According to the reports, wife and Chris Rock were with the Campton Rock Malaak and they fitted for their divorce at the age 20 and these couples rejoined the Coldplay rank in the front man and they both were coupled under the Gwyneth Paltrow and they remained with each other for quite a long time and then got divorced. They had the most expensive divorce in the history.

It is the sum up of marriage that people make an agreement for the complicated relationships that all the circumstances may match the whole criteria and they may remain with the international laws and the break up may result in some large company of settlement of divorces but still celebrities have the most expensive divorces as they get a lot in their divorces.

The agreement becomes a prenuptial with the endeavor which becomes costly as well and the wealthiest people have the finalized statements for the net worth and their horizon. The split is public with the Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods. They went in public to split the figure and it was ranked less for it.

Some of the most expensive divorces are listed as follows

10) Kenny Rogers & Marianne


Married: 1977

Divorced: 1993

Kenny Rogers and Marianne got divorced with a value of $ 60 Million. They remained with the Choice Awards of People on 10th March, 1990 and they remained in Hollywood as well. They were a famous couple who got divorced with some legal issues.

9) Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva


Married: 1978

Divorced: 1994

Kevin and Cindy were together in a college and they were sweetheart till the 16 years of married life but then they got apart with a value of $ 80 Million. Actor Kevin Costner was with the Ronald Reagan and they were found at a conference or at some foundation especially for the children which could benefit them in it. Their marriage is considered to be the most expensive divorces up till now. The turnout was taken place in Betty Ford and Gerald Ford on 3rd Oct, 1992 and this elite celebrity attended this to be billed as the fundraiser of world’s largest sponsors in the world. They were brought to about $ 5 Million.

8) Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison

Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison

Married: 1983

Divorced: 2004

$ 85 Million were given to the royalties of future which were filmed on Star Wars films and these movies of Indiana Jones were the most famous in this at the White House at an official dinner and the prime minister of Britain is going to talk about it soon and they got separated legally with royalty. Their divorce took place on 5 Feb, 2004.

7) Madonna & Guy Richie


Madonna and Guy Richie got divorced with $ 92 Million and $ 76 Million approx. A sling was worn by her on the arrival of her husband with him. Guy Richie was the director of the film to interview with the magazine of French and they were published on 23rd Aug, 2006. It was said by Madonna that she was not so interested in Richie who was giving such annoying music to them. This divorce was among the most expensive divorces and they got separated due to these reasons.

6) Amy Irving & Steven Spielberg

Amy Irving & Steven Spielberg

Married: 1985

Divorced: 1989

Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg filled a divorce for both of them and they showed it on April 1988 which was not so created hype for it.

5) Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren


Married: 2004

Divorced: 2010

Tiger Woods and his wife were both in $ 100 Million which showed the pro – am in the At & T golf tournament in national way at the Country Club on 1st July, 2009. Hey both broke up at the country club.

4) Garth Brooks & Sandy Mahl


Married: 1986

Divorced: 2001

Garth Brooks is the country singer and also a sweetheart of college who decided to get divorce in 2001 and they were awarded with about $ 125 Million and they both were arrived at the Annual Music Awards of America who joined the music ceremony of Los Angeles and won the awards in it. They are also a couple who are famous among the most expensive divorces.

3) Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey


Married: 1969

Divorced: 1995

Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey got separated in 1995 and they spent a very long period of 25 years together and their fortune separated them and they had a daughter at a very young age and the premier of the Jazz Singer in the Century City which makes all the acting debut in the original remake of the movie in 1972. They have the most expensive divorces in the history as well.

2) Michael Jordan & Juanita Vanoy


Married: 1989

Divorced: 2006

Michael Jordan & Juanita got divorced and they remained with each other for a long period of time and they got the custody of the people who were in the announcement of the retirement and they separated after some time. They lived about 17 years of marriage and they were happy together but they had the most expensive divorces among all others.

1) Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore

Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore

Married: 1980

Divorced: 2001

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore have got their settlements of divorce in the history of Hollywood which was estimated as $ 425 Million. The arrival of Mel Gibson was the best and this was considered to be the most expensive divorces in the history which tuned up to be the best.


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