Tony Romo


Net worth

$ 45 million


A famous talented American football player and athlete, Antonio Ramiro Romo, known as Tony Romo, his net worth around $ 45 million. He is popular for playing in Dallas Cowboys in the position of quarterback. Tony Romo net worth comes from his football career and many other endorsements. Room is at number 67 highest paid athlete in the world. He signed $ 108 million contract in 2013 that was a big deal in history of franchise.

  • Born on: 21 April, 1980
  • Born in: California, United States
  • Profession: Athlete, Football Player
  • Famous for: Football player

Amateur career:

Tony Romo

During his high schooling Romo started his football career. He is excellent football player from his early beginnings of his career. At that time he was honored as the OVC player of the year, an All American and an All-Ohio Valley Conference member. He got the position in AP All American Third Team and selected for the OVC Player of the Year and in All Ohio Conference first Team. In 2002 with a record of 85 touchdown passes he finished his high school career.

Career from NFL:

Tony Romo

Romo is one of the critically appreciated athlete in NFL. Because his some foul plays and weak decision, he is criticized by analyst. In 2005 Dallas Cowboys signed with Romo. Tony Romo net worth accumulating by the Dallas Cowboys Franchise which is listed in most popular and valuable team. In 2006 he reached on a contract of $ 67.5 million for six years. That was a big deal which grew Tony Romo net worth. As per some sources, in 2013 with a remarkable earnings $ 29 million, Romo reached at the number 24 highest paid athlete.  At that time Romo has the biggest endorsement deals with NFL which was signed in 2008 for 5 years.

Tony Romo’s Investments and other endorsements:

Room has invested in Fanwish a company based on Dallas, with DirecTV crownies. This company give the opportunity for fans to meet their favorite player. The company involved the decision of Romo with crownies. He has worked with many other organizations such as Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Make a Wish Foundation and United Way. He has also partnership with Pizza Hut, Under Armor, DirecTV, and Core Power. As a philanthropist Romo gave a big amount of money for charity. Recently Romo gave $ 1 million donation to a well-known charity name as Miracle of the Million.

Romo’s NFL and from Cowboys team Records:

Tony Romo net worth grew up after his career’s best records and honors.

From 2009 to present day Romo has 41 most consecutive roads games with 1 TD pass.

He has also highest quarterback rating in December

In 2007 from Games with 300+ yards passing is 7, he has already record for such games.

Tony Romo’s Awards and Honors:

Romo got 3 times All Ohio Valley conference for the player of year 3 OVC Player of the year Award and also 3 times selected for All American Team from 2000 to2002. During this year he also got Walter Payton Award. From NFL career he also got big honors. Romo has achieved 4 time selection for Pro Bowl in 2012, 2009, 2007 and 2006.

  • In 2014 he got honor for 2nd team All Pro and same this year Romo became NFL Completion percentage Leader and NFL Passer Rating Leader.
  • In 2009 Romo earned the honor as NFC Passing Yards Leader
  • In 2007 he became NFC Touchdowns Leader
  • Romo got NFC Passing Rating Leader for 2 times in 2007 and in 2014
  • He became NFC Offensive Player of the Month for 2 times.
  • He got ED Block Courage Award in 2011

Tony Romo net worth by his yearly salary:

Romo’s salary throughout the years float with a normal speed because a big jump to increase the Tony Romo net worth came when he signed a contract with Dallas Cowboys.

  • In 2016 Romo’s salary is $ 8.5 million, Bonus Amount $ 9.1 million and capital Hit $ 17.6 million
  • In 2015 Romo’s salary was $ 17 million, Bonus Amount $ 10.7 million and capital Hit $ 27.7 million
  • In 2014 Romo’s salary was $ 1 million, Bonus Amount $ 10.7 million and capital Hit $ 11.7 million
  • In 2013 Romo’s salary was $ 1.5 million, Bonus Amount $ 10.3 million and capital Hit $ 11.8 million
  • In 2012 Romo’s salary was $ 9.9 million, Bonus Amount $7.2 million and capital Hit $8 million

Tony Romo net worth Comparison with other richest and popular football Players:

Tony Romo net worth is many times bigger than other popular celebrity in Football and athletes category. As we know he is the highest paid athlete in 2015 according to media sources but there are many athlete in the history whose net worth crossed the billion. So to get the space in billionaires Romo invest more amount of money in major brands and some other big companies.

  • Romo’s net worth is 6 times less than the net worth of Al Davis
  • Romo’s net worth is 3 times less than the net worth of Peyton Manning
  • Romo’s net worth is 2.2 times less than the net worth of John Elway
  • Romo’s net worth is almost same as the net worth of Carson Palmer
  • Romo’s net worth is approx. same as the net worth of Drew Brees
  • Romo’s net worth is approx. same as the net worth of Gale Sayer

Brief History of Tony Romo Net worth:

As a young athlete. It is predicted that he earns many million as soon. It may be his football career or other endorsements. His wealth increased by the 6 years contract with Cowboys of $ 108 million and $ 25 million bonus.

Romo’s net worthy in 2012 was $ 19.7 million

Romo’s net worthy in 2013 was $ 25.7 million

Romo’s net worthy in 2014 was $ 34 million

Romo’s net worthy in 2015 was $ 42.2 million

Romo’s net worthy in 2016 is $ 45 million


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