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Ringo Starr net worth

$330 million


Ringo Starr net worth is around $330 million.  He is a famous British singer, song writer, drummer and actor. He is famous for his variations in vocals and as well as acting skills. He was born in Dingle, Liverpool, England on July 7, 1940. His original name is Richard Starkey Jr. He is famous with the name of Ringo Starr due to his band name.

Before starting his career on solo performances he contacted with many music groups and bands and worked with them. He used to sing in the songs of different bands of Liverpool like, Rory Strom, Eddie Clayton and Beatles. He was getting popular due to his variations and in 1962 he was recognized by his followers in good manners. He played drums in many of the songs in Beatles and in live performances of him. Apart from his good vocals he was considered as one of the best drummers of the time. After Beatles stopped the rising star launched his own albums in 1970s and gained lot of popularity from those.  After getting success he moved towards making of his own band. With the careful thinking and viewing all the scenarios he decided to set his previous band members in to his band. He implemented his idea of his own band and started it with the name of Ringo Starr in 1989.

From his band he made many success stories and this created a way for huge Ringo Starr net worth. He has received many awards for his performances and awards in honor as well. He received Society hall of fame award in 2002. Moreover with the passage of time he gained more popularity and addition in his wealth. He launched his own music releasing organization and according to the records this organization made a profit of $4.10 million in 2010. Let’s look at some basic information of this star.

  • Original name: Richard Starkey, Jr.
  • Date of Birth: July 7, 1940
  • Place of birth: Dingle, Liverpool, England
  • Nationality: British
  • Actual height: 5′ 6″
  • Marital Status: Married with actress Barbara Bach
  • Kids: Three (Zak, Lee, Jason)
  • Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish
  • Sources of Wealth: Music
  • Occupation: Musician, Singer, Actor
  • Education: Dingle Vale Secondary Modern School

Ringo Starr original name is Richard Starkey, Jr. and he lives in Liverpool England. He got married with famous actress Barbra Bach and they both have three children. Major source of his wealth is Music but have like other celebrities he also made endorsements of different products of different brands. We don’t have estimated data about his income from endorsements but we can analyze that he receives handsome amount in brand endorsements that obviously affect Ringo Starr net worth.

Income from Albums sales

Ringo Starr first ever solo album was released in 1970s and his album rocked the world. He achieved lot of success from his first two solo albums he released. Most hit song of him was “You’re sixteen” and it was composition of Robert and Richard Sherman. He composed two songs with his co-stars of Beatles. The most popular songs of that time composed by Ringo Starr were Back of Boogalo and It don’t come easy. Few of the songs in his albums were also composed by his co-stars of Beatles most famous of which is Photo.  Apart from the songs mentioned above he has many major other hits as well but the songs mentioned above have helped in selling more than 5 hundred thousand copies of the Ringo Starr albums. You can simply assume that with the sale of that much copies how much Ringo Starr net worth piled up.

1973 was the lucky year for the Starr as he released his third album and he got much appreciation in term of selling more than one million copies. People followed Starr and rushed to take his new released album. No other singer of that time was able to sale more than a million copies of his newly released album.  Later he released his next album in 1980s and sold 5 hundred thousand copies of that album as well. One this is clear after getting the data of sales of his albums that most part of Ringo Starr net worth has come from his music sales.

Income from acting roles

Ringo Starr also showed his acting talent and started working for The Beatles’ motion pictures in the late 1960s. Starr’s duplicate of The Beatles also known as The White Album sold for $790,000. The biggest appearance of the Starr was in 1968 in the Candy. Moreover in late 70s and early 80s Starr showed his acting talent at the peak and worked in very succesfull movies and series like Sextetee, Lisztomania, Give my regards to broad street and Cavemen. Starr and his Beatles teams every member received Oscar for their performance in series and for the solo song in 1971. Ringo Starr net worth was also affected by his success and awards he receives in Oscars.

Starr told in an interview to a magazine that he has never surrendered in his life. He has done what he has decided to done by which means he has to achieve it doesn’t matter. I was just 13 when I started playing drums and dreaming about acting at the same time, once I had decided to do it I have actually done it, these were the real words of Starr. His latest appearance in a film was a cameo in 2012 Saint Street.

Income from drum beats

Ringo Starr is a good drummer as well he has beaten drums in many of his live performances. He was recognized as best drummer of the times in his team once. He has received good amount in shows and appearances for beating drums in different styles. Drums were also a source of addition in Ringo Starr net worth.

Starr is well known for his charity work. He gives lot of amount in charity to churches, old homes, child care centers, orphanages and many others. The Starr auctioned his Oyster Black Pearl three piece drum unit which he utilized amid the Beatles’ recording sessions in early 1960s. It broke Elvis Presley sales for his equipment’s for $320,000. He gives most of amounts in charity after receiving from sales. Another biggest sale of Starr was guitar gave him by John Lennon. This guitar was made of famous company Rickenbacker guitar and he auctioned it for more than $900,000.


Ringo Starr is famous British drummer, singer, song writer and actor. Ringo Starr net worth is around $330 million.  Most part of his net worth is consisting of his music sales and acting he performed in different serials and movies.


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