Tony Stewart


Net worth

70 Million Dollars


Tony Stewart owns a net worth of around 70 million dollars. He was born on 20 May 1971 in Columbus, Indiana, United States of America.

45 years old Anthony Wayne Tony Stewart has earned more of his net worth from his main profession as a driver of a racing car. Most of Tony Stewart Net Worth consists of his earning as salary and winning amounts from his racing career.

Along with earnings from his racing profession he also earns as profit from the businesses he owns. But like his fame his earnings are also mostly contributed by his racing profession.

Tony Stewart Net Worth and his ranking in the world:

  • Recently he has been on number 14 in Sprint cup series with 2156 points and 1 win.
  • From 2014 till he has been dropped off from the list of Forbes.
  • Due to his successful racing career he has been the most well-known car racer in the whole world.
  • Tony Stewart has been on number 83 in the Forbes list of world’s highest paid Athletes in year 2013.
  • In year 2012 the racer was at number 47 in the list of world’s highest paid athletes.
  • Tony Stewart was ranked second in consecutive two years, year 2011 and 2012 in merchandise sales.

Tony Stewart Net Worth sources;

Tony Stewart has different major sources of his net worth. These sources are as follows;

  • First source of his income is racing.
  • Second source of Tony Stewart Net Worth is his share in businesses.
  • A small but not negligible portion of Tony Stewart Net Worth is contributed from the advertisements he has done with different brands.
  • Tony Stewart also owns a football team which also adds in the said celebrity’s earning.
  • He also co-owns the racing team NASCAR.

Tony Stewart Net Worth and start of his career;

Tony Stewart started his racing career formally by victory in World Karting Association.

Them he joined UMRA, United Midget Racing Association. In this association he won 3 midget titles till 1991.

Then in year 1992 he as the first driver of the team. He was the first driver as well as the owner of the team he introduced in that year.

Tony Stewart Net Worth from racing;

During his career as racer he gained a lot of money from his numerous winnings as follows;

  • Tony Stewart Net Worth was initially added by his salary and winnings from his teams like sprint, midget, and silver crown cars.
  • A number of stock cars and Indy cars winnings add a huge amount in the net worth of the world famous racer.
  • In year 1999 a car which was mainly sponsored by the Home Depot he received sponsorship from this company for 8 years and made a record of being in same team and working with same sponsor for so long.
  • Tony Stewart won one of his many famous racings in 2002 with two different pointing systems related to old one in the said year.
  • In 2005 he won the same title as he won in year 2002 but with new changed pointing system.
  • In year 2011 he broke the record of Alan Kulwicki by winning the race as a driver and as an owner of the team as well.
  • He has the honor of being the only racer who has won championship in Indy cars and NASCAR as well.
  • At present he owns the honor to break more than 30 race streaks in June 2014.

Tony Stewart Net Worth from sources other than races;

Though Anthony Wayne Tony Stewart is famous for his racing and most of Tony Stewart Net Worth belongs to earning from this profession but he is also earning from other sources as well.

He has some of endorsements and more of businesses.

He shares the profit from NASCAR and earns a large proportion from its income every year as he is the co-owner of the team.

Other than NASCAR he also owns a large proportion of his net worth from the football team Rothenhem United. Tony Stewart owns 49 % of this team and also works as the chairman of the said club.

Tony Stewart Net Worth as compared to that of other famous racers;

  • Tony Stewart has equal to 10 % of the net worth of Michael Schumacher which is 800 million dollars.
  • Tony Stewart Net Worth is equal to approximately 15 % of that of Eddie Jordan who owns 475 million dollars as his net worth.
  • Tony Stewart has worth equal to 23 % of that of Dale Earnhardt Jr. who has 300 million dollars in his net worth.
  • Tony Stewart has equal to almost 40 % of that of Fernando Alonso who has 200 million dollars as his net worth.
  • Tony Stewart as compared to Tony Hulman has equal to 40 % of net worth of Tony Hulman.
  • This celebrity has net worth equal to almost 39 % of that of Kimi Raikkonen net worth.
  • The car racer has net worth equal to half of that of Valentino Rossi who has 140 million dollars in his net worth.
  • Dale Earnhardt, Kevin Harvick, and Mark Martin have same net worth as that of Tony Stewart.
  • Richard Petty has almost equal to 92 % of the Tony Stewart Net Worth as he owns all of 65 million dollars.


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