An adorable and elegant dress manner is always reminded with the concern of prime human beings. A huge amount of money is also spent on clothing which looks differently for the people and the most expensive clothing brand has the highest price in comparison to the rest of the brands of clothing which become famous with the lovers of fashion in this world.

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The top ten most expensive clothing brands are listed as follows

10) Valentino

The fashionable and creative designs show the woman to knack and fall in love. They are a fashion lover and also the hot property of the lovers of fashion which make them the most expensive brands and this range is being worn in evening. This brand looks attractive on women and they seem to be from a rich class and the ones who are too much conscious for their appearance and look. He trends of fashion are followed by every woman.

9) Versace

Versace is brand of Italy which is known to be among the most expensive clothing brands and it is designed for women and men both. They are famous in the lovers who are willing to pay higher prices for the fashion and also it competes with the rivals and there are too many designers of fashion who always remain in competition to get the best and much from the other one. This designer brand is worn by most of the celebrities who are going to prepare them for a party or any accessories used for women and men. This brand is a luxurious one and is used by a lot of famous people. It also produces the designer furniture.

8) Guess

Guess is a brand of America which is famous for the denim jeans and is also known to be the brand that surprises customers and also this brand is helpful in production of the items which are targeted especially for the women, men and adults. The jeans and t – shirts of guess are very much famous in the fashion lovers which mostly include the youngsters.

7) Dior

Dior is extremely modernized, elegant, glamor and sophisticated brand which is designed for the clothing of women and men. The product quality is trended with the latest fashion and they are known as the symbol of status. This brand also is considered to be among the most expensive clothing brands. This brand mostly attract women and men because it has its own status symbol and it has the reputation which is prestigious and it is increased with the new products like fashion wearing jewelry, sun glasses for men and women, bags and perfumes. Many items are exported and marketed to many countries and the fabric worn by the females is the handbags and purses.

6) Marc Jacobs

There are many variations in the exclusive sales and luxurious designs which were featured for the brand. This clothing is fashionable which is also known for a long time. the main concentration is on the jewelry, shoes and handbags and also it is helpful in the production of the ranges which are in the outer ranges from the many other seasons. It provides advancements with the brand success in the designs of the clothes.

5) Armani

Armani is a famous brand and also the most expensive clothing brand and it is present in the whole world. There are many brands which come with a wide range and huge range is present in this globe. Clothing and perfumes are the best which name this to be the manufacturing of the clothing and also t – shirts and jeans. The designs of cloths are recommended further with the shops of boutique and fashion designers. This brand has earned a name huge in the whole world. The sensation is great in variation and the cloths of Armani are adapted best in these seasons. Concentration of Armani is ranged with females, males and kids.

4) Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana have the words to describe the grace and popularity of many of the brands. The most desirable and famous brand of dressing is the Italian culture. The products are like the same for both women and men. These dresses are sold for them in the whole world and the texture and print is in the quality of the no match in the whole world. Dolce & Gabbana is the most expensive clothing brand in 2013.

3) Prada

Prada is a well – known brand which is considered to be among the most expensive clothing brands. The brand is from Italy and it has all the trendy designs and also it has attracted most of the people from young generation. Outlets have this stock and they are sold mostly to the rich and fashionable women and men. This is the top and an expensive brand for the men and women. It is comfortable, distinguished and simple for the people who have a good name in the market of perfume.

2) Chanel


Chanel is a brand which is the famous one and also it is loved by a lot of people. It has been given a huge amount of rich designs and also they have great varieties in it. The brand is unique and also it enables people to lie in this fact to copy the styles and maintain the existence of the brand and also the products that are used for beauty. They have trendy styles and also it is good for the ones who love fashion. It is one of the most popular brand and also the trendier.

1) Gucci

The quality and expensiveness is made with the brand of Italy which stands at no. 1 and this brand is also made to be the most expensive clothing brand which is designed for women and men. Its articles include luggage, shoes, skirts, handbags and ties. The items of this brand look stylish and luxurious. The brands look stylish after its price is disclosed and they look extremely beautiful.


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