Richest DJ Rev Run Net Worth: How Rich is Rev Run?


Net Worth

$ 70 million


Rev Run estimated assets are $70 million. He is a professional DJ, rapper and music producer. He is best known as an originator individual from a standout amongst the most persuasive gatherings of hip bounce of its time Run-D.M.C. Joseph Simmons has amassed his riches from the music business filling in as a rapper, maker and DJ and additionally a performer. Before connecting up with prime supporters of Run-D.M.C. in 1981, Rev Run was at first a lead vocalist with The Force a hip-bounce amasses. After helping to establish Run-D.M.C. with Jam Master Jay also called DJ Jason and Darryl McDaniels otherwise called DMC, they felt free to got to be distinctly one of the lead bunches in highlighting the relationship amongst DJs and MCs; something that gave them prevalence alongside other immense industry names like LL Cool J, Public Enemy and The Beastie Boys. Significant Sources of his pay are income from music deals, business and governmental issues.

Biography of Rev Run

Richest DJ Rev Run Net Worth: How Rich is Rev Run?

Rev Run was born on October 4, 1957 in The Queens, New York, United States of America to a middle class family who works really hard to earn their bread and butter. His parents gave him name Joseph Lloyd Simmons but later he adopted Rev Run as his professional name which now his identity. Both his folks worked for various branches of the State and from a youthful age they watched Russell displaying both an Entrepreneurial soul and a flare for hip jump and form. I’m certain they didn’t know in those days that those interests would develop to make Russell Simmon’s total assets an incredible $325 million as of the season of this written work. Russell and his family had music in their blood from the beginning. His sibling is Reverend Run, of progressive hip jump gathers Run DMC and was a colossal impact when it came to Russell helping to establish “Def Jam Recordings” in 1983.

  • Original Name: Joseph Lloyd Simmons
  • Nick Name: Rev Run
  • Birth Date: October 4, 1957
  • Birth Place: The Queens, New York, United States of America
  • Height: 05 feet 10 inch
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Justine Simmons
  • Children: Seven
  • Education: Corresponding education
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Occupation: Singer, rapper, hip-hop artist, politician
  • Wealth Source: Music and Politics

Outside big name life, Rev Run is a father of six and a spouse to two – Valerie Vaughn and Justine Jones; both of whom he wedded in 1983 and 1994 separately. Valerie is the mother to Angela, Vanessa, and Joseph Jr. while Justine is the mother to Danielle III, Russell II and Victoria, who is perished. Victoria’s passing, brought on by a birth condition known as omphalocele, was permitted to be recorded by the MTV group with the Simmons, now filling in as clergymen, resolved to demonstrate the world how pastors would deal with such a lamentable occurrence.

Earning Sources of Rev Run

Richest DJ Rev Run Net Worth: How Rich is Rev Run?

Rev Run has earned major proportionate of his income from music sales, concerts, tours, sponsorships, endorsements, business deals and political factors. From all of these sources combined he has made handsome net worth which is quite enough to live a luxurious life like him. Details about his income from each of his source are provided below.

  • Rev Run made his own band company with the name of DMC.
  • Apart from music he is involved in politics and he is quite popular among people and worked hard to work for his people.
  • He was honored by senior musicians in 2004 for his remarkable music contribution in the industry. A year later in 2005 he was awarded with honor for his mankind services in politics.
  • He started a show along with his family on MTV which still on airs and he the host of the show. This show is also a source in increase in his net worth.
  • He started a company for music production with one of his best friends Darryl Danny in 2008.

Comparison of Rev Run Earning Sources

Rev Run is considered as one of the richest DJs in the world. He is living a luxurious life and earns a lot of money each year from his music sales. We have compared his net worth with other famous artists and the results of the comparison are shown below.

  • David Guetta net worth is 2.3 times smaller compared to Rev Run
  • Avicii net worth is almost same compared to Rev Run
  • Calvin Harris net worth is 1.8 times greater compared to Rev Run
  • Afrojack net worth is 1.16 times littler compared to Rev Run
  • Sebastian Ingrosso net worth is 7 times smaller compared to Rev Run
  • Nicky Romero net worth 2.8 times smaller compared to Rev Run
  • Sasha net worth is almost half compared to Rev Run


Rev Run assets are estimated as $70 million. He is one of the richest DJs in the world. Apart from that he is a singer, rapper, record producer and politician. All these sources combined made his net worth that much higher.

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