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$ 25 million


Tim Leissner net worth is can’t be estimated exactly as her salary and earning figures are not available to the general public but on average his annual salary is about $25 million. He is professional banker now but prior to this he joined Lehman brothers in 1997 as head in merger and acquisitions. Year later he joined Goldman Sachs bank as executive director in the same field and got recognition due to success of his decisions and hardworking attribute. He is currently serving as chief of staff to Richard Gnodde. Major portion of his banking service is related to Asian region and he was placed many times in Singapore and Hong Kong territory. He is very famous among celebrities of Hollywood as her wife Kimora Simmons Lee belongs to TV and acting. Major sources of Tim Leissner earnings are his salary and managing different roles in bank.

Biography of Tim Leissner

Tim Leissner was born in 1971 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. He got her early education from the area school and later moved to get an undergraduate degree from university of Siegen. He opted MBA as his higher studies and graduated in 1992 from University of Hartford. After graduating in MBA he persuaded his studies and moved towards PhD in the Somerset University and completed in 1997. Later he started working in the Lehman brothers and worked almost a half year there and then switched to the Goldman Sachs and is still loyal with them.

  • Name : Tim Leissner
  • Nick Name: Tim
  • Born: October 31, 1971
  • Birth place: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Kimora Simmons Lee
  • Children: One (Wolfe Lee Leissner)
  • Education: University of Somerset, University of Hartford, University of Siegen
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Occupation: Banker
  • Wealth Source: Banking industry

In 2014 Tim got married with Kimora Lee Simons in February. This news let their adherents to settle in peace. In the wake of being required with tremendous dating contentions and tattles, they began their new life effectively. Kimora conceived an offspring in 2015 to a child kid named Wolfe Lee Leissner. What’s more, for some time now, this upbeat couple didn’t sort any purpose behind separation. The couple together procures many millions to their total assets yearly. So monetarily, the roadster Tim and Kimora is by all accounts taking off. The life story of Tim can be said as full involved by his significant other Kimora.

Earning sources of Tim Leissner

One thing can be clearly said that major earning source of Tim Leissner is his salary from the Goldman Sachs bank where he is a head of Asian region of Merger and Acquisitions. Average Salary for one year for performing his roles and duties is $25 million. Now we can just imagine that how much million his net worth will be, according to me it would be more than 100s million.  His career remains clean but recently he is facing some serious allegations against him over helping Malaysian Gov. a loan and making her own money from it. This is a real hot issue which is not getting to be solved but Tim Leissner is doing his best to defend himself and proving that he is not guilty. His loyalties are not affected with this case and he is still loyal with Goldman Sachs and working with the same spirit.

Issues and allegations on Tim Leissner

As nothing can keep going long, Tim persuaded couple of claims to be replied. Be that as it may, none anticipated that it would be a government evasion trick. This trick has included overall popular identities. Also, this situation turned out to be much more terrible with Kimora Leissner. As of late, Tim got into the contention of tremendous cash outrage. He is accepted to help the Malaysian Prime clergyman to fill his wallet with $681 million. This tremendous entirety is said as a blessing from the Saudi Royal Family. Yet at the same time every one of the confirmations has been focusing on the business identities.

What’s more, Tim is observed to be a holding accomplice among these specialists. So far the bio of Tim Leissner got scoured with this debate. The examinations found a measure of $6.5 billion, raised by the Goldman Sachs. It’s been just couple of years; Tim helped the bank take off in Southeast Asia. So far the same number of reasons gave Tim, the chance to be in spotlight. His skilled choices and dedicated nature earned him different positions in worldwide business. Aside from late debates still Tim is to be accepted with immense nobility towards Goldman Sachs.


Tim Leissner net worth is not known exactly because his earnings data is not unveiled for the general public but his annual salary is almost $25 million from Goldman Sachs. He is a professional banker and is famous for his wise decisions in the banking industry. He is really a hard worker and holds a PhD degree from University of Somerset.


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