their quality. NARS give a stylish look to the hands with these fingernails. The chemicals are used in every fingernail which makes it natural and also gives an attractive look to the nails. The most expensive nail polish shines and the brush shows the price for this same color of nail polish.

6) RGB


Price: $ 12 to $ 32

RGB is an outstanding brand of cosmetic which is popular for the products which are free from the materials which are harmful for you. The amazing thing about its nail color is its look which is durable. Every color of this nail polish can be found by choosing the colors according to the choice. Shades become successful for the golden and black nail polish. RGB price ranges from $ 12 to $ 32. Nail removal pads are also offered to the nails which charges extra for the nail polish.

5) Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown

Price: $ 15 to $ 35

Bobby Brown is a brand of cosmetics which is popular for the nail polishes. The most expensive nail polish of Bobby Brown are made in different colors. This type of brand looks glowing and attractive for the nails. Bobby Brown nail polish gives an extra quality to the colors which remain durable throughout. They become dry easily and quickly. Nail color becomes smooth and attractive with this texture. The colors thata re introduced in the brands are orange, green and peach.

4) Revlon


Price: $ 3 to $ 25

Revlon is a popular brand of cosmetics which is useful for the products of personal care. This name is limited for customers and they offer the polishes of fingernails with many other shades. Revlon prices become affordable for the nails which name it like strength enamel and sun candy. Every shade looks like much of the people and the brush becomes an excellent cover for the smooth nails. Nail polishes of Revlon are available in the market at different prices.

3) Essie


Price: $ 3 to $ 35

Essie is a brand which is popular in the whole world. The color of nail polish becomes elegant and stylish with the nail polish brands. The color becomes stylish and natural with its smooth look. This look can only be given by the most expensive nail polish as it has extra attractive look.

2) China Glaze

China Glaze

Price: $ 3 to $ 35

China Glaze is a professional brand which looks amazing especially with the polishes of fingernails. The nail polishes give beautiful and smooth texture shades. New colors like neon are introduced in the fashion. Newspapers and magazines are advertised with new colors. China glaze has glitters in it and also they are available without glitter as well.

1) OSI


Price: $ 4 to $ 40

OSI is the most expensive nail polish and also the best brand. It is also an abbreviation of product of Odontorium Inc.  It is famous because of its colors and it is used most because of its texture and smoothness. The price of this nail polish is different and it increases their beauty.


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