David Copperfield has earned the title of being the first magician in the history with a net worth of 1 billion dollars. He is not only good at making things disappear but is also indeed good at making lots of money. He is the most commercially successful magician of all times. During the course of his past 3 decades long career, he has managed to earn himself a net worth of 1 billion dollars. Although his magic shows are a huge hit in any venue of the world, this was not his magic art that earned him this massive sum of net worth.

David managed to earn his billion dollars net worth by making shrewd investments and acquisitions. His incredibly valuable financial empire has been accumulated through real estates, restaurant, merchandise and even his magic memorabilia. Before getting into his impressive magic memorabilia collection, let us tell you about his other facets of income like his career, investments and fortune.

David Copperfield is amongst those exciting performers of the world who work on the stage but their magic seeps into the heart of the audience. His Las Vegas shows and his torus around the world have sold more than 40 million tickets for a collective sum of 4 billion dollars. He has sold more tickets than any other solo performer in the world., due to this he has been given a Guinness World record for it along with his 11 other world records. For a perspective read this, he has sold more tickets than even Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber. His 1996’s Broadway show titled Dreams and Nightmares still holds a record for selling the most Broadway tickets in a single week. The stage production in its five week long run grossed a sum of more than 6 million dollars.

Even without his magic, he would still be a beery rich man from his real estate alone. He lives in a pent house at the MGM provided by the hotel itself. He also owns a four story pent house in the New York City. As for his most prized real estate piece, it is located in Bahamas where he actually own 11 beautiful tropical islands. H eh ash even named this private archipelago of his as the Copperfield Bay. The acquisition of these 700 acres of islands cost about 55 million dollars to him back in 2006. The rent for one of his lavish island mansions is about 37500 dollars and is rented only to moguls like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Segey Brin. Currently the worth  the 11 islands is about 100 million dollars.

Now we come to the main event, the magic memorabilia of David Copperfield. David owns one of the largest magic memorabilia collections in the world. His collection is comprised of more than 150000 items and the books from the famous magicians like Harry Houdini, Georges Melies, and the father of modern magic, Robert Houdin. All of his collection is arranged at a 40000 square feet of warehouse which is located several miles off the Las Vegas strip. This collection is not only priceless but also irretraceable. The collection is not for sale but is still open for fellow magicians, historians and for the actors researching their roles. His collection even rarely opens for the media.

Including David Copperfield real estate, his ticket sales and his magic memorabilia collection, he is personally worth about 1 billion dollars. When a person combines the creasing value of his real estate on top of his 50 60 million dollars earnings from his shows around the world, you can easily understand as to how does he worth 1 billion dollars and became the first billionaire magician in the world.


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