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Cheese is a quite mutual food which is used in the whole world and is considered being a product like the most expensive cheese, chocolate and the foods that have very good taste. People like to eat such things including pasta, burgers and pizza etc. The most expensive cheese includes handmade cheese and also the product evolution which is established with the manufacturing of that cheese in 1815 in Switzerland. Many are the qualities which are available in the market in different prices.

Some of the most expensive cheese is listed as follows

10) Winnimere


Cost: # 30

Winnimere is quite tasteful and has the best taste in the Cheese Society conference of America and it took place in 2013. It is very much expensive and every one can afford it very well in comparison to all the other cheese in the world. It has different taste than the others and also they are wrapped in a paper. Different types of foods are used like smoked meat and berries etc. which also gives a different kind of taste. The product price is estimated as $ 30 and is affordable. The product looks different and it is not an ordinary one.

9) Beaufort D’ete


Cost: $ 35

Beaufort is produced in the French Alps and is also the product which is suitable best in the world and also it perfectly melts in here. It is combined with wine and salmon due to the creamy texture in it. It smells differently and is perfect as well. It is famous in the world and also it is used in there. It receives difficult method of production which makes it tasty and rare. The product price is $ 35 and is expensive in comparison to the ordinary ones due to its texture. A large bar comes in which is cut in different pounds.

8) Gorau Glass

Gorau Glass

Cost: $ 40

Gorau Glass is veined blue which takes all the lovers of food in storm with its introduction to the whole world. Small farm of welsh comes up with it and it is sold at a very low price due to its popularity and its price goes up with $ 40. It is invented with the Anglesey of small far and Margaret Davies invented it with the courses done to invent classes of different cheese and this is among the most expensive cheeses in it world. It is produced with a proper method of production. The product is different in this case which makes it among the most expensive ones.

7) Extra Old Bitto

Extra Old Bitto

Cost: $ 150

Extra Old Bitto is popular which comes up as an Italian Cheese and it is derived from Hong Kong. It was invented for the first time with the market introduction of China and she is now available with the Europe and Asia. In 1997, this cheese was manufactured and its process of production is very much lengthy. This is sold at high prices and also it is known for its cheesy look and it does not look too much expensive.

6) Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar


Cost: $ 160

Wyke cheddar is the most expensive cheeses which is helpful in gold leaf and truffles and they look complete and also they are a complete dish of cheese. It is the luxurious product and also it is known in the history which is also very famous and this cheese has also won much type of awards which is considered with the quality and has an extra taste of quality.

5) Clawson Stilton Gold

Clawson Stilton Gold

Cost: $ 450

British Stilton is quite different and luxurious cheese and is made with the gold injection and also the liqueur to be furnished with the gold leaf and is also appetizing. The luxurious product is discovered with the appetizing Christmas appetizer to make it famous as the most expensive cheeses and is loved by the famous and wealthy celebrities in the world to make it luxurious and tasty.

4) Elk House Cheese

Elk House Cheese

Cost: $ 455

Elk is the Moose Milk which is extracted from farmers and is an expensive one which is also common in the world. It is mostly famous in Sweden and has many different qualities. It is very much rare and has about 300g in the whole year. The product price is grabbed with the taste of cheese to choose for something different in it. Many are the servings which make this restaurant famous for cheese known as Algen Hus and they are special as well.

3) Pule Cheese

Pule Cheese

Cost: $ 600

Pule is the cheese which has so much demand in the world and it is not very common that it is expensive for its rarity. It is composed of the milk which is extracted from the Donkeys Balkan and it is the reason that cheese is extracted and made from it. There are very less cheese which is included among the most expensive cheeses and they are available with the milk for about 25 liters and also it makes about 1 kg of cheese with it.

2) Caciocavallo Padolico

Caciocavallo Padolico

Cost: $ 650

This cheese name shows its Italian nature and also it is quite popular for its taste in Italy and in the world as well. This cheese is extracted from milk of horse to be produced with the rarity of breed of cow and is now available with it in Italy. The cows move with the cherries, strawberries and also take mountains to eat with its best taste and it gets the luxurious taste as well. It is among the most expensive cheeses which also enhances its worth.

  • Frome Cheese Platter

    Frome Cheese Platter

Cost: $ 3300

It is the most expensive cheeses and also the luxurious one in the world. Its price shows its importance in the world for its consideration with the well served edible and truffles to have a luxurious taste and also they are served on a long tray of silver color and it is a fancy board which has the highest price in the dish in the whole world.



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