Last Update May 22, 2018

The best things in life are never free and it is the fact which is known by the whole world. If you want to have good parking area then you need to pay few dollars to get the last place and these zero dollars go a very long way. The app store of iPhone has got the most expensive app. The feeling of being fleeced is felt with the apps which are thousand in number and they are downloaded for free.

The statistics are very basic and there are about 2 million apps that are good and they outline the app store. Most expensive apps are a pleasure to view in the app store. The app of football flag is of cost about $ 1 K.

The top ten most expensive app are listed as follows

10) Clown Punching Game

Clown Punching Game

Price: $ 300

Game can be made of your own who will give you four game collections to an unremarkable success. This game is one of the most expensive apps which are liked by a lot of apple users. The apps of apple are authored by the unremarkable Globe of Water and this is highlighted by the Clown Bop and is asked to punch the eques clown and heads are scratched with it.

9) For Agronomy Paperwork

 For Agronomy Paperwork

Price: $ 300

Someone likes to know about everything and everyone and the paperwork which is being filled up by the case which is titled to be sent as agronomy to fill life with the crops of clients and they seem to have the pests which are annoying ones and the field inspection of email reports on this move and they come in contact with the suppliers of local crops and the important chemicals are ahead of it.

8) To Aid Those with Speech Conditions

To Aid Those with Speech Conditions

Price: $ 300

This app is composed of the conditions like Down syndrome, Autism and they give a talk with people to make voice to remain comfortable with such things. Spanish and English are the voices which are synthesized to follow the conversations which were easy for the programs to functional range performance. A message must be read correctly to speak the screen and they show this to be the most expensive app.

7) Secure VoIP Calls

Secure VoIP Calls

Price: $ 300

To use iPhone in case of making calls is specifically believed to secure an enough ratio of the solution which seems expensive for the app and this app costs about $ 300 to protect phone and also the calls are encrypted with the problem. They provide a solution which is expensive and also the phone is protected with the algorithms and the conversations this is the participation of the installed apps and they go in with this change.

6) Virtual Snow Globe App

Virtual Snow Globe App

Price: $ 350

Water Globe is the stimulator which seems to be the most expensive app for the store of apple apps and a version of digital print is got with the trinket at the countertop and they are bought in NYC at $ 15. Many other variables can be adjusted with the world of water globe and also they include the snow fall of the functional app to lock screen the device of iOS.

5) View Security Cameras From Your Phone


Price: $ 350 Annually

The cam viewer mobile displays dashboard for up to 25 cameras and they control the phone with remote. Webcams work with it and these are the footage of phone in a direct way. The annual cost of subscription is about $ 350.

4) An App For Dentists

An App For Dentists

Price: $ 500

In a case that you are not a dentist and you need $ 500 then your DDS GP with dentistry mind is meant to be accompanied with the conditional explanation, procedure of patients and treatments. The average person is not bound to ask the downloading of app. It is important for the patients and dentists to speak with and this seems to be the most expensive app.

3) Gun Bros Apathy Bear In App – Purchase


Price: $ 600

The Glu Games developer tacks with the add on which are expensive and this Gun Bros is the game which plays a role without money spending in the rack up points and also the making of game with the purchases and this splurge is the character which is special and also sets back to $ 600. The bear of Apathy is the average point of damage.

2) Control Your PC / Mac remotely

 Control Your PC / Mac remotely

Price: $ 1, 000

Ignition is the app which is famous for the combination of the software pieces in PC and Mac is famous for the LogMeIn. With their combined use, they can gain access to remote and computers. The files are stored in them. They can be shut down and restart with the remote of computers. The update was lasted by the addition of new features which allow access to the storage feature of cloud. This record is LogMeIn Pro which starts with $ 149 in a year.

1) Virtual POS Sytem

Virtual POS Sytem

Price: $ 1, 000

It can be done on a serious note which is a minimal and dud at its best. This Visomatic is developed with the apps of author including Roc4iPhone and this is the most expensive app in the app store of iPhone. This has the utility of apps and they are used with the apple store


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