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$ 470 million


Rush Limbaugh net worth is $470 million. He is a professional American entertainer, radio talk show host, writer and conservative political commentator. At the age of just sixteen years he started his career as a disc jockey. He started his first ever radio show on KFBK channel in 1984 which is located at Sacramento, California. In this show he discussed the political issues and common political situations prevailing in America with the listeners and he also listens to the audience through their calls. His show was well recognized among public and his show was considered as one of the most successful shows in America. That show was basically the major reason behind the increase in his fame and wealth too. People started recognizing him and with the passage of time he became world famous political commentator and anchor of Radio and TV shows. All of these shows are the major sources of his earnings.

Biography of Rush Limbaugh

Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh Net Worth

Rush Limbaugh was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States of America to Mildred Carolyn and Rush Hudson Limbaugh on January 12, 1951. He got his early education from the Missouri Central High School and later he moved to Missouri State University in 1969 for higher studies. But he remained unable to complete his studies and left his education after few semesters because his main interest was in becoming a radio personality. After getting dropped out from the university he started working as a disc jockey in New York. Later he moved to another radio station and started working as a disc jockey in the evening time. In 1988 he started his own radio show on a radio channel located in New York and from here his luck begins and he started achieving heights of success.

  • Original Name: Rush Hudson Limbaugh III
  • Nick Name: Rush Limbaugh
  • Birth Date: January 12, 1951
  • Birth Place: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States of America
  • Height: 06 feet 01 inch
  • Weight: 148 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Marta Fitzgerald
  • Children: None
  • Education: Missouri Central High School, Missouri State University
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Occupation: Anchor, political commentator, Show host
  • Wealth Source: Radio, Television and News channel

Apart from professional life of Rush his personal life never remained stable as he married 4 times in his life but unfortunately got divorced from three. First of all he got married with Roxy Maxine McNeely; she was a sales agent of a radio channel naming WHB which is located in Kansas. He got married to Michelle Sixta in 1983 but marriage wont last longer and ended after seven years of combined journey in 1990. After that he got married with Marta Fitzgerald in 1994 and but the couple separated in 1994 due to some issues prevailing between them.  Finally he got married in 2010 with Kathryn Rogers. The point of thinking is that from all of the marriages Rush Limbaugh has no children.

Earning sources of Rush Limbaugh

Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh Net Worth

Rush Limbaugh is famous radio and television show host, his field of interest lies in the politics commentator and analyzing the current political scenarios of the country. He has chosen underdeveloped sort of political commentary where there was less competition with Rush. Because there was lot of people who were already hosting shows related to political commentary on television that was the major reason behind choosing radio as a source of hosting a show of this kind. All the details of career earnings of Rush Limbaugh are given below.

  • Rush Limbaugh started his career in 1967 from radio. After dropping out from the university he went to Pennsylvania and joined a radio channel of AM frequency named as WIXZ as a disc jockey.
  • In 1973 he left the WIXZ channel and joined the KQV channel as a disc Jockey in the evening.
  • In 1979 Rush Limbaugh left his profession of radio and started working with a company as their marketing and promotion executive who were making a housing scheme Royal Kansas city. But he didn’t find himself fit to that job and again moved towards radio shows in 1984 and joined KFBK.
  • In august 1988 Rush started his own show in a news channel of New York but, he moved to New York City where he started his own radio show. In the 2000s, in 2000 he has faced problems and in 2001 he declared himself deaf. After that he started treatment of his ears and finally got success and started his program on both FM and AM frequency.
  • After ears treatment Rush remains quite successful and received two biggest contracts of his life. One contract was with a radio channel whose worth was $31 million and time period was eight years. He found another contract till 2016 with radio channel whose worth in total was $400 million.

Comparison of Rush Limbaugh net worth

Rush Limbaugh net worth is $470 million. In the previous section we have discussed how he had made his net worth and what is the proportionate of each source but in this section we are interested in knowing how much he has made compared to his competitors and other show hosts. Detailed results of the comparison are given below.

  • David Letterman net worth is 1.17 times smaller compared to Rush Limbaugh
  • Johnny Carson net worth is 1.3 times littler compared to Rush Limbaugh
  • Conan O’Brien net worth is 7 times littler compared to Rush Limbaugh
  • Jon Stewart net worth is 5.8 times smaller compared to Rush Limbaugh
  • Jimmy Kimmel net worth is 13.3 times littler compared to Rush Limbaugh
  • Craig Ferguson net worth is 15.6 times smaller compared to Rush Limbaugh
  • Anderson Cooper net worth is 4.7 times littler compared to Rush Limbaugh net worth


Rush Limbaugh net worth is $470 million. He is one of the most famous American radio personality and show host. He started his career as a radio disc jockey but later he started his own show which on airs on both AM and FM frequency. He has made contracts with different radio channels that worth’s him million dollars.

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