Taylor Swift net worth : $320 million

The expectations about the Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium tour has been confirmed by mathematical figure from the Billboards official, which the obsessive fans of Swift already knew long ago in their heart. Swift is now officially the star o f what is now dubbed as Highest Grossing concert in history of USA. This claim has been made after tracing back to Billboards figures of 1990. Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour, in which she alone performed 38 sows from May 8th to October 6th 2018, grossed an estimated sum of 266.1 million dollars as more than 2 million tickets were sold throughout the USA.

With these numbers, he tour has broken the record previously held by the famed Rock band of USA “The Rolling Stones”. Rolling Stones took their tour “A Bigger Bang Tour” back in 2005 and ended it in 2007 where they grossed about 245 million dollars with double the seats than Swift’s tour and performed 70 shows throughout USA. This is the most recent and largest record broken by Swift. Earlier this year she also broke the record for her own previous record for the title of “Highest Grossing Domestic Tour by a Woman” this record was set by her for her “1989 World Tour” which she did back in Summer of 2015.

The popularity for Taylor Swift’s tour is reported to be popular in all the regions of the US. However, her fame and the financial peak for her tour was mainly reported in East Rutherford, New Jersey where she reportedly earned about 22 million dollars and reportedly sold a total of 165654 tickets alone. She did three shows there at the MetLife Stadium from dates in between July 20th to July 22nd.

Their might be something special about Taylor Swift in New Jersey because back in her 2015’s “1989 World Tour” she also reportedly earned about 13.4 million dollars and sold about 110015 tickets for only two shows at the ‘MetLife Stadium”.

This record grossing of Swift has been a decisive move from the singer’s career who decided to do stadium shows only over he career. This not only allowed her to maximize profits from her tours winch was rarely seeing a mix of smaller and less profitable performance venues but also breaking records along the way while earning massive fame throughout the USA.


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