Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth


Net worth

$ 200 Million


Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya net worth is around $ 200 million. A former professional boxer, much talented, versatile and legend with his astonishing abilities and physically fitness who also got a big break in entrepreneurship with “Golden Boy Promotions”. A very big investment to boost up Oscar De La Hoya net worth, was to defeat Pernell Whitaker.

  • Born on: 4 Feb, 1973
  • Born in: East Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Source of income: Businessman, Professional Boxer, Author
  • Famous for: Boxing

Beginning of Career:

When he was only 16 years old he won the title “National Golden Gloves” after only one year he also won U.S. National Championship. He got great achievement in his early age and became the youngest boxer in U.S. after winning the gold medal. That was the time when Oscar De La Hoya net worth was going to increase. In his beginning of his boxing career he fights 234 times from which, 163 knockouts and only 6 he lost and won 228 fights.

Oscar De La Hoya net worth boosted after receiving Gold medals:

Oscar got many gold medals in his start up his career. That was the very early years to making his wealth healthy. He got gold medal of National Golden Gloves in 1998. After that a series of Gold Medals that was won by Oscar.

He got gold medal of US National Championships in 1990

He won gold medal in Goodwill Games in 1990

He received once again Gold Medal from National Championship U.S. in 1991

In same year, 1991, Oscar received gold medal of Olympic Festival U.S.

Oscar got two Gold Medal in one year, 1992, from World Championships and Olympic Games

Boxing as a Profession:

Lightweight and Super featherweight: Only 20 years old Golden Boy won the 1st world title in his 12th professional fight and defeat Jimmy Bredahl. In 1994 he defeat to Jorge and won the Lightweight title.

Light welterweight and Welterweight: In 1996, Mexican boxer Julio was defeated by Oscar and in his 12th round Oscar won WBC Lightweight Champion and after Oscar turned to Welterweight division and defeat to a difficult one Whitaker and won lineal and WBC titles. After that in 1999, he fought against a famous Champion Trinidad.

Middleweight and Little Middleweight: In 2004, Oscar faced a legend Felix Sturm. In this fight Oscar got high charity. In this Middleweight season fighting against Bernard Hopkins who held IBF, WBC and WBA titles, Oscar De La Hoya made more than $ 30 million. This amount of money increase Oscar De La Hoya net worth.

Retirement: In 2009, Oscar officially announce about his retirement. At that time Oscar De La Hoya net worth jumped at many millions.

National Boxing Promotional Company:

In 2002 Golden Boy Promotion was established by Oscar De La Hoya. In 2007, fights between Oscar and Floyd was promoted by Golden Boy Promotion. This fight made a record in the history of sport of most pay-per-view.

Oscar De La Hoya’s titles of championship career:

Oscar De La Hoya net worth accumulating by his awards and honors. Although he broke several records. He has a record that he accumulated a huge money than any other boxer of sport’s history. Oscar De La Hoya got 17 world championship. In 6 different weight classes Oscar won 10 world titles. Ha has approx. $ 700 million pay-per-view income. He also got an honorary title in 2004 and 2005, title of WBO Super championship.

  • Oscar won the title of IBA Welterweight championship in 2000
  • Oscar won the title in 2002 and 2004 of IBA Light Middleweight champion
  • Oscar won the title in 1994 of WBA Junior Lightweight Champion
  • Oscar won the title in 1995 of IBF Lightweight Champion
  • Oscar won the title in 1994-1996 of WBC Lightweight Champion
  • Oscar won the title in 2001-2003, 2006-2007 of WBC Light Middleweight Champion
  • Oscar won the title in 2002-2003 of WBA Light Middleweight Champion Super Title
  • Oscar won the title in 2004 of WBO Middleweight Champion

Oscar De La Hoya net worth Comparison V/s Richest Boxers in the world:

 Oscar De La Hoya net worth is many times more than any other boxer in the world. But there are many athlete in the world who cross billions. Oscar gained much money from his boxing career because he has inherited the skills of boxing and after a few years he will become a billionaire if his financial holdings and endorsements will increased.

Oscar’s net worth is 1.5 times lower than the net worth of Floyd Mayweather

Oscar’s net worth is 0.4 times higher than the net worth of Sugar Ray Leonard

 Oscar’s net worth is 0.5 times higher than the net worth of Manny Pacqiuao

Oscar’s net worth is 3 times bigger than the net worth of Vitaly KlitschkoOscar De La Hoya

Oscar’s net worth is 4 times bigger than the net worth of Mohammad Ali

Oscar’s net worth is 33 times bigger than the net worth of Amir Khan


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