Ray Allen


Net Worth

$ 100 million


How reached Ray Allen in the list of billionaires? Ray Allen Net Worth crossing $ 100 million…..

A basketball player, legend, Ray Allen with his astonishing abilities and physically fitness who also got a big break in NBA. He is all time team leader in NBA. He also worked in movies and act a lead role in He Got Game and Spike Lee.

  • Born on: 20 July, 1975
  • Born in: Merced, California, USA
  • Profession: Athlete, Actor, Basketball Player
  • Famous for: Basketball Player

Startup career:

Allen startup his career from college. From 1993 to 1996 Ray Allen worked in University of Connecticut. After that in 1995 he was nominated for Basketball’s Male Athlete of the Year. In 1996 he won the Big East Player of the Year Award. Allen was nominated for captain of UConn All Century Basketball Team.

Beginning from NBA:

In 1996 Allen became a member of NBA All Rookie Second Team. In 2001 achieved his best with the Bucks and at that time he was selected to the All NBA Third Team.

Seattle Super Sonics: In 2003 he dealt with Super Sonics and also with Ronald Murray. In 2004 Allen nominated to the All NBA Second Team. He signed a 5 years contract in 2005. The worth of this contract was $ 80 million. Allen’s performance was successfully done when he was in the Seattle Super Sonics. In 2006 Ray Allen got the position of 97 player on the NBA’s list with 15 thousands points. He broke the 10 year record of Dennis Scott and after that his highest score against Utah Jazz was 54 points in Super Sonics history.

Boston Celtics: in 2007, against the Toronto Raptors, Allen crossed 17000 points with his 3 pointers. In 2008 he had honored in franchise history as a third best greatest player out of 20 during 40 anniversary of team celebration of Milwaukee. In 2008, Allen got the victory over Los Angeles Lakers with 7 three pointers in the Celtics. In 2009 Allen got 18 points with 20000 points which was total for his career. In 2010 he dealt with Celtics around $ 20 million for two years.

Miami Heat: Allen dealt with Miami Heat for 3 years contract of $ 12 million and reject the offer from Boston Celtics. Allen got per game 10.9 points on his 1st season with Miami Heat. In 2013 with the NBA season he picked $ 3.3 million from Miami Heat. In this regular game season Allen played 73 games.

Allen as an Actor:

Ray Allen net worth also accumulating from his fil career. He worked in several films. His worked for the first time in 1998 for the movie Spike Lee, He Got Game. He also nominated for best male performance from the movie He Got Game in 1999.  After that in 2001 he played in his 2nd movie Harvard Man.

Ray Allen’s Awards and Honor:

Ray Allen net worth also increased by his best achievement awards and honors. Many time nominated for best player. He got in 2008 and 2013 NBA championship honor.  He is also a Gold Medalist, in 1995 from Summer Unaversive, in 2000 he got from Summer Olympics Gold Medal and 3rd time he got FIBA American Championship in 2003. He got honor from All NBA Second Team in 2005 and also in 2001 from All NBA Third Team. He also nominated for USA Basketball player of the year in 1995.

Ray Allen Net Worth V/s NBA’s rich players and other celebrities:

Ray Allen Net worth is more than many popular NBA Basketball Player but there are also many Basketball players whose worth crossed billion dollars.

Allen net worth is 9 times less as compared to Michael Jordan’s net worth

Allen net worth is 7.5 times less as compared to Vince McMahon’s net worth

Allen net worth is 2.2 times less as compared to Kobe Bryant’s net worth

Allen net worth is 1.9 times less as compared to Kevin Garnett’s net worth

Allen net worth is o.9 times less as compared to Dirk Nowitzki’s net worth

Allen net worth is 0.8 times less as compared to Carmelo Anthony’s net worth

Brief history of Ray Allen yearly cash earnings:

Allen yearly income increased as fluently but Ray Allen net worth booted after 2014 when it jumped at $ 50 million. If earning rate remains same like this, Allen reached at billionaires list. But now this not enough work, he must do endorsements and investment in big companies and major Brands.

  • Ray Allen earned  in  2007 was $ 14.6 million
  • Net Worth  in  2008 was $ 16  million
  • Net Worth  in  2009 was $18.5    million
  • Net Worth  in  2010 was $18.8  million
  • Net worth  in   2011 was $10  million
  • Net Worth  in  2012 was $8  million
  • Net Worth  in  2013 was $3  million
  • Net Worth  in  2014 was $3.2 million
  • Net Worth  in 2015 was  $50  million
  • Net Worth  in 2016 is      $100   million


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