Shaq Puts his Orlando Mansion Up For Sale At $22 Million

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the greatest basketball players of all times. He got his world renowned fame from across the world by playing for the NBA team Orlando Magic but after retiring from the team and sport he has moved to Atlanta and has recently listed his 21.9 million dollars Shaq mansion up for sale.

Shaq first listed this mansion for sale at a sum of 28 million dollars back in May of 2018. As many of you might have guessed it already, the house hat Shaq built would defiantly be riddled with not only a lot of space but a plenty of bells and whistles.

So how big is this Shaq Mansion? The home is reported to measure at about 35000 square feet. However it still has an O’Nealean in its style as there is a one of kind 6000 square feet indoor basketball court which is dubbed as the Shaq Center. As for the living room, it has a wall sized mural of a large diesel semi truck which has n its Shaq’s signature Superman logo.

The Sotheby’s International listing for the house says,

“The astonishing estate was designed with lake views in mind for almost every room. Other highlights include gated entry, full house Crestron technology, 17 plus car garages with showroom details, 3 fireplaces, walk-in humidor and wine storage, two story ceilings, 15 feet in depth pool with rock wall water feature, summer kitchen, custom chef’s kitchen, covered cabana and 10-foot privacy wall.”

The main story of the hose has a guest area that spans over enormous five suites. As for the second story, there is a 900 square feet master bedroom along with an attached full bathroom and a urinal. Then there is an ancient Egyptian style aquarium room where one can view any exotic fish in a triangular saltwater fish tank. There is also another fish tank with another of Shaq’s signature Superman logo.

The house also has a home theater with posters of films like Reservoir Dogs, The Wolverine, and The Godfather and with any surprise of many Superman titles.

The garage is spacious enough to hold more than 17 cars and there is also a room to hold any kind of Shaquenalia.


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