The World’s most expensive foods are made perfect with the ingredients and also it is decorated with the white truffles and gold leaf. They are also expensive and are not affordable for anyone else.

Food is an expensive and important thing which is the need of every person. It is important for humans to live a life which is healthy and also it helps to do work as well.Many are the kinds of food which are used in many parts of the world and the most expensive food is available in many parts of the world which is also good for the human body. There are countries like India, China and Italy which make people fond of the food and want to eat the luxurious and best dishes.

The most expensive food is made perfect with the ingredients and also it is decorated with the white truffles and gold leaf. They are also expensive and are not affordable for anyone else.

The dishes are especially available with the champagne which is more expensive for the budget of the people in this world.

The most expensive food is listed as follows

10) Bluefin Otoro Sashimi


$ 25

Bluefin Otoro is the dish of Tokyo which is found in a large quantity and this fish is used for its best quality and this dish is sliced with marbles and this turns tuna fish in the production of nutrients for the people. The dish price estimates to about $ 25 and is served in Caviar. This dish is impressive for its look and its taste is very good to be included in the dishes which are luxurious on earth. It is popular for food lovers in the universe and they are found in the list of this food.

9) Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef


$ 350

There are two beefs which are in wagyu and this is also known to be Kobe. The beef is expensive and it is among all these which are obtained from the cattle of special type for the purpose rising of beef. Texture and flavor is tasty and different which are raised by the cattle to provide water and grass. The most expensive food is found on earth in all the restaurants and is being sold at different prices. The steak price is about $ 350.

8) Alba White Truffles


 7000 euro

Truffles are white and are the expensive ones which are used in the dishes which are luxurious and in the globe. Truffles are used normally in Italy and they are sold at very high prices like 7000 euro for a kg. The most expensive food item is in the universe which is considered to be the most important metal. Truffles are available in these flavors which are different and are served with the eggs that are scrambled and the smell looks ugly because of the people who are not willing to eat them.

7) Coffin Bay King Oysters


$ 100

Oyesters were from 19th century and they were considered as the food for the people who were poor and it changed with the passage of time and it became the luxurious and best item of food for them. These were the main items which were used in different varieties in Japan and also they are found in Australia. The oysters were priced as $ 100 and these were supplied in restaurants and hotels as well.

6) Wild Harvested Kopi Luwak

Wild Harvested Kopi Luwak


$ 3000

Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive food which is found in globe. Best experience is provided to the people who are on earth and the coffee beans are especially offered too many other areas in the world and are planted with the best taste of coffee in the world. Coffee is found in these areas which are positioned in Java, Samatra and Bali.

5) Birds Nest


$ 2,000

The nest of bird is a dish if china which is in the form of soup and is made of saliva and is served in three different colors including red, yellow and white and red is the most popular color in this. The nests are found in many farms which are beautiful and tastes like its texture and in affordable prices for the rich people who want to do normal things in life.

4) Saffron


$ 6.79

Saffron is a spice which is extremely important in usage of medicines and also it is good for the gold value and saffron finest form is from Iran which is sold with the dollars of thousands in single kilo. Filaments also come from this and it cultivates in three years for maximum. Bright gold color provides rich colors for the dishes which are used and turmeric heaps like it is considered as the spice world as gold.

3) Almas Caviar


$ 35,000

There is no dish in the world which is expensive without the usage of Caviar and it provides you with the beautiful and best taste of the dish and the most expensive food always give good is in light color and also the Caviar is available with the Almas and they are used for Diamond and this item of food is popular in this world which is used by the most expensive restaurant in the world.

2) Brown Lipped Abalone


$ 173,600

Brown Lipped Albone is the shellfish which is the most expensive one and is the dish of china and is gifted for the first time by the Emperor of Korea. Different species are used in the world Asia and food lovers love this. It is known to be the best seafood in this world and the taste of this shellfish is similar to sushi and sweet as well. Rich perfect texture is cooked which is also enhanced and the presentation of the dish appeals the food lovers.

1) Foie Gras



The most expensive food is Foie Gras and it is not afforded by every person. It texture is soft and smooth and taste is like Offal. Most of the people love this taste and pairs with the most luxurious wine and the taste if competed with it.


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