While picking up meat or fruit from the store of grocery and thinking of it to be the most costly or ounce or pound. The filling of car can be felt with the gas which costs too much and it rips of the most expensive metal on earth. Few things come in list to surprise you or to make things less expensive. Some elements are never seen before this.

The list of natural elements is jumped over for centuries to get over the outer space to get into it. Some elements are purchased to get a great deal from the pawn shop locally. Fine jewelry is got from substances which are good and can be used in the nuclear weapons seem to be the most expensive metal and the natural elements.

Some of the most expensive metal are listed as follows

10) Platinum


Net worth

$ 48.00 / Gram

Two things are for people who think of the albums of platinum and also other jewels. The albums are sold and there are about one million copies of it. Platinum is considered to be gone with a record which is made of the metal to be given to the artist and platinum jewelry is worn by many people who have high amount of gold. Some other records of platinum are fancied or binged with the fingers of people. They are used in science and also they are found for the cancer treatment. With the passage of time, doctors start to find platinum to drive up the prices. Vitamins have at the platinum dose for the version of gummy.

9) Rhino Horn

Rhino Horn

Net worth

$ 55. 00 / Gram

Rhino horn is the expensive one and in massive production for the animals who are in the list to be rare. The rhinos are rare at the very first place and it is due to the horns killing which is a malicious cycle. It is an agent in healing process to fight with the disease of myriad which also includes cancer. It does not prove to be the rhinos which kill at high rates for the horns and they cost about $ 25, 000 for the rhinos and they are very much high. The demand increases with the horns and they start killing people for the value of gram and the prices are dropped with it to keep them alive. It is among the most expensive metal in the world.

8) Crème de la Mer

Crème de la Mer

Net worth

$ 70.00 / Gram

This metal is developed by NASA which burns all the victims in recovering the pain and eases them. Genius thought of it to be a good idea of bottling it up with the middle aged women who still look young. Cream makes your skin glow and its bottle is quite expensive.

The kelp is fermented with the ingredients which are rubbed with the dead fish and makes the skin look young. By having healthy diet and eating and drinking good meal can be helpful in making you glow very much.

7) Plutonium


Net worth

$ 4, 000 / Gram

Nothing is going to be in your hands which contain plutonium and this is the substance which is important for the nuclear power and also it has space for the shuttles. Varieties of plutonium are radioactive elements and are used in the power plants of nuclear. It is among the most expensive metal in the world.

Plutonium has low grades and also it is active for about 80 years and sometimes more than that. It has plutonium which can last for min 80 million years. This is the range of the price and has all the plutonium kinds. This name is suggested in the Pluto planet and the ex – planet depends on the aisle.

6) Taaffeite


Net worth

$ 12, 500 – $ 100, 000 / Gram

Taaffeite is the jewel which is never heard to be rich and these diamonds are very rare to be found and they are normally found in comparison to the rainy day of the Seattle. This jewel is normally found in Sri Lanka and this situates it in the areas of floodplain.

Platinum is found mostly with the medicinal world at any time. it has high price and is very rare as well. Gemstones are found with the whole Sri Lanka which does not count in its happening.

5) Tritium


Net worth

$ 30, 000 / Gram

This chance is a good one which is used in Tritium at every single day of life. Millions of the signs exist in illuminated lights and contains Tritium in United States. It is noticed each day. It obtains too many of the tritium for this.

Tritium is known to be an isotope of hydrogen and it has got properties of radioactive elements. It is going to become radioactive which is more expensive for the substances and chemicals. Tritium is seen on daily basis and is found in pure form. It is also the most expensive metal in the world.

4) Diamond


Net worth

$ 65, 000 / Gram

The diamonds are made in this list for generations and people like to wear diamond jewelry with their dresses. They have got the high quality diamonds which are found in African locations.

These types of diamonds are used for cutting and making jewelry. They are cut through the jewelry and metals cut it with the toughest surface which forms the Jaws of Life and diamond is used to pierce it off through the exterior of car in rescue of people.

3) Painite


Net worth

$ 1.5 million – $ 3 Million

Diamonds look rare and pretty which are found rarely on Earth. The fancy diamonds look good in the Painite color which has brown shade. Many other colors can be reflected through it. Price tag shows the Painite and purchase stones so early with its rarity.

This rock existed in 1950s and was discovered in Myanmar by doctor. This is the rarest form of jewelry which is not used for Painite.

2) Californium


Net worth

$27 Million

Californium is used in small doses and the use of metal is primary for the detector of metal. The best metal detector is used in the world is composed of the most expensive metal. This isotope reacts with silver and gold which also mines for the precious metals.

Gauges are used to find the water and oil in well. This jewel is fancy and is also very rare for the people to find out the reason in starting gold search at massive production. It is among the most expensive metal.

1) Antimatter


Net worth

$ Priceless

Antimatter is not collected and this is the reason it does not possess any price tag. NASA knows well about it and this is the trickiest part. It is believed that spaceships go a long way for this.

This is the most expensive metal in the whole world which has no fix price but it is so expensive that it cannot be tagged with its price.


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