Tony Sparano Net Worth :  $7 Million

Tony Sparano’s Salary : $3 Million

Date of Birth

Oct 7, 1961

Date of Death

Jul 22, 2018 (56 years old)

Minnesota Vikings official announced on Sunday afternoon that the longtime fixture of the NFL coaching ranks and the Offensive line coach for Vikings in the last two seasons; Tony Sparano;  has unexpectedly died at age of 56.

Tony Sparano Minnesota Vikings Assistant and NFL Head Coach die at 56

The statement released by the owners of Vikings, Mark and Zygi stated that, “Our hearts go out to Jeannette (his wife) and the whole of Sparano family as well all mourn for Tony”. The statement further stated these words, “Tony was a driven and a passionate man who had deep love and care for his family and especially for is grandchildren. Tony will be greatly missed in the Vikings organization. We are only thinking about the grief of Tony’s family in this difficult time. We ask the entire NFL and the Vikings to keep Sparanos in their thoughts”.

Star Tribune reported that emergency personal were called at the Sparano home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota on Sunday morning at 8 am. The audio of the emergency call indicates a woman doing pulmonary resuscitation on Tony.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Tony went on Thursday to a hospital for chest complaints. He was released on Friday after having tests. Tony was found by his wife in kitchen when they were about to leave for church”.

Sparano was the coach for various teams over 19 seasons of NFL. He served as the head coach for the Miami Dolphins from year 2008 to 2011 and was responsible for taking them to AFC East title of 2008. In 29014, he served as the interim coach for the Oakland Raiders. He also served time at Browns, Washington Redskins, Jaguars, Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets as their coach.

Sparano was easy to spot out on the field with his eyeglasses which he always wore to prevent damage to his eyes. His eyes were damaged by a hot oil explosion 40 years back when he worked at a restaurant. He had a scar from that accident on his face as well. Sparano told Sun interviewers that might right was able to heal but left eye’s cornea was burnt and never fully healed. It is sun and light sensitive. That is why I wear the sunglasses whether indoors or outdoors.

Other than his wife Jeanette, Tony is survived by his two sons Tony Jr. and Andrew, daughter Ryan Leigh and four grandchildren whom he dearly loved.


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