Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert net worth is $48 million. Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, actor, producer, director, writer and TV shows host. He started his career in 1984 and is still active in the comedy late night shows. He took start from working in plays during his college life later he turned himself into a professional comedian and TV show host. His famous TV shows are the daily show, Stranger with candy, late show and Colbert report. Stephen Colbert has high sense of humor and is famous for his parodies. Major sources of Stephen Colbert net worth are his Comedy shows and production of different TV shows and comedy nights.

Biography of Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

  • Date of Birth: May 13, 1964
  • Birth Place: Washington, D.C., United States
  • Marital Status: Married to Evelyn McGree-Colbert since 1993
  • Children: 3 (Madeleine, Peter, John)
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Education: Northwestern University
  • Occupation: comedian, actor, producer, director, writer and TV shows host
  • Wealth Source: TV shows, theater, films, books

Stephen Colbert was born on May 13, 1964 in Washington, D.C., United States. He is a famous American comedian, actor, producer, director, writer and TV shows host. He is active in this career since 1984 from his student life. He performed on stage in different theaters and dramas before getting entry into TV. He is considered as one of the most successful comedians in United States. Apart from his career he is also successful in his personal life. He got married with Evelyn McGree-Colbert in 1993 and both are living happily together. He is graduated from Northwestern University situated in Evanston, Illinois. Major part of Stephen Colbert net worth comes from his comedy shows and TV programs that he hosts.

Major Sources of Stephen Colbert net worth

Stephen Colbert

Major Sources of Stephen Colbert net worth are obviously his earnings from TV shows host, comedy nights, comedy plays, theater, movies and production. He is one of the most successful comedians in America. His viewership is in millions and people follow him on his TV shows, YouTube and his social media pages. As he has not unveiled his earnings data so we will guess his earnings from the previous shows and comedy nights. Average salary of Stephen Colbert is around $6million per annum.

  • Early career

Stephen Colbert started his career from theater and plays from his student life but he was not interested working in comedy plays. He was interested in acting in dramas in his college and did it so. But after his graduation he was in need of job and a friend offered him a job at 2nd city box office to attend calls and selling’s.  From there he joined the free classes and was selected in a comedy play. His first show that he hosts was in New York named Exit 57. After this his career started moving on right track and he catches work in comedy central. These all sources proved as a start of earnings to pile up Stephen Colbert net worth.

  • Start of Career in TV

  • He started his TV career in strangers with candy. It was a parody of a student of 46 years old who was dropped out in his school and came back to complete his school after spending 32 years on streets of United Stated.
  • Most noted by pundits for its utilization of hostile cleverness, it closed every scene by conveying to the crowd a skewed, politically wrong good lesson. Colbert served as a fundamental author nearby Sedaris and Dinello, and depicted Jerri’s strict however clueless history educator, Chuck Noblet, seen all through the arrangement administering off base data to his classes.
  • Colbert has compared this to the character he played on The Daily Show and later The Colbert Report, guaranteeing that he has a certain specialty in depicting “ineffectively educated, high-status nitwit” characters.
  • Another running joke all through the arrangement was that Noblet, a closeted gay person, was having a “mystery” undertaking with kindred instructor Geoffrey Jellineck regardless of the way that their relationship was clear to everybody around them. This absence likewise shows up in Colbert’s Daily Show and Colbert Report character.
  • Unlike Stewart, who basically facilitated The Daily Show as himself, Colbert built up a journalist character for his pieces on the arrangement. Colbert has portrayed his reporter character as “a trick that has spent a great deal of his life playing not the trick – one who can cover it in any event alright to manage the subjects that he bargains with”. These shows created Stephen Colbert net worth pile of $48 million.
  • Colbert was oftentimes hollowed against learned meeting subjects or against Stewart in scripted trades, with the resultant discourse showing the character’s absence of information of whatever subject he is discussing.
  • Colbert likewise made liberal utilization of clever errors of rationale in clarifying his perspective on any theme. Other Daily Show journalists have received a comparable style; previous reporter Rob Corddry reviews that when he and Ed Helms initially joined the show’s thrown in 2002, they “just imitated Stephen Colbert for a year or two”. Correspondent Aasif Mandvi has expressed “I quite recently chose I would do my best Stephen Colbert impression”.

Politics and Stephen Colbert

Keeping his career on TV and movies as a comic star he is much involved in politics. He is often awarded as best comedian award from White house. He remained busy in dinners at white house and often he went to war places in Iraq to greet the troops of America. White house often involved him in discussion on different matters. He also supported rallies in U.S for the support of anything or issue and often he leads the rallies too. His life is quite involved in politics apart from his comic career.


Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, actor, producer, writer and director. He is famous for his sense of humor in comic acting and roles he do. Stephen Colbert net worth is $48 million. Major sources of his wealth are TV shows, comedy nights and his productions.



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