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Musical instruments are loved by every person and they also prefer to spend some time alone for their hobbies and they include piano, drums and guitars in it. The music is popped up with the most famous person in this world and they want you to spend some time for the rock stars and they wish to take guitars for them. The most expensive guitars are loved by every person and they spend their most of the time in their hobby which is music and music is mostly liked by the teenagers and elders enjoy this with their children. The ones who are professional for their interest use the amplifiers and the guitarists are legendary for this influential and the electric ones. Some guitars are expensive and luxurious due to the guitarists who are legendary and conduct some auctions to sell at very high rates and lovers purchase it for them. The favorites are among them.

Some of the most expensive guitars are listed as follows

10) Brownie Strat, Eric Clapton

Brownie Strat, Eric Clapton

Cost: $ 450, 000

Guitar of “Lyla” is its official name and it has about 56 Strat with the Clapton in the Cream which was briefly described by the Dominoes and Derek which also resides in the Music Project of Paul Allen’s experience in Seattle, WA.

9) Gold Leaf Strat, Eric Clapton

Gold Leaf Strat, Eric Clapton

Cost: $ 455, 000

The guitar which is for the Clapton and this leaf Strat of gold was given to Clapton by the Mark Kendrick who was the master builder of Fender and it was done in 2001. It was hung in the museum which was used by EC and the tour of legends was in 97 to be again ridiculed by this tour and the most expensive guitar was available in this store for every instrument player.

8) Gibson SG, George Harrison & John Lennon

Gibson SG, George Harrison & John Lennon

Cost: $ 570, 000

Both the Beatles use this guitar and it was firstly used in 1969 and 1966 and also it made a special appearance in the White Album and in Revolver.

7) Fender Strat Stevie Ray Vaughan

Fender Strat Stevie Ray Vaughan

Cost: $ 623, 500

Strat Lenny was named as SRV for his wife and she bought a circa to composite the Strat in their birthday which took place in 1980 and died of the crash of a helicopter in 1990. The brother of Vaughan also helped in the donation of the guitar which was also auctioned at the Guitar center and sold off badly.

6) 1939 CF Martin, Eric Clapton


Cost: $ 791, 500

The most expensive guitars were experienced through resurgence and it was released after the ballad of acoustic “Tears in Heaven”. He has always performed as the set of all acoustic to be unplugged with MTV and this guitar was auctioned to raise more money for the rehabilitation center of Crossroads.

5) 1964 Gibson ES – 335, Eric Clapton


Cost: $ 847, 500

Clapton owned this guitar when he was in his time for the Yard birds, Cream, Blind Faith which was auctioned for the Christie and it also ranked at 3rd at that time in the sale of guitars.

4) Blackie Strat, Eric Clapton

Blackie Strat, Eric Clapton

Cost: $ 959, 000

Blackie was the iconic guitar of Clapton and as long as the story bought all these six Strats in the shop of guitar while being in Texas. Three were given away to Winwood, Townshend, and Harrison. They were parted with the building of Blackie with the guitar which was failed with the experience of next 15 years. The instrument was then sold in an auction for money to the center of Crossroads rehab.

3) Washburn, Bob Marley

Washburn, Bob Marley

Cost: $ 1.2 Million

Bob Marley has been famous in his own way with his guitars and the numbers are exactly the ones which are called to be the infamous instruments. They are the electric Washburn guitars which are made of the instruments to be made with the technology of Gary Carlsen. The guitar is classified with the government of Jamaican as the treasure of national assembly.

2) 1968 Fender Strat, Jimi Hendrix


Cost: $ 2, 000, 000

Explanation is not always needed for this guitar as it is among the most expensive guitars which have been shown with the examples of Paul Allen and the Star Spangled Banner which was housed for the Music Project Experience of Hendrix hometown and the Seattle.

1) Reach Out to Asia Strat

Reach Out to Asia Strat

Cost: $ 2, 700, 000

The tragedies always create some destructive issues with the Indian Ocean nations. The most expensive guitars include this as the most expensive one in the whole world. It costs too high and they see the members of the Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Ritchie Blackmore. This has been used by a lot of people and it is an expensive guitar.



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