We do need to take care of our feet because they carry the entire weight of our body whether we stand, walk or run. The best way to take care of them is to wear rather soft and comforting sandals and flip flops. While there are many brands in markets to choose from but if you buy the replicas of said brand then they could be uncomfortable for your feet.

Slipper which costs Rs. 45,000 on Amazon; its buyers will have to hire guards to protect it

Buying the right and good bran of shoes is necessary but while doing so you have to have a fix amount of budget to spend on these footwear and we are certain that it will be much less than Rs. 45000.

It might sound unbelievable at first but a company is really selling flip flops at an outrageous price of Rs. 45393.97. The main features of these flip flops are that they have army camouflage rubber sole along with Fuchsia Rubber Straps.

What’s more surprising is that the Amazon has also placed an EMI payment option with Rs. 2137 monthly installment.

The name of this footwear brand is Valentino and the shows are sold under the brand’s title “valentino’s Men’s Havaianas Flip Flop”. However the product is currently unavailable.

As a friendly suggestion, if you deiced to buy these flip flops, do not go on wearing them at a religious place where you have to leave your shoes outside. Also make a necessary arrangement for you shoes’ security.



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