This world is fond of the lucrative and competitive things which make them look so good in sports and they start to jump, rodeo and horse – riding makes a lot of difference to the people who start spending money on it. The most expensive horses always come in a long a way to get the breeding horse and they come in the venture of business with the sports that were natural and highly lucrative. The allegations on the abuse and mistreatment of the horses were increased with the controversial part in the investment that was made with the most interesting billionaires.

The most expensive horses were sold at a very high price and it was the most successful thing to be lived up on with these kinds of price tags. Some become successful and some do not.

Some of the most expensive horses were listed as follows

10) Plavius



$ 9.2 Million

United Arab Emirates Vice President owns the Plavius and he bought it in 2006 at the Racing of Godolphin and he did not live up to the expectations of the price tag which was extremely hefty. He was nine years old who had a career of the Gelding and started recording 2 Shows, 3 Places, 2 Wins and 18 Starts. They earned a total of about $ 41, 572 and last outing of the horse was finished at the 13th number.

9) Jalil



$ 9.7 Million

The thoroughbred in American and Jalil was born in Kentucky in 2004 and was sold in 2006 which was raced in 2006 with the Godolphin Racing. The investment becomes better with the purchase in the same year with Plavius. The tout was made raced as a debut for two years old and the disappointment was finished with the sixth place in it. The most expensive horses cost too high and the amount totals as $ 327, 324 and the career ends with the Stakes challenge of the Maktoum.

8) Snaafi Dancer



$ 10.2 Million

The most expensive horses that have been ever sold are the ones which are auctioned at the Stud of Aston up Thorpe. The company that is breeding with the Dubai Emir has paid about $ 10.2 Million and this horse has been given different tasks to prove the horse race and in the breed of horse and also the retirement process. They have been considered as the one who go slow and breed fast for bothering the consideration. The injury must be added to the retired discovery of the problems of fertility and they can be used for breeding on usual basis.

7) Meydan City

Meydan City


$ 11.7 Million

The prize of the Dubai Emir was auctioned to be sold at $ 11.7 Million and it was the whopping of this prize at an auction. The trend of Meydan city continues with the purchases that are extremely expensive and the racing of horse is aficionados. This is the bust of this city which was far away from this and the race is won by the most expensive horses. This horse costs about $ 1, 360.

6) Seattle Dancer

Seattle Dancer


$ 13.1 Million

The Dancer in the Seattle is the Stallon of Irish and it was held at one point and then the record was for the yearlings that were expensive as well and they were also sold at an auction with the lineage in it and it was from 1971 for the British Triple Crown in the horse for winning the Nijinsky to win the things that were too big and they maintained their career in racing to win these races and they breed the ultimate horse for the most expensive horses. This triple crown of British won this to expect the best and they won these races for the profitable wining. They got retired from racing and the Dancer of Seattle went to father for the horses that were in stake winning and they had a total cost of $ 181, 808.

5) Palloubet d’Halong

Palloubet d’Halong


$ 15 Million

The show of the most expensive horses was belonging to the jumping of the sold horses in the consideration of the long part of the talent in show jumping because of the largest part of it and they remained at the long age group of horses. The Janika Spunger is the former rider who breaks the record at $ 15 Million and the jump of Qatar shows the teams about their holdings and also they brought the wife initially with the Edwin Tops of Alexander.

4) The Green Monkey

The Green Monkey


$ 16 Million

The horse is recorded among the most expensive horses and he was sold at an auction and it was known as the Northern Dancer and this race is the Green Monkey which was the abysmal failure in the competition of the race. He got retired in the third race and it costs about $ 10, 440. It is the most expensive bursts in the history of horse racing.

3) Totilas



$21 Million

The Dressage is the most expensive one which is sold at the maximum price and this is also considered as the best horse in the world. The Grand Prix is the Freestyle Dressage which is recorded as the highest score and they score in a competition with the rock stars in the world of horses. The ownership of German costs about $ 21 Million. The allegation on the trainers and the horses are lobbied with the cruelty and abuse.

2) Shareef Dancer

Shareef Dancer


$ 40 Million

The Dancer of Shareef has performed according to the modesty and there are about five races which were recorded as the 3 – 1 – 0 in the earnings of $ 246, 463. The race was followed by the Shareef Dancer and it was for Dubai in $ 40 Million and it took place in 1983. The Northern Dancer was sired with the expectation of the prime horse in stud and the profitable and successful career was a breeding sire horse which was combined with the exceeding of about $ 2 Million with the dams ire of the horse winning Millennium of Dubai.

1) Fusaichi Pegasus

Fusaichi Pegasus


$ 70 Million

The most expensive horses were sold with the considerable race horse and also they won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 with the racing career which was finished with the start of the two loses and six wins. They were impressed with the cost of about $ 1, 994, 400 in this career and it became the best one. The cost was estimated to about $ 70 Million and the fee was stud with set of $ 150, 000 and they also paid a fee of $ 7, 000 to make the most expensive thing to be ever sold.


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