Nicki Minaj net worth: $85 million

For the rap artist of certain statures, getting a New Year Eve’s gig in a big city is the best thing they can ask for because they are not only going to be getting paid for rapping songs but also to drink, hangout and party both before and after. A few of the prominent rap artists are being reported to have earned a handsome six figures paycheck for their New Year Eve’s one nightstand and this includes names like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Future.

Lil Wayne Net Worth: $120 Million

For Future’s New Year Eve’s gig, he performed at the Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub in Las Vegas. Other than him, Kevin Hart was also the highlight of the night club’s show. According to reports, Future made a reported sum of 400,000 dollars for this one night’s work.

Other then Future, there are Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj who got a combined gig at the LIV Nightclub in Miami and shared a joint bill of 250000 dollars for the night making thief individual share to be at 125000 dollars each. Many of you might think this paycheck to be extremely low, considering the status of these two artists and it is. However this paycheck was only low because of their relationship with the LIV’s owner David Grutman who was able to make this show happen while saving considerable amount of money. This relationship resulted in both artists to receive less than their usual rates.

Further down on the New Year’s Eve ladder for the artists making big six figure checks, there is Sheck Wes who made 110000 dollars for a gig in Australia after his debut album “Mudboy” released back in October.

Then there is Lil Baby & Mama who also released their collaborative mixtape titled “Drip Harder” in October. They got a paycheck of 110000 dollars for their NYE party gig at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.


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